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A New World Record for Team Slot Car Corner !


A week ago, the Slot Car Corner Racing Team was in Michigan for the 3rd Annual Michigan 24 race, trying to write its name on the trophy for the third time in a row. Hosted by our good friends at Clover Leaf Racing, the 2013 race was the scene of a new world record for hard-bodied 1/32 scale slot cars. Our car was able to cover 433.65 km (269.46 miles) in a 24-hour race, 0.3 miles more than the previous record held by a team from Czech Republic. The race was run on a non-magnetic track, with non-magnetic cars. The only traction was coming from the silicone Super Tires that all teams were using, even if they were not mandatory.

Members of the team were Steve Sawtelle and Mike Chiocchio (CT), Dickie Pearson (NH), Georges Hamel and Christian Gingras (QC). Each driver specialized in driving a specific lane on the 5-lane track in Fenton MI. The race was divided in 30 heats of 48 minutes each (with 90 seconds between each heat), with a series of heats in the dark, to simulate night racing.


Other teams were Team Clover Leaf Racing, Detroit Dum Dums, Cincinnati Slot Rods and Team Can-Am and everyone had a lot of fun, even if a 24-hour race is always a gruelling event for everyone involved. The record was broken with just over 3 minutes to go, with a car that was almost as fast as it was at the beginning of the race. You can see what a 24-hour race looks and feels like in the video report below.

The Car That Broke the World Record

To break a 24-hour world record, consistent driving is essential. But having a great car is even more important - it must be quick, easy-to-drive and reliable. Our own Mike Chiocchio ("Smokeio") prepared several cars for this event, including Slot.It Nissan's, Racer Daytona Prototype's, NSR Mosler's and the race winning cars from the two previous Michigan 24 events. After extensive testing and practice on Friday, the decision was made to go with a NSR Mosler. Here is a list of the parts that were used to build this record-breaking car - most of them can be purchased at Slot Car Corner Canada to help you replicate this car for your track (use the links to learn more about these parts).

Chassis: NSR Evo3 (lightweight)
Pinion: NSR 6.5mm
Spur Gear: 18mm
Motor Pod: NSR Sidewinder (hard)
Motor: Scaleauto 20k Blue
Axles: 54mm
Guide: Sloting Plus
Rear Tires: Super Tires Classic 2112RC - While not mandated, Super Tires were the tire of choice for all 5 teams participating in the event. This marks the fourth 24 Hour Endurance Race in 4 years (2010 Chicago 24, 2011 Michigan 24, 2012 Michigan 24, 2013 Michigan 24) where the winning car has used Super Tires.
Rear Wheels: CB Design 5-Spoke Racing 15x11 - High performance lightweight versions of our popular 5-spoke design which are still strong enough to withstand the rigors of endurance racing.
Front Tires: Super Tires Yellow Dog 1402RY
Front Wheels: CB Design 5-Spoke Racing 15x8
Tire Glue: IC2000 - Provides a strong yet flexible bond and ensures there is no tire distortion even at very high speeds.
Braid: SCC Racing Copper Braid - Flexible copper braid allows precise adjustment yet is durable enough to last the entire 24 hour event without replacement.
Lead Wire: SCC Hi-Flex Motor Wire - High strand copper wire with a thin, flexible silicone jacket ensures no interference with the front of the car body near the guide flag.
Bushings: SCC Racing - Counterbored to reduce friction.
SCC Front Axle Mounts and Oval Set Screws - Allow the front axle/wheel height to be adjusted very precisely.
SCC Axle Spacers - Allow precise adjustment of spur gear and wheels/tires.
SCC Motor Pod Kit - Ensures the screws securing the motor pod to the chassis do not loosen or fall out over the course of the 24 hour event.
SCC Super Lube Grease - Provides superior lubrication under the most demanding race conditions.
SCC Super Lube Oil - Provides superior lubrication under the most demanding race conditions.

We use what we sell and we sell what we use! Race-proven and tested.
Slot Car Corner and Slot Car Corner Canada use events like the Michigan 24 to develop, test and improve their own line of innovative high-quality 1/32 slot car parts which excel in the most demanding race conditions. Try our products and see the difference for yourself!!

Until the end of the month, to celebrate this world record with us, use the coupon code WR2013 at checkout and you will receive a 10% discount on SCC Tuning Parts and 5-Spoke Racing Wheels.

Racer Sideways Group 5 - Porsche 935/78

The latest addition to the wildly popular Group 5 series from Racer Sideways is the Porsche 935/78. In a mostly white Martini livery with striking red/orange wheels, it will be the envy of your fellow racers. And with parts underneath, you can be sure it will also be fast and easy to tune the way you like it.

It includes a Flat6 yellow motor in an anglewinder pod, giving you good magnetic attraction on magnetic tracks and great handling on all surfaces. Available now!

To transform an OK-running car into a great-running car, changing the rear axle is often the first step. With good round wheels, tight bushings, a straight axle and nice gears, you will really feel the difference. Of course, you can opt to buy the parts individually to get exactly what you need. But in some cases, you would be better off using an Axle Kit from Available in 9 different combinations (sidewinder and inline), they include wheels, bushings, axle, crown or spur gear and needed set screws. From $12 to $22, those kits are a great bargain compared to individual parts.

You can also change the motor configuration of an existing car (or any other brand using compatible motor pods) pretty easily by using the Conversion Kits. Available in 5 different combinations (sidewinder and anglewinder), they include the motor pod, the spur gear, the pinion, axle stop (if needed) and all the necessary screws. For $17 or $18, they're also a great buy.
New Line of Tools

In addition to our collection of high-quality tools with metallic handles and replaceable tips, we now also offer a more affordable series of tools. Wera tools are perfect for many 1/32 slot car applications. They all feature ergonomic handles, rotating caps and hardened steel tips and are available at affordable prices.

This series also includes what we call a «Motor Removal Tool», perfect for prying out a motor from a chassis and/or to push an eyelet into the guide, which is not always easy, as most slot racers are already aware of.

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Discover our «New Items» Section

We are always adding products to our inventory (cars, tuning parts, accessories, etc.) and it's not always easy to locate them, as they're scattered across different product categories. To make things easier, just go to the new section on our website called (surprisingly!) New Items. Each time you visit our website, be sure to check out this section and use the «Sort by Newest Items» in the upper right corner to see the latest additions to our inventory.

We also have a Pre-Orders section, for all those «not-out-yet» cars that you just can't miss when they will be released. No need to pay now, just place your order to tell us you want to get on the list.


Slot.It 2013 Release Schedule

Slot.It has made public their release schedule for 2013. Each month, if all goes according to plan, we'll see two new cars from Slot.It. And there are some very nice ones in the list. July and August will be particularly popular with the release of the Le Mans 1998 winning car, the Mobil-sponsored Porsche GT1 EVO, and of the first McLaren M8D from Slot.It.

We've published the complete release schedule on our website and you can also pre-order each and everyone of those cars to make sure you get yours. Some of the most recent car releases were all pre-sold and we couldn't keep some in stock for customers who hadn't pre-ordered. Don't take the chance to miss out. Remember that there's no need to pay upfront when you're pre-ordering, we just want to be able to order enough cars for everyone.

You can also see the official Slot.It 2013 brochure from their website.

New Truck from FlySlot

If you're looking to add a truck to your collection (trust us, they can be a LOT of fun to drive!), FlySlot has recently released a gorgeous black MAN TR1400 truck that ran at the FIA championship race in Istanbul in 2012 (sponsored by MAD CROC). We also have in stock a good selection of other cars and trucks from FlySlot.

All cars are discounted from the suggested retail price and don't forget that with each purchase of $100 or more, shipping is free across Canada.


Slot Car Corner Canada is all about having the most fun while participating in this wonderful hobby of ours. Clubs can add a lot to your fun and real friendships become a part of the hobby, often more than the racing is. Why not meet some of those clubs that race across our great country? Send us your story.

This month, we're moving on to Ontario to see how the guys in Toronto are doing...

SS32 in Toronto

Starting out as a small group of home track racers in the suburbs of Toronto, the SS32 has grown to include 6 routed tracks and 17 members. The club meets weekly to race 9 different classes:  F1 from the 50s, 60s, and current times, CanAm, Trans Am, Group C, Vintage Sportscars from the 50s/60s, Classic LeMans (Fly Classics), and Modern LeMans GT/LMP.  The club races 3 of the 9 classes every week.  Modifications range from stock to scratchbuilt chassis, aftermarket parts and a spec urethane tire. The SS32 also uses a spec motor for several classes. For the slower machines, a selection of NC1 type motors are used which along with the spec tires keeps the racing very close.

The SS32 also hosts specialty events throughout the year:  Fly Trucks, late 60s F1, 70s F1 and endurance races for Vintage Sportscars, Fly Classics, and Group C.  The Group C event takes place under varied lighting conditions with a round of heats taking place at ‘night’.   The varied classes and tracks within the SS32 are a hit amongst its members and make for a varied race schedule throughout the year.

(Thanks to Van LaPointe for this contribution. It's now your turn to tell us about your slot racing club.)

Taste and Drive

Our SCC Candy is now a well-known addition to all our orders and we've heard that some of you are keeping it in their slot box to be sure they have a reserve for the big race night. Even if studies show that it can improve your driving skills by 5.7%, please make sure to not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Consider yourself warned! :-)

If you have ordered from Slot Car Corner Canada before, you know our priority is to provide great service to all our customers. We like to think every one of them is a friend and we do everything we can to make sure you become one. And we'll start by serving your slot racing needs to the best of our knowledge and ability. We like to read your comments and that's why we invite you to join us on Facebook. Don't wait for the newsletter, get the news as they come in!

Slot car racing is a great social hobby! Hang out with friends, have fun and smile. And if you visit our beautiful Québec City, don't hesitate to drop me a note, we might be able to share a cold one around a track and make even more friends. In the meantime, just have fun!

Christian, Slot Car Corner Canada
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