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Moving Back to Campus? Here are Sustainable Move-In Tips from the Office of Sustainability!
If you are moving to a Tufts campus for the first time this Fall or if you are moving back, check out our Sustainable Move-In Tips to learn how to minimize waste when moving! The above image is not the full list of tips, to see all of our Move-In tips visit our website
We're Hiring!
The Office of Sustainability is hiring the following positions for the Fall 2020 Semester:
  1. Research Intern
  2. Recycling Intern
  3. Lead Communications Intern
Learn more on the Work With Us page on our website. The deadline to apply is August 23, 2020.
Tufts University Greenhouse Gas Emissions FY19

As of FY19, Tufts University has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 12% from 1990 levels. The Tufts greenhouse gas emissions graphs (recorded from all campuses) for FY19 are now available to view on our Progress Reports webpage.

Know the Ins and Outs of Move-In Recycling

Are you a Tufts student gearing up to move back to campus? We’ve got some important move-in recycling rules so you can do your part to help Tufts recycle right:   

  1. Recycling bins in the residence halls have blue lids and are labeled “mixed recycling,"  while trash bins have no lids and are labeled “landfill.”  

  1. All cardboard must be recycled. Break down and flatten all boxes.   

  1. Paper bags and packing paper can also be recycled.   

  1. Plastic film,  including plastic bags, bubble wrap, air pillows, and plastic padded envelopes, cannot be conventionally recycled. Please place these items in the trash.   

  1. Styrofoam packing peanuts as well as other Styrofoam packaging cannot be recycled. These items should go into the trash.  

  1. If you can, take your move-in waste to the nearest dumpster station, where recycling dumpsters have blue lids and landfill dumpsters have black lids. You can view the nearest dumpster stations to your residence hall on the Eco-Map (just select “trash dumpsters” and “recycling dumpsters” in the left-hand column).   

By following these simple rules, you can do your part to make Tufts more sustainable! For more information about how to sustainably handle move-in waste, email or view our move-in recycling webpage. 

The Back-to-School Sale is On!

Gearing up to move into your residence hall or off-campus apartment and figuring out what you need to buy? We’re happy to announce that we will be holding the annual Back to School Sale this fall in compliance with COVID-19 safety policies. The Back to School Sale is a great way to attain needed items for free or cheap while also supporting sustainability efforts through buying used. Items offered at the sale will range from home goods and appliances to school and office supplies. This includes waste bins, lamps, vacuums, mini-fridges, fans, storage containers, and more! Stay tuned on our social media for more information about when the sale will be and how to attend.  
Get Involved with Recycling at Tufts!

Want to get more involved with recycling initiatives at Tufts? Join our on-call workers' program! On-call workers are students who are paid to help with campus zero waste efforts, student move-in, student move-out, and other recycling related tasks throughout the year! 

To register for the on-call workers' program, please complete this brief form.

The Eco-Reps are Preparing for a Virtual Semester 

The Eco-Reps have been meeting all summer long to plan for the upcoming academic year. They are looking forward to connecting with first-years and returning students virtually this fall!

The Eco-Reps are a group of undergraduate students who are here to help connect you with all sustainability-related things on campus! They are assigned based on residence hall, so look out for your Eco-Rep assignment soon! If you have any questions about recycling, compost, sustainable move-in, environmental justice or anything else about life at Tufts, feel free to email your Eco-Rep or! And follow us on Facebook and Instagram @tuftsecoreps. The Eco-Reps look forward to connecting with you this semester!

Fall 2020 Move-In Updates

Tufts released updated Move-In guidelines for incoming and returning students at the end of July. The new guidance will cause the university to delay the arrival of some students and add quarantine time to the arrival of others and will cause us to frontload additional testing resources to coincide with student arrivals. Read the full updated move-in plan.

Fall 2020 Course: One Health: Animal, Human, and Environmental Connections

This course will be offered completely virtually in the upcoming Fall 2020 semester on Mondays 1:30-4:00 pm EDT. One Health is the integrative effort of multiple disciplines working together locally, nationally, and globally to attain optimal health for people, animals, and the shared environment. This course encourages pre-professional students to value the connectedness of animals, humans and the environment and to think innovatively about solutions to health care problems. View the syllabus.
Beyond Doom and Off-campus Gloom - How to be Virtually Active in the Fight for Climate Resilience

Looking to be an active citizen fighting for just climate change policy? Check out this list of opportunities to partake in policy change efforts and be an active citizen!
Tufts Now: Yes, the Air Was Better During Lockdown

If you thought that the air quality improved during the initial COVID-19 lockdown, you were right. A recently published Tufts-led study found a direct connection between the stay-at-home orders following the COVID-19 outbreak this spring with improved air quality in Somerville, Massachusetts, neighborhoods located next to Interstate 93 and busy side roads. Read More.
*Starred webinars are required courses to achieve Eco-Ambassador certification
*Webinar Series: Health, Wellness, and Eco-Ambassador Conclusion.
1:00pm EDT

Health and Wellness help you sustain yourself and are essential to your work in sustainability. Come find out about the numerous resources that Tufts has to help you stay well. This last half will be a conclusion for summer Eco-Ambassadors to discuss lessons learned.
Maine Climate Table: Climate Communications 101
11:00 am-12:30 pm EDT

If you would like to hone your skills for having productive conversations about climate change with friends, family, neighbors, or strangers, join Tyler Kidder (Onion Foundation) and the Maine Climate Table for a VIRTUAL climate communications workshop this summer.
Webinar Series: Sustainability in Labs
2 pm EDT

Tufts has a lot of labs on our Medford, Boston, and Grafton campuses. It turns out that labs have a lot of materials to dispose of and use more energy than typical office buildings. This webinar will go over what you can do as a lab worker to reduce the lab’s environmental impact. It will also go over the potential for a Green Labs Certification and the larger lab sustainability programs that are already active at Tufts. Register here.
Webinar Series: Sustainability in Clinics
1 pm EDT

There is a connection between the work done at Tufts clinics and hospitals, saving energy, water, and waste, and climate change. But how can those who work in clinics, whether medical, dental, or veterinary, make changes to reduce their environmental impact? There is a larger global movement towards sustainability in healthcare, and this webinar will help make that connection for Tufts faculty, staff, and students who work in clinics and hospitals. Register here.
Environmental Brunch
11 am-12 pm EDT

Network with students, faculty, and groups, find environmental opportunities on campus, and discuss environmental topics and issues. The event will feature brief presentations by the following faculty and staff regarding their departments:

  • Shoshana Blank, Office of Sustainability
  • Professor Laura Corlin, Public Health and Community Medicine
  • Allison Robbins, Master's of Conservation Medicine
  • Sylvia Bottenelli, SMFA
  • with more units and speakers to be announced!
Register here, RSVP required.
National Voter Education Week
Week of Action

This generation of new voters is enthusiastic about civic participation and eager to make their voices heard. National Voter Education Week is a campaign that will equip voters with the tools, information, and confidence they need to cast their ballots this fall.
Global Conference on Sustainability in Higher Education
All Day

Attend the #GCSHE to exchange effective models, policies, research, collaborations, and transformative actions that advance sustainability in higher education and surrounding communities. Register today.

Explore an online library on the connection between COVID-19 and the Climate Crisis from Healthcare Without Harm.

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