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New additions to the Project Shop.

Thanksgiving No.2

Thanksgiving is traditionally a serious time to give thanks for family, friends and spend time with loved ones.  This project's combination of stylized and more realistic models creates a nice balance so you can honor family traditions and have a bit of fun too.   Dress up the turkey in a pilgrim's hat and use him to help point guests in the direction of the food or use the Assembled Layout to create a nice wall decoration for the special event.  How about a thank you gift for the Thanksgiving dinner host or hostess?

8 models and 1 Assembled layout

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A couple of possible layouts to get you started!
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Roundup of Weekly Hacks so far this month!

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Looking for a trusted source of single models to hack into your Design&Make project layouts?  

VectorArt3D is another Vectric company so you know the quality you can expect!
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Speaking of getting inspired... these customers have lots of it to offer!!! Check out their amazing work and thanks guys and gals for submitting it!
 Vandy Harper used one of our projects to create this fantastic finished piece that we are sure you will appreciate.  

Check out this post for more information on the project!

Patrick and April Eaton
sent us in some finished images of their wooden wall plates and initial wagon wheel.  Lots of great information included in this post!

Take a look at the possibilities by visiting his official Shop Notes Post.

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