Wild Whatcom Outings - November 2016
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Photo Credit: Holly Roger

Wild Whatcom

November Outings

Goodnight, Nature!

Ahhh, November, when nature goes to sleep. Even the slugs go to bed. Days are darkening, the rain is here. There are signs of the season everywhere in the form of geese honking overhead, falling leaves, and various mushrooms scenting the air. If fall brings darkness and decomposition, take heart that it's all compost for new life. Nature's nutrients must be broken down to elemental forms and recycled to support life. Seeds and spores lie quietly, resting, just napping under those leafy blankets waiting for the warmth of spring. The rain assists new life, too. Reminding the salmon which stream means home, dissolving minerals in the soil, carving new streams, and making ample puddles to pounce in. Don't give up, folks. Make like a leaf and take a nice nap when you need to recharge. And let's be thankful for the relationships that sustain you and for the traditions that rejuvenate you. Take care!

Enjoy these outings for November. There's a lot happening!

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Wild Things

Photo Credit: Holly Roger

Cornwall Park
Every Friday - 9:30-11AM. Directions

Wild Things loves this park! It's a wonderful, wild oasis of an urban park. Come explore ​the colors of autumn, check out the​ bug log, hike a hill, spy on squirrels, hunt for mushrooms, and run a race with a leaf. There will be puddles so come prepared! Meet us near the south entrance off Cornwall Avenue.

Suggested Donation - $5/person. Cash, check, or donate online.
Please bring a simple, healthy snack to share!

Nature Outings

Photo Credit: Holly Roger

Seeking Shelter

Sunday, November 6, 10:00-12:00PM

Cornwall Park (South Entrance)

Where would you find shelter in the wilderness? What does shelter look like for a Douglas squirrel? Or a Black-tailed deer? Or a human? All animals need certain elements to survive nature's reality and shelter is a top priority this time of year. Lucky for us, we can learn the wilderness survival secrets to shelter-building using forest debris with special guest, Wild Whatcom Boys Mentor, Conor Lough.

Suggested Donation:

  • Adults (18+): $12
  • Children (ages 4-17): $8
  • Children 3 and under free. (Babies worn in carriers welcome).

Cash, check, or donate online.

Reserve your spot today! Group size is limited.

Email Program Coordinator, Holly Roger: holly@wildwhatcom.org.

Ladies Night Out

Photo Credit: Bing Images

Moon of the Frost's Return

Sunday, November 13, 4:00-6:00PM

Join a pack of wild ladies for the last Ladies Night Out this season! Migration and hibernation are our themes this month as we watch squirrels scurry, geese fly by, and salmon swim upstream. Do you wander in search of meaningful moments or prepare to hunker down at this time of year? We'll ponder how these natural cycles emerge in our own lives and keep an eye out for Kokanee salmon returning home on our walk along the lake shore.

Suggested Donation: $12/person. Cash, check, or donate online.

Email Program Coordinator, Holly Roger: holly@wildwhatcom.org.
Location revealed after reservations are received.

Kids OUT!
Photo Credit: Holly Roger

Night Exploration

Friday, November 11, 4:00-8:00PM
Tennant Lake Interpretive Center

It’s time to bundle up, grab your flashlights and headlamps, and awaken your senses to experience the beauty and mystery of nature at night! Our night hike will take us to Tennant Lake's thriving wetland area where we’ll navigate our way through cattails and along meandering trails above this aquatic habitat. We will discover the impressive adaptations of nocturnal animals and use our own human adaptation skills to search for critters who are active at night. Sound mapping and scent tracking will be an exciting part of our journey as we make our way along the Tennant Lake boardwalks, learning about the importance of marsh habitats and experiencing its diversity with our enlivened senses. We'll even try to trap marsh gas and light it afire!

Cost: $55

Registration open! Group size is limited.
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