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Parents’ Rights In Education, PAC has endorsed over 35 candidates in multiple states, during this election cycle. We receive requests daily!

Our endorsement requirements are based on support for Parents’ Rights In Education issues. Our children are the target. What could be more basic than a parents’ right to raise their children according to their family values?  Who should decide, when it comes to our child’s health? There are people who think the state should decide what children learn, how they should think, and if they can access life changing medications, and even surgeries. These people are in power, and that is why parents are losing their rights. This issue is so important, it has become THE bellwether human rights issue. In fact it IS the litmus test for all candidates.

The candidates we endorse are not the “establishment” picks you usually are exposed to. Those folks are often selected by professional political consultant whose greatest asset is their ability to ask their friends to help fund their run for office.  

Politics is a business. Beware of the accusations coming form any candidate against fellow conservatives. Political consultants do not endorse candidates. Their affiliation to a former political client is absolutely no indication that their former client endorses their current client.

Conservative political consultants, like their liberal counterparts, often lack the integrity we expect, and resort to half truths, and out right lies to win their clients’ bid for office. We, the citizens are tired of these games. We want the truth.

Parents’ Rights In Education, PAC is proud to endorse Marc Thielman for Oregon Governor, Jim Renacci for Ohio Governor,  John Di Paola for OR Congressional District 5, Angela Plowhead for OR Congressional District 6, Heidi St. John for Washington, Congressional District 3, Shiry Sapir for AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction, and many others we list here for state legislative seats, County commissions, and School Boards.

All these candidates have stepped up in various ways to push back against the dangerous attack on parents’ rights, which are eroding the relationship between parents and children, and seek to destroy the family unit in America. They are using our public schools as distribution centers to further a political agenda, not to provide an academic education.

Parents are counting on you and me to support these candidates with our time, influence, and money, because unlike some they do not have high level big pocket political connections. There is a sense of urgency as we approach the most important election in our lifetime. We’ve got to elect the right people in the primary! We need to step up and protect Parents’ Rights In Education, because today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders!

As many of you may know, the Parents’ Rights in Education PAC has endorsed candidate Marc Thielman for Governor of Oregon.

Suzanne Gallagher, PRIE’s National Director and Oregon resident, has also personally endorsed Marc. Below are both endorsements and a call to action for how you can personally help Marc on his mission! 

"Marc has consistently fought for parents’ rights. He demonstrates exceptional knowledge, integrity, and ability to stay focused and respond when under scrutiny and attack by his opponents. Marc is a visionary, driven by his commitment to restore individual liberty by upholding the US Constitution." Parents’ Rights In Education PAC

"Marc Thielman doesn’t just talk, he demonstrates his tenacity and resolve to challenge the status quo in Salem. By law, as governor, Marc will also be the Superintendent of Public Instruction, ORS 326.300. Who could possibly be better equipped? K-12 public education is a national crisis, and the Oregon legislature is responsible for the dangerous policies at the epicenter of this failing bureaucracy, including stealing the right of the people to vote for the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Marc is prepared to tackle the difficult task of restoring parents’ rights in education, and local control of school boards. This issue must be addressed by someone who understands the inner workings of an all too powerful public employee union. Our government was designed to serve the people, not visa versa. Marc will represent all Oregonians. He believes in individual freedom, and truth. I stand with Marc Thielman."   Suzanne Gallagher, PRIE Executive Director

Will you help increase Marc’s impact to reach more Oregon parents and grandparents—our largest voting block—by supporting him at this pivotal time? We must fight to protect parental rights! 

With just weeks to go before the primary election on May 17th, with ballots dropping April 26th, your contribution makes a huge difference right now!

Marc is the former Superintendent of the Alsea School District and Candidate for Oregon Governor. He kept CRT and other harmful curricula out of his district, kept his school open during the forced lockdowns, and with his board, passed a mask-optional resolution putting parents back in control.

I am writing to you today to ask for your help to bolster Marc’s mission to bring about the greatest change we possibly can to fight against the pervasive culture war and attack on our families.

Marc has been a fierce advocate for parental rights as his track record shows, and I know he would be grateful to have your support! As a grassroots campaign, they rely on parents and grandparents like us to help achieve their goals to increase their messaging reach through targeted media buys!

Sincerely, Suzanne Gallagher

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We NEED 500 people to help with a tax deductible $12 donation.
We know times are tough, but the time is NOW! Your donation in any amount will help stem the tide of dangerous public school curriculums, by showing school boards we mean business! 

Suzanne Gallagher, Executive Director, Parents' Rights In Education

...She met a teacher who wanted to form an organization and encouraged them to call it Parents’ Rights In Education. Later she participated in creating videos which were used to expose the controversial Adolescent Sexuality Conferences held at the Seaside Conference Center.   READ MORE...


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