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April 5, 2015  •  Issue 2015-02  •  Happy Easter  •  Pesach Sameach

It Really Is Warming Up! Really.

(In the NED, that is.)
Many folks are preparing for your year ahead!
And it's going to be HOT!

Thanks for reading today. We hope your day and week is/was filled with lots of Harmony with family and friends while celebrating the season's holiday, Easter or Passover.

2 BIG HOT Summer Events!
Two BIG Barbershop Harmony events -
on back-to-back weekends?

You bet!  Yes, Sir!  Yes, Ma'am!

Go to Harmony College!

New Year - New Courses!
Harmony College NE
August 7-8-9

Information & Registration is

online at the
NED web site

(you can always select any image to go to the NED web site page for that event!
Go to Alton Bay BBShop Jamboree page


It's back!
"Harmony on the Lake!"

August 14-15-16
Lots of Information NOW posted on the "Alton Bay" page on the NED web site.
Newly posted:

  • Tentative Schedule
  • Lodging Available
  • Restaurants
  • Old & New Photos
  • Old & New News!
Prepare & Be Amazed!
Go to NED Fall District Convention
Grab a hotel room soon!  They're HOT!

The Main Headquarters Hotel - the Sheraton in South Burlington is filling FAST.
As of Friday morning, April 3rd, only 39 rooms remained, out of 161 booked for members!

Hit the NED web site and grab the info there!
1. Sheraton Burlington Hotel and Conference Center (HQ)
870 Williston Road
South Burlington, Vermont


New England Harmony Brigade 2015Countdown:

Reasons No. 4 and 3
to attend the
New England Harmony Brigade
September 18th-20th

#4 - See a Fantastic Chorus
and Quartet Show!

#3 - Sing More Than Tags
at The Next Convention


#4. See a Fantastic Chorus and Quartet Show!

The Saturday Night NEHB2015 Show, combining the Brigade chorus, quartets and an outstanding headliner quartet, promises to blow-back some hair!  While the chorus is not the focus of the Brigade, the thrill of singing the 12 Brigade songs with over a 100 quartet men as a chorus is a rush that most have never experienced. Our Guest Quartet, Downtown Crossing, will be the headliner this year.

It’s hard to tell who loves it the most: a chorus full of quartet men who know the music, the Directors, or the audience!
#3. Sing More Than Tags at The Next Convention
Attend NEHB so that the next time you're standing around with three guys, instead of saying, "what do you know" and settling on the same old tag, you'll have 12 great songs to sing!  It’s kind of like PoleCats on steroids…..eXtreme Quartetting.
Conventions, Contests and even visits to other Chapters will never be the same!
Space is limited at the brigade rally…thus far we have not sold out, but other Brigades have done so in the past.  And we are limited by the part that has the least number of singers.   A lot of folks assume that we have unlimited capacity to accept more people, as long as they are qualified.  That turns out not to be so.  Unlike a chorus, we have to have exactly equal numbers of each part (or very close to it) so that we can form a whole number of quartets.  As a result, any one part could become the limiting part.  If the imbalance becomes too great, then we cannot accept people who are waitlisted on other parts.
That is why we ask that you apply today.  Music is due out in the next few weeks.   Go to , check out our new Web Site, and read the prospectus and fill out the application.  You’ll have the time of your life, that I promise.
Yours in Harmony,
Lee Daum - President, New England Harmony Brigade
Tel: 781-643-7468

Portland to Pittsburgh Harmony Express

Noreasters Chorus
Headed to International

Need A Ride?

The Portland/Maine Downeasters Chorus has chartered a bus to Pittsburgh, and have some available seats to offer. Our bus has reclining seats, Wi-fi, AC power, air conditioning, and of course a bathroom. We will be leaving Tuesday, June 30, and returning Sunday, July 5. We will be stopping in Portsmouth, NH to pick up some passengers, and also exit 62, I-84, Manchester, CT to pick up some more.

The per seat price is $175.00, round trip, plus a suggested $25.00 gratuity for the driver. Passengers are allowed to take food and drink on board, and we will make some stops along the way for food and stretching. And yes, singing is allowed ... and expected!

For more information, please e-mail, or call me at 207.232.1543.

Thank you, all, and hope to hear from you soon.
Marshall Wagner
     for the Downeasters.

Harmony Explosion Camp Northeast 2015
How Can I Help?
Go to HXNE2015 web page

Frequently, there is this statement and question: "Our chapter is not in a place to donate monetarily to HXNE 2015, is there another way I can help with Harmony Explosion Camp Northeast?"
The answer is YES!
We really need help from our chapters to act as ambassadors to their local schools and communities, assisting us in letting them know about HXNE! 
This is actually multifaceted... not only is HXNE for High School Aged Students (13-18 years old) but its ALSO for Music Educators (college music education majors and professional educators). We also have a "peer leader" program for those who are aged (18-23) and of course are looking for chaperones (aged 24+)! All information about these different programs can found on our website:

So here's the point: can your chapter commit to help us in reaching out to at least 2-3 of the local schools in your area, and just sharing our flyer with them and also our website? You'd be surprised at how much of an impact that could make on our districts program! By all means, your chapter can go much farther then that and promote it other ways too, such as local community groups, etc. 
For your convenience, please see the links below for a few documents.  One is a template for you to utilize that explains HXNE and is written directly for Music Educators! This way you can add your information and send it off to whom you think it would be most beneficial! 
So you know, we do have scholarships available on a need basis (through the generous donations of our chapters and partners). Scholarship applications can be found on our website also. (If you'd like to donate personally, or corporately, you can, of course, still do that by going to our website.) 
SPECIAL NOTE: See a link below for a list of our "Frequently Asked Questions" about HXNE. This should help you. However - remember - if there is a question that someone asks you about HXNE 2015 and you're not comfortable answering, please refer them to Antonio Lombardi, your HXNE 2015 director.  He would be more than happy to answer your questions! We want to be sure that a consistent, clear message is conveyed.
If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about this... please do not hesitate to reach out to Antonio.


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