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GRN picture materials
being used in Malawi


Mrs Martha Amili

"I have known Christ through this audio Bible player. My family background is muslim. Now I've joined the Fishers of Men Christian Church."

Mr James Makala

"These audio Bibles help us to understand the Word of God. We use this in Bible study groups, and we have seen that many people are joining the groupWe allow people to borrow and listen in their homes and we receive good reports from them. In our group we have people who are illiterate, but with the audio we are in the same level, we listen together and contribute to the group."

Mr Precious Bisket (primary school Teacher)

"Many children are coming to joining Sunday school. Being a teacher it will be easy for me to teach in my Bible club, and with the picture because now see some of the people whom they were just here their name."

ABOVE: GRN at Skogheim where SIM (Serving in Mission) had their Spiritual Life Conference 2014

BELOW: GRN and MegaVoice at Bless the Nations Conference 2014 in Port Elizabeth. Johan Grobler from Megavoice represented GRNSA at this event.

Projek vir swaksiendes - eerste terugvoer

"Baie, baie dankie vir die oudio Bybeltjies. Dit word met groot vrug gebruik. Ek heg foto’s aan van twee van die gebruikers. Toe ek die een vir my ma geleen het, het sy die volgende gesê; 'Ek het so hard vir die Here gebid dat Hy tog nie my oë verder moet laat verswak nie, dat ek net in staat sal wees om my Bybel te lees. Hier verhoor Hy nou my gebede op ’n manier wat ek glad nie verwag het nie. Baie dankie aan die mense wat dit  moontlik gemaak het.'
(Mev HA Wessels)"


Hands on Africa using GRN materials

Charl du Plessis from Hands on Africa sent in the above photo of youngsters using the GRN picture materials outside Kimberley in the Northern Cape Province.
                                                       Winter Update          by Dalene Joubert  

Production work gains momentum in Namibia

A week and a few days after Michael Ropp arrived in Cape Town, he and I set off to Namibia. This was meant to be a
follow-up trip to Tsumkwe, in Bushmanland, firstly to test previous recordings that Dalene recorded on her previous trip.
And secondly to record more Bible stories in JU/'HOAN.
Three Ju/'hoasi mother tongue speakers served as the main script editors and back-translators.
ABOVE: Liviet, Frederik and Besa, the three back-  ABOVE: Michael loading the
translators and script editors.

Only one recording from the previous trip was finally approved to be field-ready. It was the pre-translated Bible stories from
Matthew, Mark and Luke compiled in a booklet called Good News for New Readers
. This program was loaded on 50
sponsored Megavoice Storyteller players, now being distributed to 30+ villages.

A second set of Bible stories previously recorded from another Good News for New Readers booklet in the same series, had
to be re-recorded. Three scripts, including the GRN audiovisual program Good News,  had been pre-translated, but two were
no good, because since translated the orthography has changed three times. So, working from these old scripts slowed us
down quite a bit. Everything had to be edited again. We ended up abandoning the GRN Good News pre-translated script al-
together and used the mouth-to-mouth direct oral translation method, with three back-translators listening back and back-
translating after the recording was done.

For several Biblical terms, the Ju/'hoasi do not have words in their mother tongue. On the spot oral translations are always
risky if not back-translated and checked carefully afterwards.
Some of these phrases were translated wrong the first time and had to be discussed: word for 'creation', demigods (other gods), 
the angel appeared to Joseph in a dream, the word for 'worship', disciples, word for sin has to be checked, word for 'amazed',
'persecute' had to be explained, word for the soldiers 'mocked' Jesus. They have no word for 'tomb', 'hope', 'vine', 'obedience' .
'I am the Vine and you are the branches' had to be changed to 'I am the Marula Tree and you are the branches'. .
And as an after-thought: In the culture it is the wise man that walks on a wide road and a fool who walks on a narrow road in the
bushes where there are snakes and all kinds of evil. The metaphor had to be explained.

ABOVE LEFT: In the left of the picture Gerrie       ABOVE RIGHT: Gerrie
is directly translating into JU/'HOAN from what                    
Dalene Joubert reads in the AFRIKAANS Bybel vir

We succeeded in back-translating and checking Genesis 1-3, re-recording some mistakes, and recording Genesis 4 and 5.
The previous recording of 1 John 3-5 had to be discussed and re-recorded, and after that we were able to record the whole
of 1 John.


Since we were in the close vacinity of the !Kung and the Khwe people,
I reworked versions of our older, existing recordings, before the trip and
Michael loaded these on 14 different players for field-testing with the
accompanying flipchart books.

LEFT: Hendrik van Zyl demonstrating to Petrus, a local
pastor, how the audio Bible lessons can be played back
on the Storyteller.

Kaokoland outreach

End of June the Dutch Reformed Churches Napier and Riviersonderend visited the Kaokoland in Namibia. Apart from plastering
the inside of the church building at Ondije, Rev Kobus (right in the picture below) also handed out soccer balls and Look& Listen
picture books with the Look, Listen & Live Sunday school manuals and showed everyone how to use these tools.


  A remote Mozambican village

  N*h#&h* village is where the chief's daughter stopped missionary  Brad Sawyer
 a few months back and said, "I am the queen here and there will not be a Christian
 church here.” But last time Brad wrote, he said:

 "When I first went to N*c#&m*, the chief wasn't very friendly at first  and I could tell
 something was up. But after he saw all 8 of the Look,  Listen and Live books and
 we had visited many days, he told me  that the chief of N*h#&h* was his younger
 brother who had warned  him about a white guy named Bama (what they call me
 here) who was robbing graves and stealing children and a host of other lies.
 The chief then said that he didn't believe those things anymore and that I was
 always welcome in N*c#&m*."

 Please pray for the people in these two remote villages, that they  will accept the
 Lord Jesus as their Saviour.

A new very exciting project you may take part in:

   Audio Bibles for Sight Impaired Seniors

        How many retirement villages are in your city/town?

        How many of the people living there are able to still read the Bible?

        How many of them cannot afford it to purchase an Audio Bibles for
        themselves? Or do not even know of its existence?

        To get involved in your suburb or town, click here.
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