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Bible story sets and a sponsored Saber player in Chad

The Saber MP3 player in the photo above was generously donated by GRN missionary colleagues in Australia to Pastor Paul van der Merwe of the Full Gospel Church in Cape Town. He recently went to Chad on a missions outreach. The Church in Chad with whom he serves provides theological training for pastors involved in church planting.
The two photos show the associates in Chad receiving the Saber and flip charts and learning to use it.
After his visit, Paul wrote: "A church has been planted in Abeche, eastern Chad, close to the Darfur region. This is a strong Muslim area. Pilgrims traveling from West Africa to Mecca pass through Abeche. This is the first time a church has being planted, by our Associate Church, in this area.
When the pastor, from the church planted in Abeche, heard the Chadian Arabic mp3 track, his eyes lit up and he was most excited. The short demonstration on how to use the device was explained with great animation by our French translator.
We are trusting God for more people to come to the knowledge of Jesus in Abeche, Chad."

Tumi Tiger serving with Hands on Africa

Hands on Africa recently ordered 10 Tumi Tigers in order to deploy two tigers in each of their orphanages in Africa: Malawi, Sierra Leone, Zambia, South Africa and Kenya.
Dr André Delport (right in the picture above ) is very excited about the difference Tumi is making in the lives of the children. Here he demonstrates how the tiger works to a co-worker. Their safe house in Middelburg, South Africa cannot wait for the Tumi chats in Afrikaans to be finished.

There has been a delay with the editing process. We ask everyone to be patient. We aim to finish editing and programming the Afrikaans audio by the end of February.

Tumi encouraging burn victims

She suffers from extensive burns all over her body and her chances of survival were very slim. She is under 7 years of age and due to a domestic accident, the room she was in caught fire and destroyed all their belongings. This fire caused the terrible burns.
With her chances of survival being very slim, she surprised everyone and hung in there until the Hero Burn Foundation arranged for specialised medical care in Cape Town. An ICU aeroplane transported her.

When René Kleyn visited the badly burnt girl,  her heart went out to her and she gave her a Tumi. From that day on this little patient wouldn't let go of Tumi. Her response to Tumi Tiger's chats was so encouraging to René that she suggested giving a Tumi to every child in the ward for Christmas.

With the help of local donors we were able to supply the Tumi's with players free of charge to ten other patients in the ward .

We are looking forward to the privilege of being able to shortly give more Tumi's to children who need special care.

We were also able to donate an An Envoy audio Bible, translated into isiZulu, to one of the mothers who's child is currently being treated in hospital - picture below. We trust in God for sensitivity to these opportunities.

For more info about the Tumi Tiger for Toddlers Project, click here.

A visit from the GRN International Director

A lot of work has recently gone into scripts: evaluating and re-writing where necessary, .
When GRN's International Director, Graydon Colville, recently visited us, he spent a few days working with our volunteer translation consultant, Emese. They did final revisions of our audiovisual scripts, as scripting is one of Graydon's areas of expertise - above picture.

Graydon also came to see how we go about ministry in this part of the world. He met with our local Board of Directors, and putting his Member Care hat on, he spent some quality time with each of the workers.

Although our ministry legally functions independently as a locally registered non profit company, we form part of the wider GRN family on an operational level. We learn much from them in the specialised areas of our ministry.

Download our Mission Prayer App to receive regular prayer points re our work on your phone at
Download all our audiovisual programs in many different languages – and in the smallest audio format ever – straight to your cellphone. No charge.
Visit this website: or scan the QR code above and download the App. You may now share these programs via Bluetooth with anyone.


Let's pray that God will show us more opportunities where we can share this Good News with those by whom we drive or walk pass in our everyday life.
GRN's evangelism tools make it easy to do that, in the language of the person we rub shoulders with, even if it is for just a moment. And even if we cannot speak his/her heart language.
ABOVE: GRN Picture charts used in every day life, here in Mongu, Western Zambia.
Because where where there's a picture, there's always a story to tell.

Tribute to a wonderful partner

A moment dedicated to Pieter de Villiers

I personally met Pieter for the first time in 2002 when I recorded the Look, Listen & Live Bible story sets in Herero and the Good News program in Otjidhimba. At that time he and the team of youngsters he was training for outreach in Opuwo, Namibia, were using the GRN audio and audiovisual programs extensively.
My first sight of this missionary: Pieter was walking out of the church after he had preached in a service. Tomato sauce was spilled on his forearms and long sleeve shirt and he wore a big wooden cross around his neck. He must have seen the amusement/question mark on my face and smiled broadly explaining: He fixed sachets with tomato sauce under his cuffs specially for the sermon.  When he shared about the crucifixion, he clapped his arms together so the sachets burst open and the tomato sauce spilled out ...

It was clear that Pieter and his wife, Ursula, had a love and passion for the Kaokoland and its people – a love that is not from this world and a passion that can only be understood if one knows something of God's overwhelming compassion and burden to change people's lives.

For almost two decades I witnessed this couple strategically and faithfully visiting settlements and cattle posts,  investing in local people to develop a burden for their own fellow countrymen.

Every few months I would get reports of the Kaokoland Tape Project (started in 1998) and the Good News Namibia team reaching out and teaching people the Good News. New technology came and they adapted, using the newer, solid state audio players.

When the unexpected report came recently that Pieter passed on to eternal glory, I was still working on programs done by his team in Opuwo. A lifetime of choosing the simple life everyday for many years, dedicated to serve others and God's Grace, flashed back before me – a precious life, now rewarded.

May I never forget this example. (Dalene Joubert)

150 sponsored story sets leave for Zambia

In the winter of 2016 our local distribution partners, at Good News Media, in Wellington became aware of the recordings we did in 5 languages, which we had never recorded before.
They offered to sponsor 150 of our Living Christ picture sets.
Another local donor gave the money for 150 solid state audio players and carry bags to protect these evangelism materials when used and carried in the field.

Riaan Ferreira ring bound all the picture sets and loaded all 150 players with the audio commentaries.


In Mid-January Waymakers Ministries transported these sets to Mongu, Western Zambia.

Picture chart books for the deaf

 In our previous newsletter we reported a request that came from Deaf Christian Ministry Africa, in Worcester, for GRN Bible Picture sets to be used by some of their students.

In this picture students Reuben en Bywell receive their sponsored GRN Bible Picture sets. Reuben will be involved in the ministry to the deaf in Ghana. Bywell will be involved in the ministry to the deaf in Zambia.

Mary is an ordained deaf minister in Zimbabwe. She's been using her picture set as youth minister at a school for the deaf in Morgenstêr and also serves the deaf adults in the area.

Please pray with us for our field partners who diligently work to share the Good News – in this case with fellow deaf people.


Follow-up visit to the Kyangonde

 It was during the early winter of 2016 that Dallion Chitekwere, serving with our partnering ministry FTS in Malawi, received the first 30 sponsored Proclaimers to distribute with 30 GRN picture sets and audio commentaries among the Kyangonde-speakers in the north of the country. A few months later, in December, Dallion  undertook a 5 day trip to visit the Chilumba pastors fraternal in Uliwa, 65 km from Karonga in the north of the country.

1. To ensure that churches are trained in the proper use of the Audio Bible devices with the Look, Listen & Live (LLL) teaching programs on them and that they are using the material to best effect.
2. To reach out to people from all walks of life using Audio Bibles with the Bible recorded in their mother tongue (Nyakyusa which is similar to Kyangonde) and the Look, Listen and Live (LLL) in Kyangonde.
Dallion writes: "I thank the Lord that my journey was good and I received a warm welcome by Chilumba Pastors Fraternal. I was encouraged to receive report in the proper way of use of the Proclaimers (audio players) and picture books. The other highlight is that so far there is no report yet concerning the damage of the materials, all the Proclaimers are working fine."

Here follows some feedback from two users of the evangelism materials handed out last year:

Rev.  P.J Mwakiwinga of Z.E.C (Zambezi Evangelical Church): "It is simple for me to present a lesson even to my own  children." (Picture below.)


Rev. Botha of Emmanuel Church (picture on the right above ) testifies that the number of children in Sunday school has increased. He had 5 to 8 children attending the Sunday school and now he has 20. Using the Proclaimer and picture books are attracting many people. But it is not only in Sunday school where the number has increased but even in churches. Since using the Proclaimer and picture books. Rev. Botha has seven branches and in all the branches the number of people has increased.

THUNDUTI 1 42 49
THUNDUTI 2 46 57
TOTAL: 200 252

"There is need for more follow-up so that we can help the churches use Proclaimers and LLL books correctly in their churches and even outside the church.
I'm also waiting for feedback from people I was not able to visit due to the seasonal rains that fell for which we're also thankful.
"Many thanks to the Global Recordings Network for your support materially, in prayer and financially towards our work among the Kyangonde-speaking people."      

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