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"The sacrifices of our communities cannot go unnoticed. Our post-crisis resilience and the sustainability of the planet are at stake for the decade of action" @UCLG_President, Mohamed Boudra, Mayor of Al-Hoceima.

A sustainable recovery will only be born with everyone on board:
An account of our 2020 HLPF !

Throughout the 2020 High-Level Political Forum (HLPF), our delegation of over 100 mayors and regional leaders called for the importance of localizing 2030 Agenda in the recovery of the pandemic. 

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8 JULY - UCLG and UN Habitat: VLR Series Launch

10 JULY - LRGs Day - Accelerating Transformation from the Ground-up in a Post-COVID Era

13 JULY - LRGs Forum: Third Local and Regional Governments Forum on the 2030 Agenda: The Decade of Action – Bolstering Change from the Ground-up


Take a look at our Live Learning Experience video! -  Public Service Delivery, a Pillar to Address the Pandemic #BeyondTeOutbreak
Within the framework of the Emergency Governance Initiative, UCLG, Metropolis and LSE Cities publish the first Policy Brief and second Analytics Note [+INFO]
UCLG launches its first Massive and Open Online Course about the LLE #BeyondTheOutbreak  [+INFO]
Digital rights in the COVID-19 era [+INFO]
UCLG and the Barcelona Provincial Council launch the second edition of their online course on Localizing the SDGs [+INFO]
UNICEF launches a toolkit for local responses to protect displaced children in COVID-19 [+INFO]
Around 60 cities join the 2020 Regional Consultations of the Global Forum for Migration and Development (GFMD) [+INFO]

"Steps towards inclusive national reporting processes on SDGs" [+INFO]

The UCLG network and its key partners put the spotlight on the impacts of COVID-19 on local finance [+INFO]
Cities Unite Around Inclusive Pandemic Response [+INFO]
“Strong local public services for a safe world” UCLG – PSI Joint Statement in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic [+INFO]

A statement on Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon’s passing from GCoM, ICLEI, UCLG, Metropolis and C40 Cities"[+INFO]

More news 
on our website!  [+INFO]
Access to healthy food: lessons from a pandemic [+INFO]

Reimagining Public Safety in the face of historical inequalities and emerging crisis in Cities [+INFO]

Local Democracy in the aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic [+INFO]
Access to our website dedicated to the LLE here!


Local and Regional Governments call for the co-creation of a sustainable recovery at the Local and Regional Governments’ Day in the 2020 HLPF! [+INFO]

The Third Local and Regional Governments’ Forum highlights how basic services are at the heart of sustainable recovery [+INFO]


The Committee on Morocco’s new development model and UCLG Africa Placing Territories at the centre for balanced development


- UCLG Aspac Roles On The Vnr And Vlr Process


Third LRGs Forum HLPF2020

The two-trillion-euro questions for towns and regions
[ CEMR ]

- Mohamed Saadie: “we should learn from our experience during the pandemic process”

Mercociudades propone a los presidentes del Mercosur, mayor autonomía local, acceso a financiamiento y una representación legítima en el bloque

“Metropolis in 2023” : A Policy Debate in a extraordinary time

COVID-19: Municipalities react to ‘Safe Restart Agreement’ 
[ FCM ]


-African and European leaders take steps towards an African Charter for local gender equality

[UCLG Standing Committee on Gender Equality]

LRGs' Day at HLPF 2020: Luca Bergamo from Rome & UNSRCR Karima Bennoune - The 2020 Rome Charter and views on culture and the  COVID-19 pandemic

[ Committee on Culture ]

UCLG Community of Practice on Housing: Assessing ways to advance the right to housing in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic’s aftermath

[ Committee on Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human Rights ]

The International Observatory on Participatory Democracy presents its new corporate identity 
[ OIDP ]

- Tools for Promoting Inclusive and Resilient Economic Development by advancing strong partnerships
[ UCLG CIB Working Group]



  #Listen2Cities #HLPF2020 

Thank you to all participants, members, partners for being part of this campaign and raising the voice for the decade of action to have full collaboration between the spheres of government to build back better after the outbreak, bearing in mind that the transformative roadmap for local and regional governments remains Agenda 2030 and the SDGs!

A sustainable recovery will only be born with everyone on board

24-28 August: Virtual UCLG Aspac Congress

02 September: Working meeting Working Group on Territorial Prevention and Management of Crises (Virtual)

18-25 September : VVSG Week of the Sustainable Municipality

🗞️A conversation with global experts: Technology and innovation in post-pandemic cities: How will priorities change?
🗞️HLPF Event Focuses on Role of Local and Regional Governments in Post-COVID-19 Recovery
🗞️La propuesta que recorre Europa: 'La ciudad de los quince minutos'
🗞️El liderazgo de las alcaldesas ante la pandemia
🗞️How will Covid-19 change the way cities work? | A conversation with global experts
🗞️Decálogo para las ciudades luego del COVID-19- LA Network.//
🗞️Más sostenibilidad para la era posterior al covid-19 
🗞️ Ciudades por una salida solidaria a la crisis -
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