Who is liable when kids have "issues"? 

Why? What is illegal in any other context,
is now the norm in public schools.
Schools are wading into
murky legal waters...


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Parents express their concern about current Comprehensive Sexuality Education proposed in public schools accross the nation.
Promotion of Risky Sexual Behaviors
“Anal and Oral Sex aren’t really sex,” Teacher, Middle School 6-8.
You can't make this up. Mom gave us permission to quote her.
I thought I had declined to have my son attend sex ed…”       
  • “…They (public middle school) promote anal and oral (sex) because you can’t get pregnant, and it’s not really sex.’…even suggest types of lube.
  • When we told our kids one can still contract STD’s from oral and anal (sex), they were shocked!
  • Some of the STDs we talked about were not mentioned by the teacher.                                                             Maleah, Parent 
If these minor students were to engage in anal and oral sex, thinking it isn’t really sex, and you can’t get pregnant or contract an STD, can the teacher and or school be sued if they are infected? And if the curriculum is sanctioned by the School Board members, can they be held equally responsible?
Gay and Lesbian Promotion

 The Law: Age of Consent for sexual activity is 18 years of age.
Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Clubs, celebrating alternate sexual behaviors, sanctioned by Middle Schools 6-8 for students under 18, promote having sexual relations before then.

Doesn’t that make school officials subject to criminal liability or loss of professional licenses?
CLICK on IMAGE to watch this shocking  interview.
Transgender  Celebration and Promotion

Girls Locker Room Showering with Boys! Parties for Trans 8-year olds! Normal?
OREGON: Tigard HS administrator instructed male PE teacher under protest to watch female student (who decided she’s male) take showers in male locker room?

Not only is this illegal in any context, but Administrators are party to the crime.

Stafford Grade School, West Linn: Third grade celebration of a boy transitioning to a girl. Elite party in the Principal's office for "her", outside counselors training students and teachers what to do to make "her" feel accepted. Teachers wearing matching "Be-You Tiful " T-shirts showing support. What third grade child wouldn't want to be Trans?

If a child decided to pursue this radical change to the opposite sex, without parents knowledge or consent by school clinic referral, and changed his/her mind after puberty drugs were administered, who is responsible?
Click here to watch the news report. Oregon allowing 15-year-olds to get state-subsidized sex-change operations
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Parents are outraged by the Education Standards and Performance Indicators set by the Oregon Department of Education.

many parents, concerned about the emotional and well being of their children have been left out of this decision making process. They want real equity in the process, and are often blindsided when they learn their children have been taught ideologies and information they deem inappropriate. This is wrong and biased against these families.

Opt-Out is not foolproof.  Often, even with a request on file, students are exposed to assemblies, outside speakers, and curriculum, their parents have requested to be exempt from.

We petition the ODE and Oregon School Board Association, the courses pertaining to controversial and sensitive materials used in the health curriculum have an OPT -IN requirement, not OPT-OUT as it is currently.

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WATCH this to understand the broad scope and
groups promoting K-12 CSE!
Until We Have OPT-IN, Click Here for OPT- OUT Form and Instructions
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