We reached out membership goal! The wheels are in motion to get us moved in but a few details need to come together before we can get an exact move-in date. Keep sharing the membership drive; the more members we have the more awesome stuff we can do.
Hey Makers!

We have reached our minimum membership goal! Actually, with the last few days of activity we surpassed it. We now have 32 people committed to make up an equivalent of 26 full ($50/month) memberships. Thank you to all of you who have committed to us moving forward with this space! Please keep sharing it with anyone who might be interested, though, as the more members we have, the more we’ll thrive.

The wheels are in motion to get us into the space. We are waiting to hear back on an insurance policy and we have an application in with the city for an Occupancy Permit. We don't know yet when we can schedule an exact move-in date but it should be soon. We have a bunch of stuff in storage from our last location and we will be planning a moving day to transport it all. We will put out a call for volunteers as soon as we arrange the date. We will likely have a number of workdays to make the place home. (ie. painting, constructing workbenches, building the kitchenette, etc) There will be a chance for everyone to jump in and help with something.

Shawn has been busy acquiring tools and equipment we need and will be putting out a call for donations with a list of what we are looking for. 

Details about time, location, and agenda will be shared in a couple weeks. We will be voting in some new directors to the board so if that is of interest to you please reach out and chat with us. We will also be forming a committee of a couple directors and couple members to update our bylaws. Up until now the boilerplate bylaws we adopted in our incorporation have been enough but settling into a space, that is likely to be a long term home for us, is a good time to improve the bylaws to suit our needs. If you would be keen to help out with that let us know. 

We had a great time hanging out with a bunch of you at the Social Night at Maxwell’s this week. We hope to have many more packed out Social Nights like this. With the addition of some comfortable furniture and some pizza delivery we should be able to have some of them in the space itself.

Again, thanks for all your support in getting us to where we are. Keep sharing the membership drive around. The more members we get the more awesome we will be able to make the space. Stay tuned for more details soon!

on behalf of the board


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