How do we ensure that we are creating community-centered housing that is economically and ecologically resilient, not just for one village, but for any that follow? 

What do we need to support the creation of many villages- to meet the needs for community, affordability and regeneration- and honor the land? 

These questions are at the core of what we are tackling as we dive into creating a robust and resilient financial and operations plan. At ecoThrive we are building a leadership model and an organizational structure rooted in the principles of sociocracy. This includes a circle (or committee) structure where all voices are equally heard and valued. Circles are formed to address specific subject areas which contribute to ecoTHRIVE's mission.

The Finance Circle is currently tasked with tackling some of the most important questions to date to ensure we are building an equitable, regenerative model: These questions include: 
  • How do we strengthen our operations plan and budget to weather the storms of uncertainty? 
  • How do we create investment opportunities for residents and non-residents who share the belief in this model of housing?
  • How will our financial resources be raised and used to support our work?
Just this month, we have been hard at work reviewing our existing pro forma and combing through it line-by-line to ensure that everyone on the team could speak on it knowledgeably. We then created a comprehensive list of the work that our circle is responsible for moving forward.

While we understand that money is a very real need for the success of our project, we also know that relationships and our need for community are just as essential. ecoTHRIVE believes that our approach and processes need to reflect the same values as the model for housing that we are creating- values that center community, resiliency, equity, and regeneration. This includes how we design our financial structure and operations.

We share the belief expressed by Vandana Siva in her Principles of Earth Democracy, “Constructing a visionary economy for life calls for strategies that democratize, decentralize and diversify economic activity while we damper down consumption, and (re)distribute resources and power.”

Thankfully, we are blessed to have an amazing community of doers and dreamers lifting us up! We’ve been leaning on some of our many advisors recently to lend us financial insight. We’ve gotten invaluable feedback from the folks at NewGround Social Investment and Enterprise Capital, among others. Thank you for generously sharing your deep knowledge with us!

If you are interested in learning more about the work of the Finance Circle, or any of our other Circles, please reach out to us at or join us at an upcoming Community Information Session.  

Finance Circle Team Members
Serina, Susannah, Pat, Emma, ZsaZsa, & Denise

PS: To see a graphic of our Circle Structure, including the Aims and Domains of each Circle, check out the graphic that Emma, our abundantly talented project manager created on our public miro board.

Join us for this journey.

Let’s build community connected by housing. 

Together we can create the new paradigm.



Our Updated Organizational Structure

Learn About Our Circles

We recently updated our Circle Structure (or organizational structure) to reflect ecoTHRIVE's evolving needs. Circles are like committees and handle related work tasks and milestones. They are meeting regularly to discuss important topics such as our outreach management and our property search. Over the next few weeks, we will be formalizing this structure as we select team members for roles and begin to put the sociocratic principles that we've learned into practice.

Below is an image of our Circle Structure (you can also explore our detailed diagram here). Each circle has two members who are selected to participate in board meetings on behalf of their circle. We invite anyone who's interested to join a circle as a volunteer.

Community Information Session

November 10th, 5-6 pm PST

We are hosting our Public Community Information Session and Q&A Wednesday, November 10th from 5-6 pm and we would LOVE for you to join us! Our information sessions are a great introduction to the work we are doing at ecoTHRIVE.

We’ve been working behind the scenes to strengthen our business plan and organizational structure to help us stay connected, informed, and engaged in this community-led process to create affordable housing.

Please bring your curiosity- and tough questions! We look forward to collaborating with you!


We welcomed Hanae our, new intern, to the ecoTHRIVE team! Hanae is a high school senior who learned about us at the Seattle Design Festival.
We recently participated in NonViolent Communication training, taught by Sociocracy For All. To read more about the inspiring class, click here.
We started a Slack workspace to connect with community members and share updates. To join the conversation, click here
Three of our team members have taken Diana Leafe Christian's Sociocracy Training. To learn more, check out her website.


Here are some direct links to content we've shared on our social media accounts in the past month. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to stay up to date.

Sociocracy In Communities

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November 20th, 2021

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"Sociocracy - A Brief Introduction"

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