The message of the Bible to those who cannot read
GRN materials at Bless the Nations Conference, Port Elizabeth

Johan Grobler from Megavoice, primary importer and distributor of GRN picture materials in South Africa, attended the annual Bless the Nations Conference in Port Elizabeth in June.
In the above picture an Iranian girl shows much interest in the picture series.

New stock has arrived and is available on order from Megavoice in Pretoria, from Davar in Pretoria or from Bible Media in Wellington, Western Cape.

The above three organisations all serve as distribution agents for Global Recordings Network in South Africa. Contact details here. For advice and information about languages and countries, contact Dalene at
What do we focus on at the GRN South Africa office?

* Research ... so that we know what we do and why

* Production: writing scripts, making new recordings and upgrading existing recordings, but also to legally source and provide the distributing agents with as much relevant, good quality, Biblical audio content as possible to combo on the different available players.
Our own script and audio titles can also be downloaded from our website.
More about new productions in our Spring Update.
FIELD FEEDBACK: GRN materials working in the Lichinga district of Mozambique

After returning from furlough missionary Frans B. continues to use the GRN audio programs and picture materials. Recently he drove into Mecaulo village to gather the children.
"Got together about 10 children and they listened with much attention to the Creation Story. Most of them have heard the stories from the tape player and picture book before, and they could even answer some of the questions.  They sang the old song, 'Mnungu jwambone' (God is so good) again  and we could see that they remember. After the regular Bible lesson it is always playtime. Sometimes only two children pitch to hear the stories, but every day I go."
FIELD FEEDBACK: It's not always easy ... missionary Brad also wrote from Northern Mozambique

There is an impromptu village called N**** springing up on a short cut through the bush that I use to save time going to the north regions. There are about twenty families farming the area that have built their huts together and one entrepreneurial individual bought a grain mill to make them somewhat self sustaining. Usually when I am passing through, but a couple of weeks ago, I was headed home and as I passed thru the little village I sensed the LORD saying for me to stop and speak to them. At the time, most of the families were sitting under a large tree eating lunch before returning to their farmlands.

I told them I had a large flip chart book with me that illustrated the creation and other interesting stories from the Bible and that I had a radio (mp3 player) that would narrate the stories in their Makhuwa-Meetto language. And when I asked if they would like to see it, they responded with a unified and rude, "NO."

Well, as I passed through the village a couple a days ago, I sensed the LORD saying stop and speak with them.
 I took my helmet and gloves off and removed the flip-chart, mp3, and portable-foldable music stand from my backpack and sat down beside them. Once the chart was on the music stand I pushed play on the MP3 player. As I glanced around at them, they had turned their backs and were ignoring me. A little later they turned slightly and were watching over their shoulder. Then they turned completely around and were watching and listening intently. But then someone came up behind me and started beating a drum. I pretended not to notice and kept right on. Then apparently the drummer got interested because the drumming stopped. At the end of the presentation, one of the men asked where he could get the flip-chart and the mp3. I said, "Did you like it?" They all said, "yes." So I told them that the chart and mp3 were very expensive and hard to get but that I had seven other charts that would complete the story and would they like to see them. When they all asked to see the other stories I told them that I would return the next day. At my arrival the following day they were very glad to see me. And when I made a gospel presentation at the end they all affirmed that they were interested in following Jesus.

I returned again to this village just before dark and preached a message ... they all said they wanted to pray and ask forgiveness from Jesus for their sinful lives, which we did.  I asked them if I could return the next morning early before they went to their farmlands so we could have an Antthara Jesu (followers of Jesus) meeting.  The eight to ten men, about ten teenagers and about forty children that were wanting to meet were not there.  But there was a woman there that informed us that she was the queen of the area and that she had told everyone to go to their farmland and not speak with me anymore ...   Please be in prayer about the situation in this village.
FIELD FEEDBACK: From Deon Snyders, coworker of GRN Southern Africa in Botswana and Venda

Dear Mission friends,
2013 February – March Venda and Botswana outreach.
When planning an outreach, there are always questions like; “how will the people respond” or “Will they except the gospel” (having, for so long, worshiped for father spirits and water spirits) or “will we get permission from the local chiefs” or “who will help to do the follow up after we left”. Always these humanly asked questions. And then we send out a prayer letter and ask for prayers and as the prayers go up before the Lord, it is if everything just falls in place and the people are receptive to the Gospel in spite of years of ancestral spirit believe.
Then there are people that are dedicated to do the follow up to these people groups and help them to grow in Christ. Many times I lack of enough Bibles, audiovisual materials and players, but then God miraculously provides through organizations like Good News Media, distributor of Global Recordings Network evangelism tools in South Africa, the Bible Society, Megavoice, Davar Africa and All Nations Gospel Publishers.

Audio Bibles, Bibles, GRN picture books, reading glasses, tracts and Bible study books.

In Venda all the roads are in very bad conditions with corrugation and potholes. It seems as if they never repair these roads. Every year the roads seems to be in a worse condition – really a test for endurance for a vehicle. But except for a few minor problems, like stone damage to the front screen, head lights wire connections that shook loose, tire damage, broken tire inflating 12 volt pump and a few small problems with the audiovisual equipment, everything went well during the outreach.
We could provide solar-driven players containing GRN audio commentaries along with the accompanying picture charts to be used at Sunday school teaching for the youth.
We also visited the elderly people and let them listen to the same programs to give them more knowledge of God and His love for the people.

In Botswana we targeted the area North West of Borolong, west of Francistown and did the Evangelizing program at the cattle posts and small communities. Previously we planted a church in Jamataka, in the area that we targeted now and this church is growing. We could use people from this church as guides and translators to the cattle posts, deeper into the bushes. Using the church as a central point the people further out can now be part of this church and be baptized after going through the necessary guidance by means of Bible studies.

One day we visited the cattle post called Kgoronyane (Place of Witches), about 18 kilometers into the bushes on a small very bad two track path. The branches scratched the side of the vehicle and we had to go through three rivers and deep holes in the path. It took us one hour to travel the 18 kilometer track to the cattle post. We arranged a week before the time to visit them and they were so exited. As we approached the cattle post we saw that these dark rainy clouds came behind us and as we stopped at the cattle post, about 16h00, it started to rain very heavy for more than two hours. They invited us to stay over because of the rivers that were in flood now and cut us of from going back to the main road.
There were another road but in another direction and about 10 kilometers further from the main road and they advised us to rather take that road because there were only one river to cross. As we were waiting for 22h00 that night, so that the rivers can run lower and we will be able to cross, an elderly women came into the hut and ask us to tell her more about Jesus, as she heard about Him but do not know who he is. We could guide her to accept Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. It was as if the Lord had this special appointment with her to know Him better and help her to receive eternal life. I could give her a player to help her to learn more about Jesus and with the instruction to share what she's heard with others at the cattle post and let them also listen to the AudiBible. With tears in her eyes she accepted the player as well as other books and Gospel materials. How great is our God and how wonderful does He let things happen to expand His Kingdom.

When we left the cattle post at 22h00 we still had to wait at the river, because the water was still to high and dangerous to cross. That night we arrived at our campsite just before 01h00. Tired and dirty and hungry and muscles aching, but we could rejoice in the Lord. One soul was saved. Praise the Lord! He had a plan to save that old woman, at the cattle post.
The last part of the outreach was in Mochudi, 35 kilometers north of Gaborone, with Youth for Christ the international mission organization. We also focused on the small communities around the area of Mochudi. Some of those roads are a disaster experience for any type of vehicle. We deflated the tires for a better grip on the roads as they were more in the air bumping over the corrugation and potholes and uneven road service than on the road. The youth responded so well in receiving the Gospel and they will be followed up by the Youth for Christ team.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. In spite of some difficulties and smaller break downs and equipment that had to be replaced and long roads to be traveled, we could finish this “race”.
I want to ask you for continues prayer for those whom we could reach with the Gospel of Christ. That the Holy Spirit will be the after preacher to help these people to continue their life on earth with Jesus as their guide in their everyday struggles.
Thank you for all the different contributions that are helping me to continue with this never ending command of Matthew 28:18-20, to go out and preach and teach until the end of earth. May you be blessed abundantly for what you are doing to help to expand the Kingdom of God, here on earth.

During this outreach we could reach 7,660 people with the Gospel. Those who indicated that they want to receive Christ as their personal Savior were 2,038. We could pray for 718 people with personal needs, problems and sicknesses. Many tracts, books, Bibles, players, GRN picture books, teaching materials and DVDs with the Jesus film in the local languages could be handed out and trusted to people who will use it in teaching and helping others to know more about the wonderful love of Christ and the road to Eternal life with Him.
Without you, my dear friends in Christ and your wonderful support, this letter of rapport back, could not be written. You are part of “Bringing in the harvest”!! Glory to God!
Greetings and Peace. Deon.

You may support Deon's project in corporation with Global Recordings Network.
This will enable us to sponsor or subsidise more Good News and Look, Listen & Live picture books to Deon, together with the audio programs on some AudiBible and Envoy solar-driven players, especially for the non-reading communities in Botswana and Venda.
Reference: Botswana / Venda

To make up 1 complete GRN evangelism set in Tswana or Venda:

1 x player loaded with necessary audio programs R240
1 x plastic carry bag R22
1 x set of Good News and LLL 1-8 flipcharts 50 x 9 = R450
Postage R48
TOTAL R760 ($85)

Over the next 12 months Deon could equip another 20-30 people to reach out to others in their villages rather effectively.

Deon pays follow-up visits to monitor the use of these evangelism sets.
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Download Gospel messages here – in the language of your choice
New stock has arrived in South Africa.
Contact the GRN agent/distributor closest to you.
Kunene for Christ also recently loaded the New Testament for evangelist Tjise on her two GRN Saber players in the Herero language.
Pray for these faithful field coworkers who partners with GRN to deliver the Message of the Gospel to people in remote areas.
Alfeus and Bede in Opuwo, Namibia, being trained by Kunene for Christ as facilitators, using GRN picture materials and audio with Davar's AudiBible players in the field. — in Opuwo, Kunene. (Photo sent in by Wilma Schoeman.)
Download your favourate GRN audio to your cell phone.
Global Recordings Network (GRN) in South Africa commits to equipping  outreach teams, organisations and individual christian workers with evangelistic and discipleship material in the mother tongue of the target group.
We developed a technique that allows the message to be accurately communicated into languages that are still unwritten. Our passion is to work where there are no translated Scriptures and no viable local Church. We try offer the Gospel in story format, which is culturally appropriate and suitable for oral learners.
Deon Snyders
ABOVE:GRN material – Training Sunday school teachers and reading Glasses clinic
"During the outreach we stayed in a small village called Mulima. From there we reached out to the surrounding smaller villages, between 20 minutes to one hour drive away.
Open air evangelism
GRN picture materials for the equipping of trained evangelists.
"As we were waiting for 22h00 that night, so that the rivers can run lower and we will be able to cross, an elderly women came into the hut and ask us to tell her more about Jesus, as she heard about Him but do not know who he is. We could guide her to accept Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. It was as if the Lord had this special appointment with her to know Him better and help her to receive eternal life. I could give her a player to help her to learn more about Jesus and with the instruction to share what she's heard with others at the cattle post and let them also listen to the AudiBible. With tears in her eyes she accepted the player as well as other books and Gospel materials."
"Pastor Uaherura receiving her AudioBible player. After she got saved during an outreach far away in the bush she kind of discipled herself by using first the Messenger hand-wind cassette players and then later the Saber player and now she is upgrading to the AudioBible loaded with Otjiherero teachings, Jesus film, etc." (Pieter de Villiers, Opuwo)
Mouth-painting artist Martin Sodoms recently started to do Bible study using an AudiBible in English after Dalene Joubert from GRN had audio Bibles on display at an Christian Arts Festival. Here is Martin's story:

"I was born, April 20th 1974 in Voëlklip, Hermanus.

"Boxing Day; 1996, during a visit to my family, I broke my neck in a diving accident. I was later told that I broke my 5th and 6th vertebrae’s and permanently injured my spinal cord.

"Nine months after my rehabilitation I was introduced to mouth-painting by Martie Westraadt. I applied and was accepted as a student with the Mouth and Foot Painters Association of Switzerland, September 2000.

"As a member of the QuadPara Association of South Africa, my work gets exhibited annually, along with other accomplished mouth and foot painting artists.
Since I started painting my work was widely reported on.

"As for my accident, I don't have any regrets; I live a more fulfilled and accomplished life. I'm a proud father too a beautiful teenage daughter. I try and live positively not just for myself, but for my family and people whom I come in contact with. I love sports and is an accomplished blow dart player. A huge South African sports and Blue Bulls Rugby supporter.

"Life is too short to dwell in the past. God gave me a second chance and I intend on spending it with peace and love in my heart.
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