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A Lingala Bible for a man
at the shopping mall

Yesterday I drove to the close-by shopping mall 
during my lunch break. In my hand bag is an Envoy 
player loaded with the GRN Words of Life and the 
New Testament in Lingala, plus the Full Bible in 
A few months back I started smalltalk with a new 
car guard at the centre, because many of the ex-
patriates living in Cape Town are looking for a 
Portuguese- or French-church they may attend 
and it is good if I can at least point them in the 
right direction. 
I spotted him close to the area where I normally 
park the car. Was this confirmation? I felt I needed 
to bless him, call for him and asked him what his 
mother tongue was. They normally say Portuguese 
or French cause they don't expect anyone in Cape 
Town to know anything about their heart language. 
I took a chance and told him I had a surprise for 
him, took out the player and started to play the 
Lingala Book of Mark. The expression on his face 
changed, he lightened up! "This is Lingala; this is 
my language! I am so happy now. Thank you. 
Thank you. Man, I am so happy. My wife speaks 
Portuguese. Do you have that in Portuguese?"
"Off course I do. Let me see what I can do..."
Those two minutes might change the rest of this 
man, Jeremiah's life ... 

Is it possible that you may be able to reach out to a 
foreigner who is far away from home and 
despondent, who may pass you by ...? If you decide 
to try, contact us.
ABOVE:The Project Mozambique Team:
Left to right at the back:
Big Manuel, Inacio and Joaquim.
In the front: Maria and Pastor Cazanca.

Project Mozambique
placing new-generation
plastic preachers

Last month the team from Project Mozambique
in Beira has started to place freshly-loaded
AudiBible players in new areas in Central
Mozambique. Good News Media sponsored 20
AudiBible players together with 10 sets of GRN-
picture books they were short on. Earlier Mega-
voice had sent in a Storyteller en Envoy demo
pack to test.

This time the team learnt how to load the players
themselves by using the software and USB cables
provided by the distributors.

Easier and cheaper to
share the Good News in
every language

You yourself may now follow a few easy steps
and share the Good News video with anyone in
any language you can think of:

1) Visit
2) Click on Listen or Download in the menu
3) Type a language you want in the search field
4) Select the language from the list provided
5) Click on a program. Preferably start with
the one called Good News.
6) Scroll down to Downloads and Ordering
7) Click on the file format of your choice.
Notice the red arrow option: 3GP file format,
total size: 5 MB.

Newly trained volunteer

We are thankful that we can introduce you to
Michael Ropp.
Michael just completed our special field
recordist training with GRN in Australia (photo
below). GRN USA and GRN Australia paid
for his training, which we are thankful for.

From 2004 till 2010 he worked as Senior Sales
Associate with Family Christian Stores. While
working he first was an Associate in Science,
Music Production Technology at Valencia
Community College (Aug. 2005 – Dec. 2007).
Hereafter he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in
English at the Central University of Florida
(Aug. 2007 – Dec. 2009).
From 2010 till recently Michael served as an
eGift Specialist with Campus Crusade for
Christ (photo below).

Michael comes from a missionary home.
His oldest sister, Rachel works for Wycliffe
Associates, as well as his parent, Brent and
Linda Ropp. Michael is one one three kids and
the only boy.

Michael has now applied to come and work for
GRNSA as a field recordist in a volunteer
capacity. He is currently raising funding to
support himself while here and has also now
applied for a two year volunteer work permit.

Please pray for Michael as he prepares for this
new season in his life and for God to clearly
guide him. Also pray for us as we prepare to
receive Michael. At present I am working
towards lining up recording jobs for Michael,
for when he comes.
                                                       Automn update          by Dalene Joubert  

Malawi - ministry for the 2014 book year has begun

ABOVE: Dallion (on the right) in the villages. RIGHT: Areas in Malawi where FTS has worked so far.                        
In March 2014 Louise Laubscher and I sat down to do some planning for the new year. At least 50 full sets of audio-visual
teaching materials are needed to engage new villages with the 192 Bible lessons, starting with Creation and working gradually
through the Old and New Testament, explaining salvation and the necessity of being discipled and discipling others. 4 outreach
trips need to be under-taken for the following to happen: a) Lay leaders of children's clubs, Sunday school groups and Bible
listening groups need to be identified. These leaders need to receive training on how to use these evangelism tools effectively,
but also receive training to help their own spiritual well-being and growth. b) Appropriate groups are started and the materials
left with the trained person. Sometimes more than one group share one set of materials in a particular village.
ABOVE: A typical outreach.                    ABOVE: Louise with a group of villagers.


Outreach trips (x4)

R 13,192.00

Preparation incl. Stationary incl. paper, ink, internet, communication, bank charges, auditing

R 10,750.00

Material (only covering production costs)

R 38,600.00

New translation work for recording in Nyakusa Ngonde

R 3,475.00

Please pray with us for this undertaking by only two people: Dallion Chitekwere and Louise Laubscher


Megavoice - ministry partner and major distributor of GRN
materials in Southern Africa

Since 2011 Megavoice Centre for Southern Africa has partnered extensively with GRNSA to maximise the distribution of 
GRN materials. During 2012 and 2013 they acted as the importers of GRN picture materials while we were concentrating on 
establishing the role of GRNSA focusing on
         i)   the development and translation of effective Bible engagement materials in Southern Africa,
         ii)  the recording the above materials to different distributors of Biblical audio content on different media
         iii) the supply of the above materials to current existing distribution platforms.

ABOVE: Joining Hands Conference, March 2014              ABOVE: TUKS Mission Week, Pretoria
The 1st-4th and the 8th of June 2014 Megavoice represents GRN at the Dutch Reformed Church Klipfontein's Missions 

A few joined distribution projects have also seen the light:

Lesotho - Roof of the World Project   Talking Tigers for Toddlers Project

To provide the GRN and Megavoice resources for              ... decent Tigers
evangelists to reach people living in the Drakensberg       ... bringing good news and comfort to 
Mountains.                                                      children in need.                                     
We praise the Lord for ministry partners like Megavoice. Together we are able to do so much than by ourselves. Please pray
with us for these projects with us.

Megavoice sponsors Storytellers for Namibia
You remember the new recordings I have done last year October in Tsumkwe, Namibia?
Megavoice has now received a donation for 50 Storyteller players. These were sent to Grootfontein and will now be loaded
with the first stories after being field-tested. (The Storyteller is the sea greenish device above.)

A new very exciting project you may take part in:

   Audio Bibles for Sight Impaired Seniors

        How many retirement villages are in your city/town?

        How many of the people living there are able to still read the Bible?

        How many of them cannot afford it to purchase an Audio Bibles for
        themselves? Or do not even know of its existence?

        To get involved in your suburb or town, click here.
Three Distributors to choose from when you order GRN Materials:

Good News Media
  To order now, contact share-call number 0860 26 33 42 locally
or email Laetitia Petersen at
Since April 2013 Good News Media has moved 2 298 GRN or GRN accompanying products
developed by GNM to the value of R85,491.27.
Most of these were sponsorships
sponsored by GNM donors.


Megavoice. Click on the word to order.
Contact: Johan Grobler
Since April 2013 Megavoice has moved 5 646 GRN audio programs and picture materials.
Davar Africa
Contact: Leander Vosloo
During the course of 2013 DAVAR distributed 1,028 free of charge GRN audio programs

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