Lots of cool stuff coming up this month. Read on for more details.
Hey Makers!

The holidays are soon approaching and we have seen an increase in activity around the Makerspace as people are making gifts. We are a week into December so time is getting short. If you still have presents to make you best get on it quick...or recruit a few elf helpers!

Is one of your New Years resolutions for learn a new skill or make more things? Consider joining as a member of the Makerspace. We are around the break even point as a group to cover our expenses but more members would take some pressure off an enable us to grow and do more fun and interesting things. But even more important than the physical space is the community.  We want the makerspace to be a flurry of activity all the time and that will only happen with more members. A busy makerspace means you'll have more resources when you need technical advice, you can help provide inspiration to others trying to figure out what their next project should be, maybe you'll find some like-minded people and start a collaborative project. Let's all make more in 2018!

Here is what you need to know about what is coming up this month.

Drop-In for Makers and Coders at Halifax Central LibraryRinging in the New Year!
Sunday, Dec. 10 - 2pm-4pm - Creative Lab (2nd Floor), Halifax Central Library

We are going to be learning how to use a real-time clock module with Arduino. This can be used to create a countdown timer for your New Years Eve party. We have a few prototypes for Arduino-controlled confetti cannons that we will be demonstrating.

Open HouseWe are going to cancel a few of the Open House times over the holidays. Here is the schedule for the next month.
Sunday, Dec. 10 - 1pm-5pm
Tuesday, Dec. 12 - 6pm-10pm
Sunday, Dec. 17 - 1pm-5pm
Tuesday, Dec. 19 - 6pm-10pm
No Open House times from Dec. 24-31
Tuesday, Jan. 2 - 6pm-10pm 

We have a few things planned for upcoming Open House dates.

Guest Speaker - Peter SimpkinTuesday, Dec. 12 - 7pm
Peter has a long history, and wealth of knowledge, in electrical engineering. He has recently been learning about Arduino hardware and programming for a geophysics application of continuous measurements of the earth's magnetic field. The Arduino shields he has been using are 10 DOF (Degrees of freedom) and the BNO055 Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU) from Adafruit. They both detect the three orthogonal  components  of acceleration, turning rate using a rate gyro, and the components of the earth’s magnetic field. 
The talk will cover:
- Methods used
- Data display
- Logging system
If the sheer coolness of measuring the earth's magnetic field with an Arduino isn't enough to convince you to come you should at least come to learn various methods that could help you with your next Arduino project. 

Members MeetingTuesday Dec. 19 - 7pm
We had a great meeting in November. We learned more about what members are looking Halifax Makerspace to be. A full agenda will go out to members next week. Come for the pizza, stay for the socializing! After the meeting there will be opportunities to start getting trained up on the laser cutter or learn to solder. If you have questions about projects, tools, etc. it is a great night to come out.

Check out the Google GroupThis isn't unique to December but is worth a reminder every once in a while. You should head on over and check out the Google Group and subscribe if you haven't already.!forum/halifaxmakerspace When you can't make it into the space, engaging with the community here is the next best thing! There has been a group investigating the CNC mill. There is a thread about people looking for collaborative social projects. There are a few proposed projects to improve the space. So drop in, say hello, join in one of the conversations.

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