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Hey Makers!

Hope you are all surviving this winter of perpetual temperature swings. It's a great time of year to stay indoors and work on projects!

Here is some news about what is coming up in the next few weeks.

Project Nights (Members only)Tom will be at the space each Saturday 6pm-10pm in hopes that Saturday will become a night for members (Associate and Core) to come out and work on projects. So whether you're wanting to collaborate with some people on a project or just want some company around while you work on a project of your own, why don't you come out on Saturdays.

Sunday Open House 1pm-6pmIf you're not yet a member, our Open House times give you a chance to come see what we are about. We will give you a tour of the space, show off some projects, and answer any questions you might have. 

Tuesday Open House 6pm-10pmTuesdays offer the same chance as Sundays for people to come experience the space. But, the 3rd Tuesday of each month is also when we host our monthly...

Members Meeting (with a new format...including beer!)
IMPORTANT: We will be deciding on what tools/equipment to apply for in the HRM Community Grant during this meeting
This Tuesday, Feb. 20 7pm-7:30pm will be our monthly members meeting. We will cover all the dry/formal business in the first 30 minutes at Halifax Makerspace. After that we will head around the corner to our new neighbours in the building, Off Track Brewing. This will likely become a regular part of our monthly members meetings and bring back the casual social gatherings that we had before getting busy with running our current space. So come enjoy some pizza and/or beer as we spend the time socialising and figuring out what tools/equipment we want to pursue in the grant application. Only Core Members will be able to vote but we welcome input from anyone in the community as we try to narrow down the list. If you have ideas for what tools/equipment we should be looking at please post them in this thread on the Google Group before the meeting.!topic/halifaxmakerspace/EM_J7AkeNHw

Central Library Workshop - Sunday, Feb, 25 - 2pm-4pm2nd Floor - Creative Lab
The Internet of Things (or IoT) connects ordinary physical devices over the Internet. Imagine your car telling your DVR that you are running late, so your DVR will record the hockey game for you. In this session, the Halifax Makerspace show you how to read sensors and activate devices over the Internet, and how to interact with many of the online services you already use.

Member Perk - DeSerres MembershipEvery member now has access to the "Associations Creative Club" benefits at DeSerres online and in the store. All you need to do is go to the store on Barrington Street and show you are a member of HMS. We will be providing physical HMS membership cards soon, ask us the next time you are at the space.
Creative Club (Associations): 
Free to join rewards program
Individual card requires email address for activation
Points collected approximate 2% discount 
10% discount on some products (only with their Associations membership)

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