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Happy happy Friday to you <<First Name>>!

I was reading a statistic last week that said most people quit their new year's resolutions half way through February so I thought, what better chance today than to kick start ourselves and get back on the goal train?
Revisit your goals

I don't actually make resolutions, instead, I spend the time planning out my goals for the year. So I have found this year, that revisiting my goals and rewording, and adjusting them really worked to make sure I was on track.
Add some fun

So often in my own goal planning, I am so darn serious. So I have been making an effort to add fun things to my goals for the year - like paella parties (Mr Polka makes an awesome one, I may be biased) and eating fish and chips on the beach. Not only do they fit into my "get more life happening" kind of goal, but it's so very fun ticking off things that I love to do, that don't require work.
Change your system

I used a specific goal setting workbook this year and every month, I refocus and set new mini goals to work towards my over arching goals. It's the first year I have actually done this month to month and it has been an amazing system for me to keep on top of things throughout the month. I often felt month to month I didn't make huge progress, so switching my system to something different really allowed me to see the mini steps I am making each month.
Reward yourself

I am a big fan of champagne (obviously) but I am a big fan of it because I believe celebrating wins and milestones cements them in and says to the universe "more of this please!". I also feel like it makes little milestones a bit easier to head towards when you know there is a reward at the end. Maybe you're going to purchase that amazing piece of equipment, maybe you'll take a weekend away - whatever it is big or small, plan celebrations and make sure you action them!
Break it Down

One of the reasons I keep failing with goals is that I set huge targets and think "December 31st, that's where I need to be" and then I kind of waffle and work towards it but get discouraged because the end goal is so huge and I can't seem to make progress.

This year, I have broken major goals down into sizable chunks, or broken goals down into all the little pieces that need to come together to make it happen. It's been a much better system because I feel like I am actually taking action on the items each month and working towards the bigger picture.
Mix Personal & Business

The other issue I have with goals is my ability to segment things in my life so perfectly that I don't really have any kind of balance. I thought long and hard this year about splitting my personal goals from my business goals, I have done in the past, but instead I combined them. Each month as I set my mini-targets, I make sure there are personal goals mixed in with the business goals.

For me, this is key to making sure I am doing things in my personal life, like making the connections I want to make, or doing something fun while working on the business needs as well. Otherwise, I find it too easy to plan everything business and neglect life outside of it.
Start Again

There is nothing to say you need to stick to the same goals all year, especially if things change and something doesn't work for you anymore. What about starting afresh? Kicking your current resolutions or goals to the curb and starting anew?
So how about you <<First Name>> ? What goals are you setting? How are they working for you?
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Unconventional ABRA gives off a slightly deranged impression in this track, it's a real play on the listener's ear - crazy vocals in a song called "Crybaby" is not at all a coincidence. She never errs into territory that's grating at all, if anything it works to her benefit. I'm eager to listen to more of her tracks, "Fruit" also is really promising, I look forward to the inevitable Weeknd collaboration - they are a match made in heaven.

I Keep Running Back

Bec Sandridge

Ever so delightful Bec, with her white platinum bob and jet black eyebrows (it's an incredible look - I have to mention it!), has the chops of a Natalie Merchant but the cool factor of an i-D cover girl. "I Keep Running Back" is a folk-y lullaby that can't be faulted.

Can't Control My Love

Total Giovanni

Perfect addition to the soundtrack for the last of that balmy Summer weather (please stay!!) provided to you by a bunch of very charismatic Aussie boys who see the value in disco, the 80s and committing to music as much as their wardrobe


Blood Orange

I find BO's (unfortunate acronym!) music to be fascinating, as it's easy to forget that it's - generally - a one-person unit, powered by talented songwriter Dev Hynes.

Chairlift vocalist Caroline Polachek lends vocals for this one, it's not much more than a steel drum acting as the backbone and wandering ethereal vocals, and it's perfect just as is.
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