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Preview of upcoming Lesson Packs and UBass CD inside!

Welcome to the 2nd playubass newsletter!

July 2013

Ok. Time for my 2nd newsletter!

In these monthly (or maybe bi-monthly) newsletters I will let you know about new stuff that happens or are about to happen on

In this newsletter:
  • Lesson Packs
  • CD-Project
  • Using UBass in a Swedish high school
  • Jammin' at Silverfish Studios (New Series!)
  • Playubass on Facebook
  • New endorsement page at
  • 2nd try: Submit pics for a future picture poster at

Lesson Packs Update!
The lesson packs are not yet ready but I will give you a little sample in this newsletter. Please check the suggested lessons and don't hesitate to let me know if you have thoughts about other topics to include!

Here follows a list of the Lesson Packs I'm working on! (A first draft!)

Lesson Pack 1 - Basic techniques 
In this series of lessons (maybe 4?) the focus will be on how to play the Ubass most effectively in my opinion :-) There will be pics and videos that shows you my approach and how you can adopt it to your own playing.

Lesson 1 - Holding the Ubass How am I suppose to hold the Ubass? Are there more than one way? What if I want to play melodies above 12th fret? What about standing up, how can I use a guitar strap on the acoustic/electric model?

Lesson 2 - Basic right hand technique How can I get a nice round tone? Thumb, index- and/or middle finger? Anchor hand, fingers or arm?  Dynamics?

Lesson 3 - Basic left hand technique Should I use different approaches wether I play a fretless of fretted UBass?  How can I do warm-ups? Basic fretting techniques?

Lesson 4 - Combining left and right hand - different damping techniques How can I best play staccato (short notes)? What about long notes? Are there any exercises I can do to develop this?

Let's have a first look inside Lesson 2 - Basic Right Hand technique
(Included in Lesson Pack 1) Link to page | password: silverfish

Other planned Lesson Packs

Lesson Pack 2 - time, pulse and groove - the foundation

Lesson Pack 3 - etudes and dexterity exercises

Lesson Pack 4-? - different musical styles
(Ex. Jazz, reggae, pop/singer songwriter, soul, funk, blues, latin styles (bossa, samba...), reggae, classical? (Ex. Bach Inventions?)

The UBass CD-project [Summer 2013 update]
My first UBass CD is still not ready but I plan a release later this year! You can read about it on my blog.

What about a little sneak peek into how the project progresses :-)

Clicking the link below will take you to a special page at
On that page there is a short preview featuring some recorded songs that hopefully will end up on the CD! Link to page | password: silverfish

Using UBass in a Swedish High School!
I hope to start a Ubass School as a part of one of the music courses we offer where I teach. This course is focused around getting to know enough to be able to accompany songs on bass, guitar, piano and drums. Having the shorter scale of a Ubass will make it easier for beginners to play bass and still get a nice sound from the start. I will use different parts of the UBass Lesson Packs I'm working on as a basis for this part of the course. Seeing students that picks up a Ubass and quickly get 'up-and-running' on different bass parts in different music style is really great! Hope I can make this happen in the Autumn semester! Stay tuned!

Jammin' at Silverfish Studios - Oud + UBass and Loops
During the Summer vacation I try to invite different friends/musicians to my little studio, Silverfish Studios, and a couple of days ago I had the pleasure of a visit from my friend Berk Coban. He plays guitar (Classical and Flamenco styles) and Oud. After a great hang in my garden we started jammin' in the studio. It was two years since plays together and it sure was fun to play with the lovely Oud sound again. (All loops we played over was done only with the ubass and a TC Electronic Ditto Loop Pedal). More on looping in a future blog post or newsletter.
There will be more Music with Berk in the future but until then check out the exclusive newsletter video below. Also see pic from my garden below.

Facebook page!
Currently there are 135 likes on my Facebook page. That's 36 more since last newsletter. A steady growing Facebook crown. Me like :-)

New endorsement page at
I have added a new page to my blog/site. On that page you can read about different endorsements. There are some more news on the way…First up: The RMI Basswitch.
Read more here!

2nd try!
Picture poster @ playubass (Come on send some pics NOW :-)
Send me a picture of you playing your Ubass at a place near your home you think is special! Could be a nearby forrest, water fall, parking lot (?), beach or...
If you want you can write a few lines with some info about how you use your Ubass!
I will (with your permission) make a nice poster page at to let people know about a bunch of great ubassist's around the globe!
Let's unite - after all we are ubassist's!

Send your pics to
Have a great time - play some Music!
Playubass on Facebook!
In my Spirit of Music Tee! A gift from Sune R. my friend that I met at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013. Thanks Sune!
The latest Silverfish Studios Jammin' guest - Berk Coban, oud
Endorsing the Basswitch!
One of the guys working for the amazing Swedish software company Softube checks out my Custom UBass at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013

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