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Abendmusik Vesper Choir and Menno Simons Centre
Fall 2014 - Issue 4.0
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As a time of expectation, the Advent season encourages us to be patient, while looking forward to what God will do in our lives. Thomas and Cara Bergen have settled in as Residence Coordinators at the Menno Simons Centre after Benjamin and Morgan provided transitional training in May. We had fewer summer residents than expected, so took the opportunity to catch up on some cleanup and maintenance. The 23 students this fall are excited to call the place “home” and have joined Bible study groups under the leadership of four dedicated Residence Assistants.
Anabaptist student ministry is the focus of our little society, and we’ve been challenged to explore how we can best fulfill that mission in the long term: should we renovate our aging building or consider relocating onto the UBC campus? How is the relationship between PGIMF (the church) and the Centre changing over time? With much prayer and humility, we are seeking ideas and energy from both elders and youth as we trust God to direct our paths.
Once again, thank you so much for supporting the Choir and the students of the Menno Simons Centre. We are very grateful for your faithfulness and appreciate your ongoing encouragement!

Kevin Hiebert
President, PCDA Board of Directors


Abendmusik Choir Concerts

The Abendmusik Vesper Choir is looking forward to sharing their 2014 Advent Vespers service with you on the weekend of Saturday, November 29th (Abbotsford) and Sunday, November 30th (Vancouver). In the spring of 2015, we’ll be moving the Vancouver service to a new location as Knox United begins their renovations.

Life at Menno

Reflections from new and returning residents 
The days are getting shorter, the air is getting colder and our energy levels are plummeting.
Oh yes, it’s that dark chapter that inevitably preludes “the most wonderful time of the year.”
Mid-terms are wrapping up and preparations for finals are already underway. Here at the Menno Simons Centre, we’re certainly not immune to the stress of exams, essays and final projects.
All hours of the day, you’ll find students huddled around tables that are covered with laptops, textbooks and sheets of paper.  And as deadlines approach, you can feel the nervous tension in the air.
It’s pretty common to see stressed out students at this time of year.  And there’s no doubt it can be overwhelming and even isolating.
But it’s at these difficult times when Menno really shines. And it’s easy to see why. It has a community- one grounded in Jesus Christ.
“I think that’s something that completely sets it apart,” says Charles Dick.
The UBC engineering student is in his first year at Menno. He says this foundation in Christ and his teachings creates an environment where people care for and support each other.
“I don’t know if you would get that other places,” he said.  
For some returning residents like Kirsten Bale, Menno offers a space not only to grow as a student, but as a follower of Christ.
“Having a place like Menno instead of being in residence meant that I had somewhere where my faith was solidified and upheld instead of shaken in quite the same way that it would have been.”
 (Written by Stephanie Kelly)
Finding community when you're far from home
What has it meant to live at the Menno Simons Centre?
"I think it’s important to have a Christian community that is a place where you can ask questions and be nurtured and be challenged. You get to work through how to live in a way that is intentionally following Jesus."

-Julia Soderholm  
First-year Masters student at Regent College 
Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario  

"Everybody is from different backgrounds and I’m not actually a Mennonite, so it’s interesting to learn about different denominations, the differences and the things that I can get from faith backgrounds that I wouldn’t have gotten just on my own."
-Nimaya Fernando
Second-year biology student at UBC
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

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