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This photo was taken in Angola.
Alfeus (left) is the leader there and lives there.
Bede (right) comes from Opuwo and
served as interpreter.
The main aim: to equip church members.

Thank you

We really appreciate your help in obtaining the packs of material for our field workers.  They are excited to begin using them as one of the tools for the Discovery Bible discussions.
Our sincere appreciation to you and those who have sponsored the packs for us. 
Val Kadalie

More thanks

Kindly note that I have received 2 parcels namely: 1× Envoy player from Megavoice, a box with picture books and bag to carry them. I wish you could have seen the excitement in church when I showed them the material.

I am really blessed by the material received. Please do not hesitate to guide me on how to use the material effectively based on your experience.

Pastor Zanele Duba.

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Visiting the Kaokoland again

This time Erik's mission was to
load the Herero New Testament
on his new little AudiBible players.
Eric wrote:
"I had 6 players that could each fit
half the whole new Testament. So
after upload I had 3 full New
Testaments in Herero with me.
Rev Jason Gambue went with as
my guide. I decided to give the
players to Tjise Tjambiru, one of
the spiritual leaders of the Dutch
Reformed church in Ondije. She
and Rev Jason could decide who
should get the players.
"Step by step we explained how
these new little players work, and
she shared with us who she
thought should also get a player:
Uananekua Tjivinda, a Christian
who lives far from there.
"Tjise would take the player to her.
Who should receive the third New
"Tjise's daugter, Mavehitimo
arrived on foot. For the 2nd time in
3 days she had walked 25km, 3-4
hours' walk from Okamanga over
the mountains to Okaokarondunda.
The Lord had shown her in a
dream that we were on our way
"'The coming of God's Word
deserves a feast.' Hirihepura
slaugthered the young goat that
Tjise donated and there and then
we grilled the goat over the open
fire." (Erik van Zyl, Nov 2013)

On the picture Uanyanekwa is
showing Mavekotoka how the
AudiBible player works and how
one uses the rays of the sun to
recharge the player.

Next edition:

Research and Recording –
the main purpose of GRN
Because without up-to-date,
good quality recordings there
can be no effective distribution
through our distributors.
                                                       Spring update           by Dalene Joubert  

Bible Media -
biggest sponsor for GRN audiovisual materials in Southern Africa

Over the past 15 years, Bible Media has grown into the biggest sponsor of GRN evangelism 
materials in Southern Africa. They do this by means of the Good News Media ministry project.

Notes like this one are received from Dr Hennie van Deventer regularly throughout the year:
"Two weeks ago we sent seven AudiBibles  with Good News flipcharts to Kotie and Rina Smit 
in Nacala. This was with a group from Villiersdorp.
"Two sets went with an outreach group from Pietermaritzburg to someone at Espungabera (in 
the Beira-corridor, if I'm correct). They're taking these to a Brazilian woman who works with 
children in that area." 

Other organisations that received sponsored GRN materials this year:

Hands on Africa - 7 sets

Fishers, Trainers & Senders - 40 sets

Kanjanji Children's Project in Zambia - 1 set

Chavuma Mission in Zambia - 11 back packs sponsored, another 10 complete Good News sets 

For the financial year 2013-2014 BM budgeted R80,000 ($8,000) towards subsidising/sponsoring 
GRN audiovisual materials.

GRN says thank you to Good News Media for contributing towards reaching and equipping non-readers 
with our audiovisual Bible teaching materials in South Africa and beyond.

LEFT: Dr Hennie van Deventer, Head of Bible Media Ministries.
RIGHT: Hans Steyn: Responsible for Good News Media's fund raising campaigns

Good News Media is also one of the three acknowledges distributors of GRN
materials in Southern Africa
, particularly catering for buyers in the Western Cape.

Good News Media also developed two unique complementing tools to go with the
GRN picture series:
1) The Good News Backpack (below, left)
2) The Sunday school manuals based on the Look, Listen and Live books 1-8 picture
(below, right).

  To order now, contact share-call number 0860 26 33 42 locally
or email Laetitia at

New Audio Bible set ... a Christmas box for Life
a project in partnership with Megavoice Southern Africa

Player and pictures packaged in alloy container (spiritual food – tinned)

ABOVE: Player and pictures packaged in the solar-powered speaker (pouched)

Invest in someone dear this Christmas.

LANGUAGES: English, Afrikaans, Portuguese, Shona and IsiZulu,

CONTENT:The Story of Jesus (Jesus Film soundtrack)
Good News audiovisual (incl. 40 colour pictures pocket book size)
Look, Listen & Live (audiovisual (incl. 192 colour pictures, pocket book size)
Full Bible

LANGUAGES: SeSotho, SeTswana, XiTsonga, IchiBemba, ChiSena,
Makhuwa and Kimwani

CONTENT: The Story of Jesus (Jesus Film soundtrack)
Look, Listen & Live (audiovisual (incl. 192 colour pictures, pocket book size) or
New Testament

LANGUAGES: Northern Sotho (SiPedi)

CONTENT: Look, Listen & Live (audiovisual (incl. 192 colour pictures, pocket book size)

The Story of Jesus (Jesus Film soundtrack)
Good News audiovisual (incl. 40 colour pictures pocket book size)
Look, Listen & Live (audiovisual (incl. 192 colour pictures, pocket book size)

Good News audiovisual (incl. 40 colour pictures pocket book size)
The Living Christ audiovisual (incl. 120 A4 pictures)
New Testament


CONTENT: Good News audiovisual (incl. 40 colour pictures pocket book size)

  To order, dial 082 653 4783
or send an email to

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