Wild Whatcom Community Programs - June 2016
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Crabby Hands. Photo Credit: Holly Roger

Wild Whatcom

Community Programs - June

Summer in Whatcom County means beaches and berries, am I right? The Elders in this area say, "When the tide is out, the table is set".
Whatcom County has an amazing diversity of marine life. So many beaches and so many opportunities for exploring. I hope you have a chance to explore them all! Tip: wearing a good pair of waterproof boots to the beach is highly recommend as barnacles are sharp and the plankton is pokey! Here is my favorite tide resource. Plan your trip for an hour before low tide for optimal exploring.
Reminder: please leave shells at the beach to give marine life a chance to grow up. I know that not bringing home those beautiful shells can be challenging - especially when my little one says, "I'll only take one or two really special shells". If we all did just take one or two shells, we remove important resources for all the sea life that needs those minerals to grow shells. The crabs will thank you for leaving those clam shells too! Also, each shell is covered with plankton soup and has thousands of tiny creatures like barnacles adhered to it (by their heads!), which is why those beach treasures smell like death when you bring them home and leave them in the garage. Ew! So stinky.

I usually show my child all the tiny barnacles on the shell he would like to take and say, "Wow, that's a nice one. And look, all these tiny barnacles want to grow up, just like you do. Let's leave them somewhere safe and come visit them again when they're bigger".  Interested in identifying sea life? Find durable, laminated field guides at your local bookstore.
See you on the trail ~

Community Programs Coordinator
Holly@wildwhatcom.org  l  (360) 393-7827

Wild Things

Photo credit: Holly Roger

Marine Park

Every Friday - 9:30-11AM.  Directions.

Explore the wonders of the sea! Join us for a splashy, muddy, and clammy good time at Marine Park near Fairhaven. On our Directions link above, you'll see that there are two blue place markers. One is located in the parking lot of Marine Park, which is where we meet. Why is the second marker in the trees? Well, do you notice those little beige colored round things in the trees? Those are great blue heron nests over six feet across. This area is a heron rookery! Marine Park has many other surprising secrets just waiting for you to discover! We'll bring tiny tide pool nets and field guides to share. Check Facebook for current meeting spot or email us

No school Fridays? Come explore with us!

Suggested Donation - $5 per person. Cash, check, or donate online.
Please dress like a duck in warm, waterproof gear and bring a simple, healthy snack to share!

Family Field Trips

Marine Park. Photo credit: Lisa Meucci

Hide and Seek at the Beach!

Sunday, June 5, 10:30-12:30PM

Marine Park

June brings the lowest tide of the year, so let's go exploring! Marine Park in Fairhaven has a surprising variety of places that creatures call home, and each have their favorites places to hide, lay eggs, rear their young and have lunch. Put on your boots and come discover who lives on the rocks, in the sand, and within the eelgrass meadows. Did you know this area is home to a nesting colony of Great Blue herons and there is a real live bank of sand dollars? Pack a snack and plan to stay afterwards. This beach has many treasures to explore!

Suggested Donation:

  • Adults (18+): $12
  • Children (ages 4-17): $8
  • Children 3 and under free. (Babies worn in carriers welcome).

Cash, check, or donate online.

Reserve your spot today!

Email Program Coordinator, Holly Roger: holly@wildwhatcom.org.
Group size is limited.

Ladies Night Out

Photo credit: Holly Roger

Moon of the Salmon's Return

Saturday, June 18, 7:00-9:30PM

As the daylight hours reach their fullness on the Summer Solstice, we'll explore the salmon's life lesson of rejuvenation, renewal and enjoy a moment of peace and reflection as we watch the day turn to night. What's more fun than an evening of exploration, remembrance and a taste of summer with a bunch of wild ladies?             

Suggested Donation: $12 (women only). Cash, check, or donate online.

Reserve your spot!

Email Program Coordinator, Holly Roger: holly@wildwhatcom.org.
Location revealed after reservations are received.

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