Why We Won’t Be At The Mane Event…

Based on my experience with Mane Event Management over the past 8 months, I have made the difficult decision NOT to register for either Chilliwack 2020 nor Red Deer 2021. My company Complete Family-Med Orthotics and later have supported BOTH shows since inception. We have paid our booth costs promptly and been exemplary exhibitors, respecting our neighbors, abiding by show rules and participating in presentations. I met many of you at these trade shows and am very grateful to Ron and Gail for the opportunity.

HOWEVER, when the cancellation of the Red Deer show was finally announced I was shocked to find out that, unlike EVERY other show that I had registered for, The Mane Event was NOT going to refund my booth money. We were given the opportunity to direct the Red Deer money towards the Chilliwack show or the Red Deer 2021 show. I carefully explained that, no, I wanted my money back and that my long time assistant Tim (some of you will remember him) had passed away in December and I was going to have to regroup mentally and emotionally before deciding what to do. Also, I don’t think Chilliwack is going to go forward or if it does, it will be under such strict Covid regulations it will be a very difficult show. I am also VERY doubtful about Red Deer 2020.

Another concern I have is that the Mane Event has added a NEW condition to their contract and I quote:

"15.Event Cancellation - In the event that because of war, natural disaster (fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, etc), strike, government order, public catastrophe, an act of God or the public enemy, pandemic, virus or other cause beyond the control of The Mane Event, the Event or any part thereof is prevented from being held, is canceled by The Mane Event, or the exhibit space assigned here under becomes unavailable, the refund of exhibit fees to the Exhibitor shall be at the discretion of The Mane Event. Exhibitor shall not have any right to an accounting, review, or audit of the financial records of The Mane Event."

Also you might want to be aware of their policy on pre-purchase of tickets..


Please Note: There are no refunds/returns extended on the purchase of tickets to The Mane Event or the Equine Experience.

Please do not misunderstand me. No one will miss these trade shows more than me. I feel the Mane Event was instrumental in kick starting my line of animal supplements. I felt the shows were exceptional in every way..that’s why I crossed the Rockies in late October to support the Chilliwack show even though it was not as lucrative as the Red Deer show which is only an hour away from my ranch. I wanted these shows to succeed and carry on. However, I cannot afford to give away close to $2000 in booth fees. If the Mane Event had refunded my money like all the other shows, I would be up front registering for both shows. As it is, I had my credit card company reverse the charges because of the cancellation. The Mane Event management is still contesting that.

B.Lynne Hoff B.Sc.Pharm
President CFMO Inc, Sunglade Ranch Ltd (BioEquine)

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