PARENTS’ RIGHTS IN EDUCATION (PRIE) is a national tax-deductible non profit organization, dedicated to protecting the rights of parents to direct the education of their children, which has been tested by the Supreme Court five times, and parents won every time. We stand for the fundamental right of parents to raise their children, and firmly believe children belong to their families, NOT the state, the teachers, the teachers’ union, or any other bureaucrat. We believe that in this current, and increasing political climate of medical mandates, forced vaccines, and the hyper sexualization of children through various outlets; parents have the final say, and call the shots.

Oregon, where PRIE was established in 2009, and incorporated in 2011, is one of the longest standing organizations of its kind, and for good reason. Oregon state is known by Leftists to be the leader for the most radical curriculum initiatives, beginning with Comprehensive Sexuality Education. Oregon laws usurping parental rights in schools were passed about 5 years before those in California. Washington state is lagging behind Oregon by about 10 years. If you want to know what it looks like to have your entire school system overrun with the NEA-style Education Agenda, it is here, in Oregon.

OCTOBER, LGBT History Month
For example, in Oregon it is impossible to opt students out of LGBTQ+ activities. OCTOBER is LGBT History Month. October 11 is National Coming Out Day. Grade school students are encouraged to dress in rainbow colors, as the entire day is devoted to gender identity, which is embedded in all activities throughout the day. Although parents should be able to OPT-OUT (Oregon law) of controversial lessons, educators and legislators have made it impossible.

NOT a "state issue!"
Some of these issues have taken "center stage" in the last few weeks. They are not new, not at all.  Soon after she took the reins in 2018, PRIE Executive Director, Suzanne Gallagher declared K-12 Education America’s National Crisis. Gallagher traveled to Washington DC to speak with legislators and policy makers. Their response: "K-12 education is a state issue." is NOT.

The fact is K-12 Education has been under attack by the National Education Association, National School Boards Association, SIECUS, and Planned Parenthood, Intl. for decades. Administrators, teachers, and school board members have often  discouraged parents from engaging in the process. PRIE knows because, like her cohorts in Eagle Forum in the early ’90s, Gallagher experienced an effort by educators to deceive, intimidate and discourage parents from having access to curriculum, or involvement in curriculum selection, or decisions. 

Because of the organization’s name, parents from all over the nation began contacting PRIE for help, mostly in relation to CSE which includes the transgender issue. For some strange reason, the recruitment of students by K-12 public school administrators, counselors, and teachers to change their sex was not deemed important by the media, who refused to cover it. 

Even though GLSEN Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Clubs were popping up in Middle and high schools by the hundreds, no one questioned their purpose. Sex Ed for Social Change  Soon, PRIE began establishing local district chapters all over the country, now actively representing groups in 12 states, and growing. Oregon School Districts subscribe to keeping student confidentiality from their parents.  GLSEN created a policy for that specific purpose: "School staff shall not disclose any information that may reveal a student’s transgender status to others, including parents or guardians and other school staff, unless legally required to do so or unless the student has authorized such disclosure."

When PRIE’s civil case against the Dallas School District challenging the school's administrative mandatory use of opposite sex bathrooms and locker rooms based on “gender identity,” made it way to the 9th Circuit in July of 2020, and subsequently to the Supreme Court for consideration in November of that year, no one seemed to notice. When it failed on appeal to the Supreme Court, only Forbes  Magazine reached out for an interview. On December 7 (Press Release) Gallagher's interview was abruptly stopped for calling the 14 year-old subject in the case a "girl"... No other media outlet seemed interested. Unfortunately, PRIE is familiar with media bias as no mainstream media outlet in the state of Oregon will report on anything they release, responding to Press Releases with a "no thank you."

Oregon parents living a "nightmare."
It was when schools shut down in 2021, and parents saw what was taught to their children, the earth began to shake. Yes, they saw the promotion of so-called "anti-racism” curriculum, mixed in with pornographic sexuality lessons. While students are taught to disrespect their parents and hide their private lives from them, they are now encouraged to rebel against their city, and national government, and hate the Constitution. Make America’s Schools Great Again!

In July, 2021 the NEA announced its role to partner with BLM and CRT teaching the controversial curriculums even if school boards, governors, school administrators, and most importantly parents were against it. And, when the small town of Newberg Oregon decided to display only the US flag, not other political flags in classrooms, the NEA made it clear, they would sabotage the board, and they did.

Citizen Systemic Complacency
All the while, the real problem is overlooked: citizen systemic complacency. But, how can the people take action,  if they are ignorant of the issues? To be fair, our cries for news coverage have gone unnoticed. Why? Is it because Oregon is too far from WA DC or New York?

In January of 2021, PRIE stoked the flames by calling citizens to run for school boards. For years Oregon school boards have been packed by folks whose only desire is to further their radical political agendas. This effort created quite a stir in many communities. We won positions, gaining a majority. Our opponents took note, and they aren't happy.

PRIE's Idaho contact, a recent transplant from Oregon, was confident she would not face the same challenges as in Oregon. When PRIE published a story last week about suspicious dealings with the school board meeting in Coeur d’ Alene, ID, it all came together. We raised the question, “was the school board meeting cancelled in order to rile up citizens, providing opportunity for the local reporter could sensationalize the story, making parents look dangerous? NEWS ALERTPRESS RELEASE

A day after, the story came out announcing the National School Board Association letter to President Biden calling for an investigation into the possible Domestic Terrorists haunting school boards.  PRESS RELEASE  Of course the Coeur d'Alene meeting cancellation was deliberate! Those in control of the public school system have no respect for parents. It is no secret the NEA's goals include the abolition of the nuclear family. Parents just get in the way of their plans.

PRIE was not surprised one bit, when reports of corruption between the NSBA, Biden Staff, the Attorney General, and CRT curriculum developers surfaced. NEWS ALERT  This is proof the NSBA letter to the Biden Administration, calling for AG Garland to crack down on parent involvement in local public schools, was a strategy, not just to upset midterm elections, but to destroy our nation. BIDEN GOVT CORRUPTION REVEALED

It is corruption within departments of government including the the Administration of the President, the Department of Justice, and the Department of K-12 Education. They are colluding with public employee unions, the NEA, FTA, and even the National School Board Association, all of whom fund the Democrat Party. The money fueling this comes straight from the federal taxpayer! It is is plentiful and fuels Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Social Emotional Learning, Critical Race Theory and more. For example, the Obama administration dedicated $billions to HHS who funneled it through the CDC straight into our local schools. Watch the VIDEO presentation by PRIE Texas leader!

Everyone who cares about our future, must get involved, but they won't, if they don't know... Parents are not going to put up with it. They are willing to fight, however they cannot do it alone! The corrupt education bureaucracy has to be broken up. PRIE enlightens communities at the local level, and we empower parents, but we need the help of the national media. 

The confiscation of our school system is a national crisis! It reaches down to the smallest school districts in the country, including Newberg, Oregon, and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We know, because we are living it! We hope the rest of the country will hear about this, because it is coming to your school sooner than you think!

Suzanne Gallagher
Executive Director
Parents' Rights In Education


Suzanne Gallagher, Executive Director, Parents' Rights In Education

...She met a teacher who wanted to form an organization and encouraged them to call it Parents’ Rights In Education. Later she participated in creating videos which were used to expose the controversial Adolescent Sexuality Conferences held at the Seaside Conference Center.   READ MORE...


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