Joint Supplementation.

Does my horse need a joint supplement? Lameness is one of the primary reasons why a horse's athletic performance either declines or never reaches its potential

I would suggest a joint supplement in the following scenarios.
  1. My horse has been x-rayed and has a degenerative joint disease (DJS) (ie) more wear than repair (see diagrams)
  2. My horse has been injured or is old and exhibits lameness/stiffness
  3. My horse is young and is being trained regularly
  4. My horse is in heavy training and I want to prevent injuries
My recommendations to avoid joint issues:
  1. Choose your using horse carefully with an eye to conformation and movement. Do NOT expect a pleasure built horse to rein for example.
  2. Proper nutrition with lots of high fiber forage and a carefully formulated feed supplement such as BioEquine Natural Digestive Support
  3. Moderate exercise on good ground
  4. Avoid obesity (slow feeders, Jenny Craig pens)
  5. Use joint supplementation such as BioEquine’s Extra Strength Joint Supplement in the circumstances previously discussed
  6. Lots of turnout and grazing !!!
 Warning! Most commercial joint supplements do not contain all four major PROVEN ingredients nor are they at a therapeutic dosage level.

 For comparison, our Extra Strength Joint Supplement by BioEquine guaranteed analysis is:
  • Hyaluronic Acid   100mg - helps produce and restore joint fluid.
  • MSM                  20,000mg - an anti-inflammatory
  • Glucosamine    10,000mg - promotes the growth of cartilage
  • Chondroitin        5,000mg - helps repair cartilage damage.
I feel strongly that the combination of these ingredients offers the best opportunity for effective joint support and repair. As you can see from the above “wear and repair” diagrams, joint health has several factors and this mixture acts synergistically on all aspects.
For a far more in-depth discussion of Joint Supplementation, please visit our website and scroll down to videos. There is a lot of information so you may want to slow down the frame speed.
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