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ACMRO News March 2016

Easter: A message of Life for all those who live at the margins.

Pope Francis, since the very beginning of his papacy, has had the ability to focus the attention of the Church and of the world on the human beings who live on the margins of society.

Indeed, one of the most quoted sentences of the first days of his papacy is: “go out to the existential peripheries”. This, amongst other initiatives he took, has been translating profoundly and effectively in defending the rights of persons on the move: immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees, international students and victims of trafficking: all those who are forcibly displaced and who struggle to survive on the outer edges of the global community.

Pope Francis repeatedly condemns as sinful the “globalization of indifference” toward migrants and pleads to world leaders with responding to their plight. “In this world of globalization, we have fallen into globalized indifferenceWe have become used to the suffering of others; ‘It does not affect me; it does not concern me; it is none of my business,’” he said. “Father...we beg your forgiveness for those who by their decisions on the global level have created situations that lead to these tragedies.”

Christ is Risen: A message of life for all humanity.

In his Easter Message to the “City of Rome and to the World” Pope Francis has launched a message of life to all humanity: to those who suffer, to those who are responsible for the suffering of others and to all not to be indifferent:

The Easter message of the risen Christ, a message of life for all humanity, echoes down the ages and invites us not to forget those men and women seeking a better future, an ever more numerous throng of migrants and refugees – including many children – fleeing from war, hunger, poverty and social injustice. All too often, these brothers and sisters of ours meet along the way with death or, in any event, rejection by those who could offer them welcome and assistance.

Along with our brothers and sisters persecuted for their faith and their fidelity to the name of Christ, and before the evil that seems to have the upper hand in the life of so many people, let us hear once again the comforting words of the Lord: “Take courage; I have conquered the world! (Jn 16:33). Today is the radiant day of this victory, for Christ has trampled death and destruction underfoot. By his resurrection he has brought life and immortality to light (cf. 2 Tim 1:10.


ELSPM: English Language School for Pastoral Ministry

The Church in Australia is the most impacted by migrants thus resulting in an ever growing multicultural church; migrant communities are contributing to a more vibrant, vital and festive Church. The ACMRO is pleased to announce and support a special program to help developing skills in English particularly designed for seminarians, priests, religious brothers and sisters and lay pastoral workers coming as missionaries to minister for the Church in Australia.

Click here to read ELSPM March 2016 newsletter or read it on their website.


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