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Ministry to non-readers                                                       April 2013

Testimonies from the bush

by Brad Sawyer (Mozambique)

If you will recall, before we had left to come home on furlough I had led the Shehe (Imam) to Christ in the Mosque in Sapamoto and that he had died three days after receiving the LORD.  Well, he has now been replaced.  I asked the new guy, named Musa, which is (Moses), if he wanted to see the book I had about creation which would be narrated in the Makhuwa-Meetto language.  He said yes and I showed him and a few other men that happened to be there.  This is the same set of very large flip-chart books that the original Shehe watched that led him to faith in Christ.  Well the new Shehe loved it and has invited me back to show the rest of books also.  I would like nothing better than to lead this guy to Christ also but have him stay alive to speak with other Muslim leaders about faith in Jesus.


New Church Plant in Messalo

Last Thursday a guy named Viega asked me to give him a ride to the Messalo River where he lived.  He looked familiar so after a few questions I found out he was the father who asked me to carry his sick son to the hospital early this year.  I had a nice visit with the man and thought maybe he was the person I have been looking for to start a church in Messalo.  All the people traveling north or south by bicycle will stop and spend the night in Messalo so it would be a great place to have a church.  When I arrived at Viega's house, I asked if he would like to see a book about creation (the same Look, Listen, and Live book I showed the Shehe).  He said he would but please wait till I call my neighbors.  After they all watched the book and heard the narration they said they wanted to follow Jesus.  So I told them I would return the next day with book two and they said that would be great.  When I returned the next day, the group had doubled as each had invited someone else (a good sign).  The very next morning a note arrived at my gate from the Messalo group.  The note was in bad shape as it had been rained on and traveled in a dirty pocket.  It had a couple of paragraphs but the only sentence that was readable said, "We are very happy to hear about Jesus.  Please come back".   (another good sign)  Needless to say I will invest my time heavily in that group.

by Deon Snyders (Northern Cape, working into Botswana)

Many thanks for the Look, Listen & Live picture books. They already have owners in Botswana. I promised the people in good faith that I'll bring them teaching materials, and here some materials have arrived now.What a precious God we serve.
The two players with loudspeakers (by Megavoice) also arrived. The sound is very good. I use them in places where people gather to fetch water or where they do their washing. While they listen, the content gets discussed. And the next day we continue where we had to stop the day before.
Many blessings on the Kingdom work you do. On ground level we appreciate the materials and recordings you produce cause it puts us in a position to empower and provide them with what's necessary for them to be spiritually enriched and to grow in Christ.

All Honor to our Heavenly Father. Deon.

from James and Jess Lucas (Western Zambia)

The translation teams have finished translating pictures 97 - 114 from the Living Christ audiovisual program in five high priority languages: Mashi, Fwe, Kwangwa, Shanjo, Makoma and Kwandu. They've taken the written translations back to their villages over Easter. We await their feedback as they're due to return in July to record the translations. None of these language groups represented have seen anything of the Bible translated or recorded in their heart languages. Please pray that the Lord will undertake in this huge effort.

New Project Old Phone

appeal to our prayer partners

If you upgrade to a better or newer smart phone / iphone / android phone, consider donating your old phone to GRNSA.
Why? It can serve as a playback device for people to play the AudiBible or GRN Bible stories which we load on the micro SD Card.
It saves us the cost to have to invest in a seperate playback device.
This way you can help us to be more cost-effective in our work.

You can mail your old phone in a padded envelope to:
PO Box 13018
N1 City

We will keep you posted on who received your phone and what was loaded so that you can pray for its future user.
The Sawyer family
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Deon Snyders
Translation workshop in Western Zambia
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