Good news: Reached our goal!. Bad news: Zoning issues with Allan St location. Good news: Already working on some Plan B locations; more details to come.

Hey Makers!

The first good news is that we reached our goal of 20 committed members! Woo! Thank you to everyone who stepped up.

The bad news is we have run into some zoning issues. Someone reached out to us after we were well underway with this campaign to let us know we might run into some potential zoning problems with this location. We put a call into the planning office to see in advance if we could work with it. Unfortunately their answer is that the Makerspace would be in violation of the residential zoning in place. We only got this news today. Better to hear this now than find out in a couple months and be forced to vacate after a complaint.

The final good news: While we were hoping that the Allan St space would work out after all we got to work on some contingency plans. We are already investigating some similar spaces and have meetings with landlords lined up this week. We will update you in the next few days when we have solid info.

Thanks for your patience,
Board of Directors, Halifax Makerspace

ps. If you're receiving email from this list for the first time and don't remember filling out the subscription form it is because you committed to becoming a member. We use this list as our official ANNOUNCEMENT communication method so we have added you to the list to ensure you don't miss any important information.

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