Holiday Offer

Earn More With Our Referral Program in December

As thank you for having signed up for our referral program and for generously recommending BioEquine over the years, we want to offer this Holiday Gift to you. You will receive 20% of the total of all orders from your referrals in the month of December.

On a single ProPak order that is $89 in your pocket.
Not bad for mentioning BioEquine!

If you haven't visited us in a while we have added some new products:
BioEquine Nutitional SupplementBioFlex Joint SupplementComfort Mouth Bits
How to generate referral sales:

You can link to our store in an email to friends, on social media, or on your website using your unique referral link so that we know the referral came from you.

How to get your unique link:

- You have already signed up as a referral partner so all you need is your personalized link so we know the referral came from you.  To get that link log into our referral area here

- In the "Log In" box enter your email address (<<Email Address>>) and password.  If you forget your password you can enter your email in the "Forgot Password?" box and a new password will be sent to you.

- Once logged in click on the "Affiliate Admin" link in the blue bar.  Here you can view a report of your earnings and also get a copy of your unique affiliate link.  It will look something like this:
<a href="" target="ejejcsingle">Click here to visit BioEquine.</a>

Please Note:  The example shown is for use in a website.  To include the link in an email or on social media, simply copy the URL that you see within the first set of quotation marks and use that only.  From the above example it would be: 
(but make sure to use your own!)

Thanks again for your support of BioEquine!  Our aim is to give companion animals a better life through proper nutrition and quality products.

- Lynne & the BioEquine Team
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* Following December the referral amount goes back to 10% of order total.
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