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Happy Friday Dotties!

As we finally start to feel the cooler weather, I for one, am looking forward to snuggling down and getting a whole bunch of projects finished this Winter.

I have hinted at a lot of change in the past few newsletters and today I want to introduce you to something the Polka Dot Bride team kicked off last year and have fallen head over heels with - our Wiki!
For a very long time, I wanted to create process manuals for our team, and I did. They lived in folders, on an intranet system, in our inboxes, in random emails and it was frustrating. Poke your eyes out when you lost something frustrating. Remembering where that crucial piece of information was frustrating.

I long wanted one repository that was easy to access for absolutely everything and one day I stumbled across Google Sites and I was hooked.

Our Wiki, on a private Google Site now houses absolutely everything our team needs to get things done.

It's basic and clean in design - with a simple side navigation bar and centre body block. Each segment of the business, or specific need acting as its own category, with pages below it.

But, of course, it's what on the inside that counts, and this is where the Wiki really comes into its own.

From email signatures to technical issue problem solving, step by step guides to talking points, key contacts and policies - everything we can think of is housed in the Wiki.
One of the fabulous things about Google sites is the ability to embed everything you wish - we have pdfs, Google Docs - even videos embedded on its pages and it means it's just one less thing we have to find or remember.

I am the first to say our Wiki is already a little out of date and nowhere near complete - the key part of this process means that we have to keep on top of updating it, we have to keep on top on making sure the information is all in there.

But it's already paid off tenfold.

With Ms Rose relaxing on maternity leave as of this week, we needed a place for her to put all of her key information. Her email signatures, how to deal with issues, how to manage certain aspects of her role. As our Wiki is easily searchable and she took the time to populate it with her job information, we have it there for reference and we're not out of the loop on anything.

We even built a Wiki for our writers - which covers elements like our style guide, how to write a post, how to pitch a post and it has evolved the way I personally work - making sure I am always adding crucial information to one central source.

Next week, I am going to share with you my top tips for creating a Wiki for your own business. But I would love to know in the meantime <<First Name>>, how you keep a track of your business processes, tips and tricks?
A big warm welcome to the wonderful Ms Fleur De Lys!  Ms Fleur De Lys has been with Polka Dot Bride for many moons covering the best and brightest Melbourne events and we are so thrilled to be working with her more over the next six months as Ms Rose welcomes her rosebud. We expect with our joint love of bubbles, cocktails and cheese Ms Fleur De Lys will be right at home!

You can see more of Ms Fleur De Lys' work with us here.
Check out all our weekly picks on one place on the Polka Dot Bride Spotify playlist.

Still Got Time


I'm not sure how I feel about a 23-year-old telling women to "just stop looking for love" because, quote-unquote they've "still got time". Shut up Zayn, I doubt a 40 something on the dating scene will hear this line and just relax about the horrors of dating in this day and age. Anyway, perhaps I should mention now that I still - despite this weird unsolicited advice in the chorus - think this is a real solid effort. Life post One Direction is going well by the sounds of this.


Vallis Alps

A Sydney duo who very similar in style to Melbourne Act (who I love) Hopium, for an international comparison of styles they have a London Grammar feel. A very "now" sound and although I love this number and have it on high rotation, it does sound like most popular electro-feel music out at the moment.


Gorillaz (Feat. D.R.A.M)

They're back! Personally, I never loved their real huge hits, but they had some excellent more vulnerable moments (namely "El Mañana") during their absurdly successful career. This still sounds like their signature style and yet fresh as ever? They were always ahead of the curve with their sound so it makes sense.

The Captain

Ali Barter

I am a sucker for a lady solo singer songwriter than has some sort of 90s sound, whether it being r'n'b or folk or grunge. It's my everything. Ali Barter is a bit Monique Brumby, Natalie Merchant slash Bic Runga dragged into 2017 and for me, it's perfect.
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