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generations wiser together

Back in the saddle

Aaaaaand we’re back. We never really went away, actually, because WiseTribe has been busy behind the scenes. So much to tell you!

Have you gotten a little wiser since our last email? Of course you have. We’re gonna ask you to share some of that wisdom. More on that in a sec.

Briefly, we’re here to talk about generations: the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials / Gen Y. WiseTribe is here to explore how we can come together in our hearts, minds, and communities, to create a more cooperative future. We thank you for coming along on the journey.

To remind you of what we’re about, check out these articles on the WiseTribe blog:

Let’s talk.
We hope you are intrigued — or better yet, provoked — by these t
opics. We’d love to get your take on how generations perceive each other, how stress impacts us all and how we feel about aging gracefully, among other topics that weigh on every age. Let us know by adding your comments to these blog posts.


But don’t stop there. Hit us up with your thoughts. Could be an idea to explore in a discussion, a blog post, a mentoring opportunity or more. We want to know what lights you up and can be shared across generations. We know you have it in you. Your WiseTribe community is ready to take action.

We’ve got plans. From in-the-works projects with universities to our WiseTribe Wisdom Exchanges, we’re working toward bringing generations together — and unpacking the wisdom each of us have to offer.

Do you have ideas on how generations can be wiser together? Of course you do. Let’s make it happen. Visit our website or send us an email to get the conversation started.





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