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Si vous parlez français, veuillez pardonner ce courriel en anglais. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter directement si vous voulez être servis en français, nous le ferons avec GRAND plaisir!
The Newsletter Is Back
After a great summer break, the Slot Car Corner Canada monthly newsletter is back and we're going to continue to send all our wonderful customers some useful information about our products and services, along with Canadian slot racing news. As the slot racing season is getting back in full swing, we know you'll spend more and more time inside in the coming colder months and we'll be there to accompany you in your quest for faster, better and more fun to drive cars. Our headquarters here in Québec City have been very busy in the last few weeks, getting lots of new products into our inventory, ready to be shipped. Have fun!

Paul Gage Tires Are Here

We're very happy to announce that Slot Car Corner Canada has added urethane tires from Paul Gage to its product inventory. Paul Gage, a proud Winnipeg resident, is well known in the slot car community for its very popular urethane tires. In the last few years, he perfected his product, simplified the sizing (as much as he could with hundreds of different wheels out there!) and has created a very loyal customer base for himself.

At Slot Car Corner Canada, we believe in offering great products to our customers. In addition to being made in Canada, Paul Gage urethane tires are a great complement to our Yellow Dog Super Tires, which will continue to be available.

PG Tires are available at $4/pair and we have all available sizes in stock. Of course, we'll adjust to your needs as we go along and if everything goes according to plan, we'll also carry the XPG variety soon.

To help you choose the right size of Paul Gage tires that go with our CB Design wheels, we've added them to our very informative and useful Wheel-Tire Chart.
You can download it here (in PDF format).

Goodwood Festival of Speed - We Were There

The Slot Car Corner crew, along with some very good slot racing friends, went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed last July and experienced an event like no other. If you like racing, race cars and anything motor-related, you absolutely have to go this event at least once in your lifetime. Add this one to your bucket list immediately. The sheer size of the Festival of Speed cannot be translated into words. It's sensory overload all over the place.

Until you go see for yourself, we want to share 
our pictures of the event with you. Many of the cars we were able to see, touch and hear have been reproduced in 1/32 scale for our tracks and it was an amazing experience to see them come alive on the hillclimb. We had litterally thousands of pictures to sort through when we came back. We made a selection for you and we hope you'll enjoy them.

Wera Tools

In addition to its own very nice series of toolsSlot Car Corner Canada also carries a selection of high-quality Wera Tools that are perfect for many 1/32 slot car applications. All Wera tools feature ergonomic handles, rotating caps and hardened steel tips, at more affordable prices.

DMC Decals

High-quality DMC Decals are probably the best on the market. With quality high-resolution printing, those waterslide decals are perfect for all your car building and painting projects. The sponsor sheets can be used with 1/43, 1/32 and 1/24 cars and the number sheets are best suited for 1/32 cars. We have a wide variety of sponsor decal sheets available and they're all in stock, ready to be shipped. Discover them all !

Our Slot.It Inventory : Always More

Slot Car Corner Canada is THE place to shop in Canada for Slot.It cars and parts. We used the summer months to increase our inventory again in variety and quantity. More gears in stock, more cars in stock, more motors, wheel inserts, tires, body kits, chassis, motor mounts, axles and everything else.

We recently got some brand new pinions for those smaller 1.5mm motor shafts found in recent F1 cars from Scalextric and all other cars that use the Slim Long Can motors. Some of our own M/T Racing motors also use this smaller motor shaft. The 1.5mm pinions from Mr Slotcar are also more popular than ever. Browse through our inventory and start building cars that are better, faster and most of all more fun to drive!

New Cars in Stock    

Here's a list of all the new cars we got (new and back in stock after a while) since the last newsletter was sent out. Maybe you missed some of them (because you have not subscribed to our Facebook page!), maybe you have to prepare a new class of cars in time for your next slot car season. Or maybe you just want to run one of those beauties on your track,  just for fun. Whatever the reason, they're all waiting for you !

From Slot.It :
From FlySlot :
From SRC (Slot Racing Company) :
From Racer Sideways (Group 5 Cars) :

Proxy Racing
«Proxy Racing» is getting more and more attention these days, for good reasons. For those of you who don't really know what it's all about, here's some information about those proxy races.

First of all, proxy racing is all about tuning and building cars. Those cars are then driven by a variety of drivers on a variety of tracks, usually for a fixed amount of time on each track. The car that travelled the longest total distance after all those rounds is crowned as the winner of the proxy race. That's an overly simplified way of describing proxy racing but that's all there is to it.

Proxy Cars
Participants have a fixed set of rules to go by and they build and/or tune a car for this particular race. Then, before the race begins, they ship their cars to the organizer of the race, who then makes sure the cars are "legal" before sending them to the first host.

Proxy Hosts

A host is someone who gets to run all the participating cars on his track. For most proxy races, a minimum running time is mandatory for each car. This time is divided by the number of lanes and the car rotates to each lane, giving each car equal treatment. Of course, part of the fun of hosting is having slot racing friends to drive the cars and have a real race. The total number of laps is then recorded for each car and is usually multiplied by the length of the track to get a total distance travelled for each car for this particular round.

The cars are then shipped to the next host, who does the same thing (usually, with different results!) and after a pre-determined number of rounds, cumulative totals for each car are used to declare a winner. The variety of tracks usually makes for interesting results as some cars are better on technical tracks and others excel on faster tracks. The track surfaces and the tire compounds also play a role in the results on each track. Most proxy races have a mandatory tire compound, to make racing closer.

Proxy Benefits
For a lot of slot racing enthusiasts who don't have the opportunity to have club racing nearby, proxy racing is the only way to compete against other real racers, instead of just going against the clock at home. Participating in proxy races also WILL make you a better car tuner. By looking at what other participants are doing, and how they're doing it, you'll surely learn new tuning tricks. Also, knowing your car is traveling all over the continent, and even the world, will surely make you smile. Anticipating the results is part of the fun, seeing your car going up (or down!) the cumulative standings after each round and trying to understand why.

If your track is up to the task, hosting a proxy race round is also a great way to learn and have fun at the same time. Driving all those cars, built by different racers with a variety of parts and techniques, is a wonderful learning experience. When a proxy car is very good, you can take a peek inside to see what makes it go fast and then apply the same tricks to your next proxy car.

Proxy Races
There are a lot of proxy races out there. Most of them have a home on the Slot Car Illustrated forums and you can read the particular rules of each race to see which ones would be the most fun for you to participate in. Are you into fast and modern cars? Are you more of a classic kind of guy? Or maybe you prefer a proxy where only cars and parts are allowed? It's your choice. If you haven't participated yet in a proxy race, make it a goal to do it before the end of the year. You won't regret it.
Made in Canada

We're located in Canada and we should be proud that many of the products that are sold on our website are made and/or designed in Canada. Slot Car Corner Canada has even been instrumental in a lot of those products. To make them more visible, we've created a new special section if you want to show your support for Canadian slot racing products.

Exchange Rate and Shipping Costs

Most of the products we offer are bought from US distributors in US dollars and they are shipped across the border by the United States Postal Service (USPS). For the last two years, the exchange rate was around parity and we have been selling Racer and cars and parts at the same price as they are sold in the US (even if the banks are always adding a 3% charge on the exchange rate).

Unfortunately, the Canadian dollar has taken a 5¢ dive last Spring and it looks like it may stay there for a while, even going down some more. Furthermore, since January 2013, USPS has doubled its shipping rates to Canada (almost tripled in some cases) and we've been absorbing those new rates since, cutting down more and more on our already low margins.

Since our dollar looks like it has no intention of getting back up to parity, Slot Car Corner Canada has no choice but to adjust its pricing accordingly to be able to continue offering you superior products and service. We thank you for your understanding !

Join us on Facebook  

If you have a Facebook account (who doesn't?!) and you have not joined our page yet, you should do so right away. You'll get all the news as they happen. New cars, new items in stock, store news, special promotions, etc. Why wait for the newsletter every month when you can get the information as it comes out?

The CanAm Proxy Race

Slot Car Corner and Slot Car Corner Canada are proud to be the main sponsor of the CanAm Proxy Race, without a doubt one of the most popular and well-organized proxy races out there. We're also the official scorekeeper and webmaster of the race.

The 2013 race just ended and the winners (and most participants) got some real nice prizes from Slot Car Corner Canada and other sponsors. Preparation for the 2014 edition is now in full swing as tuners all over the world are building their cars in time for the first round. With 5 races in the US and 5 races in Canada, we think that every Canadian slot car enthusiast should participate. We'll have a car entered in the competition. Will you?

SCC Candy is Your Ticket to Race Wins

The SCC Candy is now a well-known addition to all our orders and we've seen some racers keeping some bags in storage for big race nights. By swallowing the recommended dosage before the start, you'll build the momentum needed to win the race, even against the fastest racers in your club. Try it, you'll be amazed at how it can work to your advantage!

If you have ordered from Slot Car Corner Canada before, you know our priority is to provide great service to all our customers. We like to think every one of them is a friend and we do everything we can to make sure you become one. And we'll start by serving your slot racing needs to the best of our knowledge and ability. We like to read your comments and that's why we invite you to join us on Facebook. Don't wait for the newsletter, get the news as they come in!

Slot car racing is a great social hobby! Hang out with friends, have fun and smile. And if you visit our beautiful Québec City, don't hesitate to drop me a note, we might be able to share a cold one around a track and make even more friends. In the meantime, just have fun!

Christian, Slot Car Corner Canada
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