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Abendmusik Vesper Choir and Menno Simons Centre
Spring 2015 - Issue 5.0
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Lent is a time that we can think about what we'd be willing to give up to better focus on what's really important in our lives. As we prepare to celebrate Christ's Easter victory, mere possessions fade in importance compared to the relationships that we build and the knowledge that we gain as we learn from our experiences. I was recently "blessed" with the call to give up my keys, smartphone and favourite earbud headphones for Lent -- they were stolen along with my jacket! With support from family, friends, coworkers and caretakers, I am now fully restored, and I'm grateful for the lesson in material detachment!

As stewards of the legacy and vision given to us by the founders of the PCDA nearly thirty years ago, the current Board has been exploring ideas for how to expand the size and scope of our student ministry, and how to do so in a building that will be safe and comfortable for the next thirty years or more. We are now excited to pursue an opportunity to partner with another Christian organization on campus to move our student residence to UBC. We're still working out a plan with many milestones over the next several years, but in principle we've felt strongly led to move beyond what the current property at 11th & Crown can allow us to do. Be assured that we will be deeply attentive to our growing network of alumni and supporters, including the church of our chapel (PGIMF), throughout this process. 

Thank you very much for your prayers and encouraging words at all times, and thanks again for supporting the Abendmusik Vesper Choir and the students of the Menno Simons Centre -- past, current and future!

Kevin Hiebert
President, PCDA Board of Directors

With roughly half of the students planning to stay at the Centre, there is limited space available for new residents next year (September 2015- April 2016). If you know any students searching for an intentional Christian community living experience and an affordable place to live in Vancouver near UBC - tell them to apply now! The deadline for the first batch of applications to be reviewed for acceptance is April 15th.
Julia Soderholm
(1st year Regent College student)
Nimaya Fernando
(2nd year UBC Biology student)
Menno is famous for its weekly common meals and monthly potlucks. Every Wednesday evening students gather to be together and to eat together. This semester, two students got the idea of bringing something of the Menno common meal experience into the wider Vancouver community. Current residents Julia Soderholm and Nimaya Fernando recently joined the potluck planning committee for the Kitsilano Neighborhood House. Their hope is that Menno residents can continue to keep up a relationship with the Neighbourhood House, which is responsible for hosting community potlucks and offering other helpful services to the community.

What about you? Why not start your own potluck traditions in your homes or communities?
January Retreat at Hemlock!
With no snow on the mountains, this year's winter retreat featured lots of cozy cabin time for conversations, games, meals, puzzles, music, and a Sunday morning worship service focusing on the biblical significance of mountains.
The only thing better than sushi? Homemade sushi!  

Other recent RA events:
a pi/e day party on (3/14/15), a Menno talent show, and an upcoming Easter dinner!
On March 8th, the Abendmusik choir led a Lenten Vespers service of songs and prayers at St. Philip's Anglican Church. Away from their usual venue of Knox United Church, this was the first time that the choir has sung at this location. The service at Emmanuel Free Reformed Church in Abbotsford on March 7th was also enjoyed by many. If you haven't already signed up for our Abendmusik mailing list, be sure to sign up today to receive news of our upcoming services.

Thomas and Cara Bergen (Menno alumni from 2011-2013) are nearing the end of their first year as residence coordinators. They began their term at Menno in June 2014.
Emmaus House - inspired in part by the Menno Simons Centre!
Rod and Susan Reynar are the Residence Coordinators of the Emmaus House in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They are fellow Anabaptists whose vision is to facilitate intentional community for 10 university students (3 double rooms and 4 single rooms). Their community shares common meals and spaces in a familial setting. Their vision was partly inspired by the Menno Simons Centre, as well as discussions about intentional communities with the Mennonite Church Alberta - as referenced in Aaron Epp’s article in Young Voices entitled, “Creating meaningful community”.
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