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Which Team is Your Team ?

We all have a favorite hockey team. Is yours in the NHL playoffs? The four biggest Canadian cities got their respective teams into the Stanley Cup playoffs, which means that a LOT of Canadians are happy right now. Good luck to every team out there... and please bring back the Nordiques soon so we can also have fun here in Québec City !

New Product ! - DMC Decals Are Now in Stock

We've been looking for high-quality decals for a while now and we have found that DMC Decals were the best on the market. With quality high-resolution printing, those waterslide decals are perfect for all your car building and painting projects. The sponsor sheets can be used with 1/43, 1/32 and 1/24 cars and the number sheets are best suited for 1/32 cars. We have a wide variety of sponsor decal sheets available and they're all in stock, ready to be shipped. Discover them all !

VERY Limited Edition of the Group 5 Capri from Racer


Following up the John Player Special Special Edition of the Group 5 Ford Capri, Racer Sideways has just released an even more limited edition of this great car. Recently, the North American Racer Championship Race was held in Philadelphia, PA and Racer announced that 200 cars showing the shiny Sunoco colours would be released for that race. Decals and paint for each car were done by hand in Italy, directly at the Racer headquarters. With such a small number of those on the market, they're sure to instantly become collectable items. But there's more: this series has been divided in 6 sub-series of 33 cars each, with different driver names on the roof.

To recognize the contribution of Slot Car Corner and Slot Car Corner Canada on the North American slot car scene, Racer and one of its North American distributors have added our names to the driver lists. The cars we'll have in stock will have my name (
Christian Gingras) on them (see picture) so you'll have a 33-car limited edition in your collection, with the name of a Canadian slot car enthusiast on the roof. Of course, it's up to you to decide if the car is worth more or less with this addition. :-)

With the very low number of cars available, we recommend that you place your pre-order as soon as possible. The suggested retail price is $175 but our own special price is only $155 (just in case you decide it's worth less with my name on it!). Pre-order here.


Bushing Alignment 101

We've had quite a few questions about the setup for our world record breaking 24-hour car. Many of the questions are along the lines of "What's the one thing that made the biggest difference?". An obvious question but not one that is easily answered. Our response generally goes something like: "The one biggest thing is paying attention to a LOT of little things." This may sound like a bit of a smart-ass answer; however, it is very true. Ask any experienced car builder who races competitively and they'll probably agree. The old saying, "The devil is in the details." certainly applies to setting up a slot car.

One example of a little thing is bushing alignment. Many racers never give the rear bushings much thought - snap them in place, maybe a little dab of glue, slide in the axle and secure the various drivetrain components and away you go. Unless the bushings are badly misaligned, the axle (and wheels/tires) will spin; however, it's important to keep in mind that ANY unnecessary friction in the drivetrain WILL adversely affect the cars performance - acceleration, braking and top speed. While aligning bushings may seem like overkill (and it may be for some racers and some types of racing - we're not suggesting every racer has to do this for every car...), it's a great example of one "little thing" that when combined with a bunch of other "little things" can make a big difference.

Aligning bushings is not difficult -
the how-to videos we put together describing the process take longer to view than it actually takes to align a set of bushings once you've done it 2 or 3 times. Take a peek and you can be the judge if bushing alignment is something you want to include in a future build.

Our Bushing Alignment Kits and Parts are available here.
Mr SlotCar Will Soon Release a New Car

After releasing the Mazda 787B some time ago, along with some quality tuning parts, the only Canadian slot car manufacturer will soon release a brand new Nissan R89C, with some pretty innovative parts, like an optional front end suspension that will be fully and independently adjustable (see picture below).

Ernie Mosetti also wrote that many design changes were made compared to the Mazda: single-piece rear wing (still detachable), flexible antennas, body screws will be easier to remove, ligther body (15g instead of 22g), lighter driver figure, higher grip tires, improved motor, etc.

Performance-wise, Mr SlotCar cars were already competing with Slot.It and NSR cars. With those enhancements, they should be even more competitive on the track. As Canadians, it's always nice to see one of our own create great products for our hobby. We'll keep you informed as soon as the new cars/parts come out and we'll have them in stock as fast as we can.

Super Tires® Real-World Results

While any 1/32 slot car tire manufacturer can claim their tires are "best" or "fastest", what really counts is how the tires perform in actual races. Look closely at our competitor's marketing claims and something is noticeably missing - there is no mention of real-world race results in formally organized race events.  Why? Because top 1/32 racers and car builders pick Super Tires® again and again when the rules for these events allow racers to use any manufacturer's tire. Only Super Tires® can back up performance claims with real-world, race proven results! Click the banner below for the impressive list of wins for Super Tires all over the world.

CanAm Proxy Race 2013

In 2008, Van LaPointe from Toronto, also known as Dr Vanski, had a wonderful ideal for a proxy race. Going back 40 to 50 years, the race would feature race cars that competed between 1958 and 1968, in three different categories (GT, GTU and Prototype). Each year, the window would «slide» forward one year, adding and removing cars to the allowed car list.

Known as the Canadian Proxy Race in its first years and running exclusively on Canadian tracks, this proxy race quickly became the best-organized and the one all car builders wanted to participate in (there were 64 registered cars in 2011, after a pre-qualification session). The popularity of the series brought a name change and it became the CanAm Challenge, and tracks from both US and Canada are hosting rounds during a 10-race season (alternating between urethane and silicone tires). Now in its 6th year, the CanAm Proxy Race is still running strong, and the race director is now George Bagley from Atlanta.

The Canadian portion of the race is now in full swing as the cars started their northern trip at the Targa track in Burnaby BC, followed by Little Madonie in Edmonton AB. The cars are now on their way to Cornwall ON where Marek will run them on its famed Autodrome, before they're shipped to Québec City for the only french-speaking stop on the calendar at Circuit du Grand Rocher, at Slot Car Corner Canada's headquarters.

Slot Car Corner Canada is the proud sponsor of the race for the 2013 season and we will host Round 8 next month by welcoming 40 cars from around the world (SCCC's track is the only one that hosted the race each and every year since its introduction). We're also the official scorekeeper and webmaster of the race; that's our way of participating in this wonderful proxy race. Some of our customers have a long experience running in the CanAm Proxy Race and we wish them all the success they deserve until the end of the season.

Will you build a car for the race in 2014 ?!

SCC Candy is Your Ticket to Race Wins

The SCC Candy is now a well-known addition to all our orders and we've seen some racers keeping a reserve for big race nights. By swallowing the recommended dosage before the start, you'll build the momentum needed to win the race, even against the fastest racers in your club. Try it, you'll be amazed at how it can work to your advantage!

If you have ordered from Slot Car Corner Canada before, you know our priority is to provide great service to all our customers. We like to think every one of them is a friend and we do everything we can to make sure you become one. And we'll start by serving your slot racing needs to the best of our knowledge and ability. We like to read your comments and that's why we invite you to join us on Facebook. Don't wait for the newsletter, get the news as they come in!

Slot car racing is a great social hobby! Hang out with friends, have fun and smile. And if you visit our beautiful Québec City, don't hesitate to drop me a note, we might be able to share a cold one around a track and make even more friends. In the meantime, just have fun!

Christian, Slot Car Corner Canada
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