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Recent GRN sponsorships
to the field

Thank to Good News Media, that sponsored 
roughly R35,000 worth of GRN audiovisual 
materials for the following organisations 
during the past three months:

TEAM Africa
"To see Africa change by the power of God."
TeamAfrica is all about teaching:
Training church-workers and pastors.
But they furthermore assist granny- & child-
headed families in the Valley of 1000 Hills. 

Photo above: Peter Stockholm from 
TEAM Africa

Africa 2 Jesus

The mission operating from Keimoes, South
Africa, was started in 1987 with initial trips
to Botswana and East Africa.

Through guidance from the Holy Spirit, the
mission expanded to a full-time ministry
sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, focusing
on the least reached people groups in
deserted areas where no churches are
currently operating i. e. small villages and
cattle posts.

Photo above: Deon Snyders from


Project Mozambique

Working with the churches of
Mozambique as they seek to serve their
local communities.
Project Mozambique’s
work with the churches is divided into
three main areas:

* Children’s ministry (Sundays schools and
state schools)

* The distribution of Bible stories and
Scripture recordings

* Support for church leaders and their 
congregations (Bible studies, Scriptures and 
other Christian literature)

Photo above: Chris and Camica
Hemborough from Project Mozambique.
Language Center in

The work is headed up by Dr Leoni Bouwer
(see photo above).
Her field of interest and expertise:
Language Ecology, Dialectology, Clusters,
Ethnolinguistic Vitality, Etholinguistic Identity,
Comparative work, Value of qualitative
research, Language Planning.

They are currently busy translating the GRN
Look, Listen & Live 1-8 series
into ten
different languages of Madagascar.
Field feedback from

Long since we heard from Webster Gwanzura
in Zimbabwe

At this year's Women's Conference at
, CAVA had a full table display at the
back of the hall and the ladies were very
enthusiastic in their support.

In Malawi our coworkers celebrated their
10th anniversary of ministry. Congratulations!

Below you can see the whole team:

Above and below: GRN trained recordist
Dallion Chitekwere training and local leaders
to use GRN audiovisual materials.

Next edition:

New horisons & new people:

New recordist to South Africa.
New role for myself ... New
Read more about Michael Ropp,
and how we develop and make
partnerships grow in order to reach
more people sooner.

                                                       Summer update           by Dalene Joubert  

Research and Recording – the main purpose of GRN
From: Windhoek, Namibia To: Grootfontein, Namibia                From: Grootfontein, Namibia To: Tsumkwe, Namibia
Second leg of the trip                          Third leg of the trip

I flew to Windhoek. From there it was a 4 hours + drive to Grootfontein to cover the somewhat 460 kms. 
In Grootfontein the bakkie was being loaded. The 278 kms to Tsumkwe were still waiting.

We arrived late afternoon, unpacked and I started to prepare for the next day ...

Above: Durk Meijer from SEED Company, me behind the 722 recorder and to my left area 
consultant for SIL in Southern Africa: Hessel Visser.
After Durk shared some important facts about stories and story-telling in the morning, I started recording
in the afternoon. 
Firstly in the Ju'/hoan language, we managed to record:

  * Stories from the Bible called: Good News for new readers Books A and B, 2 programs.

  * The GRN Good News audiovisual: we managed to record only the first 10 picture commentaries, 
    because we found that more work needed to be done in the area of text consulting and editing before 
    we could finish it.

  * Genesis 1-3 interpreted from the Afrikaans Bybel vir Almal (Bible for All)
  * John 1-3 from the Bible interpreted from the Afrikaans Bybel vir Almal

  * The story of Farao's Dream in Genesis 41 told as learned
  * The story of Kain and Abel told as learned before
Secondly in the !Kung or !Xun language the following were recorded:
  * The story of Farao's Dream in Genesis 41 told as learned
  * The story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15 told as learned

  * Genesis 1-3 interpreted from the Afrikaans Bybel vir Almal (Bible for All)
  * John 1-3 from the Bible interpreted from the Afrikaans Bybel vir Almal
After the recordings were done, the teams sat together with a neutral person from outside also sitting in to
listen back to some of the recordings done. Especially with the stories told in the 'shoot-from-the-hip' story-
telling method, Hessel played an important part, asking relevant questions to make sure vital elements of
the story content was not left out. (Photo below)

I've sent the recordings back to Hendrik van Zyl in Grootfontein to be field-checked. A few suggestions need 
to be made among the different versions / takes recorded, about which are the best and where technical 
corrections or improvements are needed.
A sample set of the GRN visual materials were sent with Hendrik for people to evaluate these in the light of 
the local need in terms of evangelism materials.

The idea is to make another trip to complete at least the Good News recording and more Bible books 
interpreted from the Afrikaans Bybel vir Almal.

This is a process we've started now of engaging with the local people through the local leadership, serving them 
to the best of our abilities to get the Word out and into peoples' hearts in the most effective way. 

From all of us: Thank you to all the donors out there who donated towards getting these languages recorded, 
especially the Ju'/hoan language.
Behind from left to right: Hendrik, Thomas, Durk,  Leviet, Hessel.
In front from the left: Gerrie, Shotty, Maarten (N!aici, Petrus, Eben.
On the floor: Yours faithfully. 
TESTIMONIES (sent in by recordist Dallion Chitekwere, Lilongwe, Malawi):

  Mrs Mpinga (left) is saying the following:

  "Being a teacher it is easy for me to me a lesson,I add few
  words, because much has already explained in audio.
  are now knowing more bible stories, and the level of under-
  standing is much better, because they hear and see the
  pictures. Many children are coming to joining Sunday


    CHALLENGES (prayer point)

    Many people are not giving their reports

    Missing using of the equipments as you have

    Seen the photograph. They open and try to fix

    the things that they do not have knowledge

    Removing of memory cards from audio bibles

    remains the challenge.


   Mr Domoya Malunje says:
   "These Audiobibles helps us to understand word of God.
We use  this in Bible study groups,
   and we have seen that many people are
joining the group. We allow people to borrow and listen
   in their
homes and we receive good reports from them. In our group we have people who are
   illiterate, but with the audio we are in the same level, we listen together and contribute to the
We group started with 9 people but now we are 37 people.



Good News Media
  To order now, contact share-call number 0860 26 33 42 locally
or email Laetitia Petersen at
Since April 2013 Good News Media has moved 2 298 GRN or GRN accompanying products
developed themselves to the value of R85,491.27. Most of these were sponsorships
sponsored by GNM donors.


Megavoice. Click on the word to order.
Contact: Johan Grobler

Davar Africa
Contact: Leander Vosloo
During the course of 2013 DAVAR distributed 1,028 free of charge GRN audio programs

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