The Message of the Bible to those who cannot read    
                                                                              by Dalene Joubert
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ABOVE - Top: Megan following the text intently as Kwangwa language helper Joffrey reads.
ABOVE - Bottom: Kwangwa language helper Kelvin taking over.

TUMI TIGER winning more hearts
ABOVE: Our new 'field partners' ministering to children in need: Here with Constable Ronel de Kock, Sergeant Elzaan Blankenberg and Sergeant Ronel de Vries from the South African Police Social Crime Department in Mbekweni. Tumi has joined their team now.

BELOW: Constable Ronel de Kock with victims of social crime at her office.

BELOW: Children enjoying Tumi's company and listening to his tiger tales at a hospice in the Eastern suburbs of Cape Town.

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A small team from the Dutch Reformed Church Napier and Riviersonderend visited all the little schools in the northwest of Kaokoland. They were at Ongongo, KM Maunda, Etanga, Otjitanda, Otjinungwa, Onjuva, Ondije, Okandjombo ...
The team shared the message of the Bible through drama and song and left GRN picture books for the teachers to continue the work. They also provided the teachers with Sunday School manuals, printed by Good News Media in Wellington,based on the GRN Look, Listen & Live picture series.
ABOVE: Mrs Kakunaihe Tjiningire, Okandjombo Primary School receiving GRN picture materials to teach the children from field partners Kunene for Christ.

ABOVE:Mrs Tjambiru of Ondije Primary School, Namibia.

ABOVE: Kathy Noland on a short term outreach in Ondangwa, Northern Namibia, July 2016. "The lesson is about to begin. What a privilege to teach these little ones about Jesus."

ABOVE: Kathy: " These two children didn't want to play outside with the others, They preferred to listen to the stories instead."

Important on the Admin side of things

ABOVE: With Tracy Jannasch, Board member and Bookkeeper for GRNSA, preparing the year end financial statements for the auditor.
We also successfully applied for tax exemption at the South African Revenue Services with the help of Turner Conradie Auditors.
This means that donations made to or by GRNSA are exempt from Donations Tax in terms of section 56(1)(h) of the Income Tax Act.
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Michael's third recording trip to Western Zambia

The mission
To record The Living Christ audiovisual program in the Kwangwa (Luyana), Makoma and Shanjo languages. This time Michael's wife, Megan, accompanied him on the trip. She has been showing special interest in the work lately and this would have been a good exposure trip for her.

ABOVE: Recording the Kwangwa with language helper Mendai.

The pressure was on right from the start
The first day after setting up the equipment and doing the necessary sound tests, the Kwangwa team didn't pitch on time due to circumstances beyond their control. The whole work day was lost. The next day (Saturday) they decided to press on till after 8pm to try and catch up. They ended up working throughout the weekend.

Michael and Megan discovered a new app through which the language helper reads the text from an iPad in front of him, but the typography of the text is adjustment/manipulated by Michael or Megan on their laptop as they went along.

They managed to finish the Kwangwa in two long days. By then the Makoma team also hadn't arrived. Same circumstances. Another day was lost and Michael negotiated that they stretch the first work day again, and the next. Everybody agreed that these materials had to be done, so they pressed on.
By now Michael discovered that there was a problem with the limiter on his recorder. Anton Meyer, member of GRN Australia, currently residing in South Africa for a while, was of great help to try identify the problem and give advice on how to work around it. He also emailed important information through to Michael on a few other technical difficulties. Though the problem with the limiter couldn't be fixed on the field. Michael had to cope with that for the duration of the trip.

ABOVE: Makoma language helpers from left to right: Joffrey, Nasilele and Evans.

By the time the Makoma was done, the Shanjo team had arrived and without any delay they started with that. Two days later that program was also done. Our hearts rejoiced.

ABOVE: Shanjo language helpers from left to right: Pastor Enoch, Angela and Miracle.

Despite the delays and set-backs, the commitment of Michael, Megan and the three teams (with Anton's help when needed on the home front) gave rise to the success of this trip. All thanks to the Lord Who sustained everyone and brought Michael and Megan home safely.

The first five Living Christ sets in Fwe and Kwamashi
Michael and Megan also carried 10 sets of The Living Christ hard copy pictures with 5x audio commentaries in Fwe and 5x in Kwamashi (recorded during the May trip) on AudiBible playback devices – the first field testers!
These also served as 'motivators' for the Makoma, Shanjo and Kwangwa as they could picture the results of the previous teams' hard work.

What's next?
Michael might not be able to edit and program these three newly recorded programs. Someone else will have to see this through so that these programs may be distributed early 2016 with the accompanying picture sets.

On the Distribution side
Good News Media indicated that they want to sponsor 100+ sets of The Living Christ pictures and another local donor provided finances for more audio players.

Please pray for the right person to edit and program these recordings.

What's next for Michael?
Michael will be working very hard during the next two months to fine-tune the Fwe and Kwamashi recordings. And then there is the whole Book of Luke in Shanjo which he needs to edit and program.

Need for recordists
During September Michael's full time secondment to GRNSA also comes to an end. Please pray for the Lord's  undertaking as we really need at least two full-time recordists to record the translations in process on the field front during the next two-three years.

From the northern tip of Malawi
The first materials for the Ngonde

Our partnering ministry in Malawi, Fishers, Trainers & Senders, have two workers doing field work in the northern tip of Malawi at present.
The language group: Ngonde, speaking Kyangonde – the language in which Michael recorded the Good News and Look, Listen and Live story sets during November 2015.

Three sponsors made it possible to take 30 medium Proclaimers loaded with these story sets combined with the Nyakusa audio Bible and the accompanying picture books for distribution in the Karonga area. Faith Comes by Hearing loaded the players and shipped them to Malawi for us. This was and still is a real demonstration of organisations working together.

Dallion reported over the weekend: "Things are going well this side. So far we have distributed 12 Proclaimers and 6 sets of Good News and LLL books. We hope to distribute more during Monday and Tuesday, because the place has a lot of churches. We work through the pastors fraternal. So things are working very well."

ABOVE AND BELOW: Dallion in the Karonga district demonstrating how the Proclaimer playback device works and how it should be used with the GRN picture sets.

BELOW: Partly due to the low level of literacy the Biblical knowledge, even among church leaders, is very limited.

Why distribute the Message of the Bible to churches and not straight to only non-believers?
These story sets help
  1. to correct and straighten all the syncretistic beliefs about the Bible,
  2. provides them with the necessary essential information about the Message of the Bible in a more or less chronological form and
  3. empower them to effectively reach out and share what they're learning with people outside the church.
Our best missionaries are our local coworkers whom we equip to share the Gospel with their own people in a relevant way.
Please carry Dallion and Ishmael in your prayers as they make more strategic contacts and equip Ngonde people with these materials. They have to drive far and walk far. Pray for their safety as well as the safety of their loved ones at home.


Deon Snyders in Botswana

ABOVE: Deon Snyders has been a life-long friend of GRNSA. Recently he completed another outreach trip to the northwest of Botswana and Namibia. Deon always carries parcels for GRNSA and Good News Media to strategic partners in the remote areas. This year he transported hard copy picture materials to missionaries who requested picture book sets. He also took hard copy Look, Listen & Live scripts and translated scripts in the Humbukushu language to a partnering ministry who will help us to edit and back-translate the translated scripts.

ABOVE: Church leaders in Botswana receiving Look, Listen & Live picture books & Sunday school materials. Deon believes in equipping the local church. 

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