A Discussion of Laminitis… 

When I started researching for this newsletter, there was a lot of information available and I actually made a power point presentation that I would present at meetings and trade shows. It is far more detailed than this short discussion and if you would like to look at it on my website please go to and scroll down to videos. There is a lot of information so you might want to slow the frame speed down.  

BUT my research did not answer the following questions: 

  1. Why can you turn 10 horses out on grass and only one will founder? 

  1. Why is there so much controversy over exactly what causes laminitis and founder? 

  1. Why are some horses prone to the condition while others are resistant?

At BioEquine I firmly believe that laminitis is directly influenced by the breakdown of nutrients reaching the digestive system of the horse. My observations are that in horses with a reduced ability to metabolize an unusual change in their diet are more likely to suffer laminitis than those with a good level of beneficial bacteria and active gut function. I have been successful on more than one emergency situation to help reverse an acute attack of laminitis (and colic) with a drench of our Natural Digestive Support followed by a daily maintenance dose of the product.  I recommend an initial course of anti-inflammatories and the addition of our Extra-Strength Joint Supplement when the condition is under control. I do not dispute MOST of the treatments that are recommended by veterinary practice.  A few that I do wonder about are: 

  1. Drenching with mineral oil to coat the intestine and block absorption (mineral oil is toxic) 

  1. Drenching with activated charcoal (A side effect of activated charcoal is bowel obstruction) 

  1. Antibiotics without supplementing with probiotics (It is not an infection)  

And maybe more…. 

Randy Kerner Holistic Horsemanship Farrier 1-250-377-5261 

has long been recommending our products to his clients. Randy recently told me that 100% of the horse owners that used him to treat their laminitic horses and followed his advice to quickly add our Natural Digestive Support to their compromised equine were back riding that horse within a year. Less than 30% that did not were back riding their horse and he is still being called out to battle foot problems in the rest.  



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