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New additions to the Project Shop.

Panel No.2 - Bee

The interchangeable nature of the models in this project mean it is packed with possibilities for creating unique layouts. It's easy to create a flower or bee motif that you can carry throughout a piece of furniture, the décor in a room or even your home. Even your plans are not as grand as a home renovation this project hacks together well with many of our other projects to create new custom designs.
8 models and 1 Assembled layout

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Don Harding sent in this photo of two finished panels.
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Roundup of Weekly Hacks this month!

Not sure what a project hack is... check out our Hacks page.
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Looking for a trusted source of single models to hack into your Design&Make project layouts?  

VectorArt3D is another Vectric company so you know the quality you can expect!
Feel free to leave a comment on any of the hacks Shop Notes posts letting us know what you think.  We would really like to hear from you!

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Speaking of getting inspired... these customers have lots of it to offer!!! Check out their amazing work and thanks guys and gals for submitting it!
Scott Pearlman is at it again and he has set the standard higher for himself.

Check out this post for more information on his new project!
Jevon Lewis sent in this really nice basketball sign he hacked together with the help of a couple Design and Make CNC projects.
Take a look at his Shop Notes post for more information on his new project.

Ted Gauthier is the Deputy Fire Chief for Bloomfield Village fire department, Bloomfield Township Michigan, and does CNC'ing in his spare time.

Take a look at this official Shop Notes post for more information.

This great hack was sent to us from Bob Hagan.  Notice the detail achieved in the texture he used for the background.

Take a look at this official Shop Notes post for more information.

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