The Message of the Bible to those who cannot read.
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Michael recording in Mongu, Western Zambia.

The Fwe translation consultant, Jim Clarke, first checking the script with the team before recording could start.

Michael working with the Fwe team: Innocent and Orbet next to hom. Behind the microphone is Cosmas. 

Michael recording the Kwamashi language with Lawrence.

Recording the Kwangwa with Mendai is recording, Jeffrey (on the right in the back) and Mukumbo (in the middle) is sitting in listening with Wolf Seiler, the translation consultant.

A little boy in Botswana has received this sponsored soft toy from Megavoice. Inside the play tiger is a Storyteller player with a GRN Good News program loaded – together with some other Bible stories. In this picture the boy pages through the Good News booklet showing the Gospel story in 40 pictures. The commentary on the pictures were pre-loaded in his mother tongue, in this case, Setswana.
GRNSA , together with Home of Creativity, has now developed a tailor-made script to go with the toy tiger.
You may read more about this project and pray with us as it unfolds – another wonderful team effort by Wildlife Storytellers, Megavoice and GRN.
These GRN pockets books, Envoy and Storyteller players were recently sent to South Sudan. Please pray as our coworkers continue to share the Good News in this country, sometimes under very difficult circumstances.

This App is available through Android and iPhone. Scan this QR Code and download MP3 and MP4 files straight to your cellphone.


Evangelism Training

in Western Zambia

Over the years I've seen time and time again the importance of training local evangelists to use the GRN audiovisual programs before reaching out to their communities with the gospel message themselves. And this in a monitored, continual basis.
Three weeks ago young men from one of the local assemblies in Chavuma, Zambia, started to receive such basic evangelism training ... How could they reach out with the gospel among their own people? John Leach writes: "The training and equipping was held at our tented camp ‘Ngandu’.
The training started with self-introduction followed by a brief of what's the Biblical definition of a Disciple as well as a Christian. 
"Evangelism and the need to ‘clear’ the framework of existing beliefs in an unsaved person before introducing Christ was discussed.
"This was followed by the ‘Eetaw’ video illustrating the importance and process of chronological teaching of Scripture.
"The evening and into the night was spent around the camp fire where we proceeded with our talk: What do you believe? And the importance of unity as one is deployed into the field to evangelise  ... and many more relevant topics.
"The following morning we introduced the GRN evangelism flip charts and accompanying MP3 players manufactured by Megavoice. They could practice using these tools.
After some hours we again got together as a group and discussed the strategy and use of equipment.

"These young men will be completing this intense training over the next two months and will then be deployed with the relevant equipment to the west bank."

People like John are doing invaluable work, investing time and effort to equip potential local leaders and evangelists, to continue discipling their own people.

Recordings in 5 Priority 1 Languages

also in Western Zambia

Michael Ropp spent three weeks recently, between the 19th of October till the 11th of November.
This is how Michael summarises the trip:
"I’ve recently returned from a three week trip to Mongu, Zambia.  While there I had the privilege of participating in a workshop that for the past three years has been working towards bringing the gospel to the Fwe, Shanjo, Makoma, Kwangwa and Kwamashi languages for the very first time.  The main focus of the workshop was the translating of the gospel of Luke, but along the way they also translated the entire Living Christ program and some other materials.  The teams were very excited to get the content recorded as well, largely due to the fact that none of these languages had existed in written form before the workshop existed so any speakers that are not bilingual and already able to read in the trade languages that the writing systems were based on would not be able to use the printed materials anyway.
"Our biggest challenge during the recording was trying to find a suitable place and time to record.  The roofs were typically made from tin and none of the buildings were very soundproof so when it rained or nearby schools were let out, or traffic was busy at the compound it was nearly impossible to record.  Despite these complications, the language helpers were very committed to finishing the work and were willing to put in extra working hours whenever they could to get the recordings completed. 
"Because of their flexibility we were able to record the Gospel of Luke and all 120 stories of The Living Christ program in all five languages ahead of the schedule that I had imagined going into the work.  It was a wonderful and fruitful experience working in Mongu and the Lord was very faithful in allowing us to finish all of the recordings that we set out to finish."

These languages all represent First Priority People Groups in terms of having to reach them with the Gospel. This project was a real team effort again with Zambia Project, SIL and GRN joining hands to make it happen.
Please pray for Michael as he has heaps of sound editing to do before he continues to  compile and mix down the programs, and complete the paperwork on everything.

MAIN PHOTO:  Angela reading the Shanjo content as Miracle and Pastor Enoch listen for mistakes.

Consultations in Botswana

at the Centre for Khoe and San Studies

In September this year Dalene Joubert was invited by Dr Peter Vumisa  from Inserv (Institute for Strategic Services) to visit the Centre for Khoe and San Studies in Gaborone with him and colleague Willie Botha.
"I had the privilege of meeting Prof Andy Chabanne who answered all my questions about how the different languages related to one another. The possible need to produce more educational materials, including Biblical teaching programs in these languages, was discussed. I was also introduced to a graduated masters student who is willing to help us in future with:

  • the evaluation of our existing recordings in the different San languages,
  • the gathering of updated language and Khoe and San people group information. This newly gathered information will be carefully documented and returned to GRNSA.
"The above information is needed to verify how useful our existing materials are in these languages. And whether there's a need to produce any more materials in which of these languages.
"Me Gaseboloke Mothowaeng-Motsie and Mr Antony Hiri are currently representing the Khoe and San Centre as we continue to discuss the way forward in the form of a possible new partnership between GRNSA and the Centre for Khoe and San Studies."

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