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We offer high-quality products for 1/32 slot racers. Our reputation is built around great service and our customers become our friends. We're passionate about slot car racing and we want to share our enthusiasm with you.

Let's have some serious fun racing toy cars !
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Vacation time with friends and family is an important part of a healthy life.
This is why I'll be out of the country with my lovely wife and some good friends between February 18th and 26th.

All orders placed after 7PM on February 17 will be shipped on February 27. Thank you for your understanding. Sorry for this interruption.

Bob (from Ontario) Gets the Audi R18 e-tron quattro

Will YOU be the one getting this wonderful prize at the end of February?

As a way to reward its most loyal customers, Slot Car Corner Canada already has its SCCC Points Rewards program. For the start of 2017, I decided to do something more and the customer who has spent the most money at SCC Canada in January will soon receive this wonderful Slot.It Special Limited Edition Audi R18 e-tron that won Le Mans in 2013.

(For privacy reasons, I'm not publishing the full names of involved customers. They will recognize themselves.)

The lucky winner is Bob, who has been one of SCC Canada's most loyal customers for a long time. Even though I've never met Bob in person, I consider him as a friend, like so many other customers all across the country. With 12 orders and a total of $1292 spent in January, he barely won the car over Ken (from Manitoba) who spent $1266 spread over 4 orders (yes, that's only a $26 difference!). Bob and Ken both placed an order on the evening of January 31st, hours before the deadline. I didn't think this would play out like this but it was like watching a hockey game decided in the last seconds of the third period. Exciting stuff !

A few other customers spent around $700 in January and were not that far for a while.

For all of you who were hoping to get this car, it's not over yet. All scores went back to zero on February 1st and everyone has a chance to win again. Order totals that high for a month are a rare occurrence, so everyone is still in the game. Start planning your orders for the weeks to come. The winner will be announced in the next newsletter.

Purolator - Replaced by Dicom

Many of you know that Purolator shipping is a great way to get your order fast, wherever you are in Canada. For packages, the rates are almost identical as what Canada Post offers. This is made possible by the fact that I'm using the contract signed with Purolator by my full-time employer to ship those packages, offering you an express shipping option for a very reasonable price.

But that also means that when my employer signs a new contract, I also have to switch. In this context, I'm announcing that starting March 1st, Dicom Express will become the new courier for Slot Car Corner Canada. There will certainly be some hiccups at the start but I'm confident Dicom Express will do a good job of delivering your orders to your door.

The good news that comes with this change is that the cost of shipping will now be the same for everyone. With Purolator, it's currently $10 for Ontario and Québec but $14 for other provinces. Starting March 1st, all Dicom orders will be shipped in all provinces for only $10. Just make sure to use a shipping address where someone can be there during the day for the delivery person.

Of course, Canada Post shipping will still be available for all orders, if you prefer.

Understanding Paul Gage Tires

Despite the logic numbering scheme for Paul Gage Tires, it's still not easy for beginners (and even experienced racers!) to know how to choose the right tire by its model number.

As resellers for Paul Gage tires, we regularly have questions on the fit for Paul Gage tires. That's why I have created a new chart that will hopefully be useful for many of you. It's designed to be simple and graphic. Along with our exclusive Tire Selector and the occasional help from Paul Gage himself, everyone should be able to find the perfect Paul Gage tires for the car or the wheel you want.

Click on the image below to download the PDF version. Print it and keep it near your slot car stuff. This way, you'll always be ready to order Paul Gage tires.

Version française ici.

The «Crocodile» Audi R8 LMP - Only a Few Left

The «Crocodile» Audi R8 LMP from is now in stock and ready to ship. This stunning livery has been perfectly reproduced on this car and the Audi R8 LMP has already proven to be one of the fastest cars in the lineup. You can't go wrong when purchasing this beauty.

The car is already sold out at the manufacturer and the distributor. Once the cars we have now are gone, they won't be coming back. Act fast if you want one.

A Brand New Alpine Renault A310 from Avant Slot

The Alpine Renault A310 from Avant Slot will be a great addition to your collection. The #4 car has participated in the Monte Carlo rally in 1976 and is looking fantastic. It has a long can motor inline configuration, with a standard Avant Slot motor pod.

Motor Adapters from CG SlotCars

We now have in stock the brand new motor adapters from CG SlotCars. They're made to adapt FC130-size short can motors to FK180-size inline or anglewinder motor mounts. A set includes one can end and one endbell end adapter and they're both 3D-printed from tough nylon. It also includes removable stabilizing tabs for anglewinder motor pod.

Carrera DTM Tuning - Home Racing World

Home Racing World is a great place for slot car enthusiasts that are looking for a strong and friendly community to share everything about this wonderful hobby. Harry Wise is the leader of this community and he recently published a very detailed explanation on how to get better performance from Carrera DTM cars (most of the tips also apply to other Carrera car models).

Even though I don't sell Carrera cars at Slot Car Corner Canada, I know a lot of customers run them and would like to get the most performance from those cars. Most of the parts that are needed to follow Harry's suggestions are available from Slot Car Corner Canada (please note that the links in the article go to our good friends at Slot Car Corner in the US).

CB Design 1/24 Classic Steel Wheels

Based on our popular 1/32 Classic Steel Wheels, the 1/24 Classic Steel Wheels are intended primarily for scratch builders. There are two (2) variations of this wheel - one variation is designed for use with 3/32" axles while the second variation is designed for 1/8" axles. Note that both wheel variations are the same size (i.e. take the same tire).

Designed for use with Paul Gage H&R Narrow (Rib) urethane tires, that are also in stock.

SCC Sanding Blocks - New & Improved

The SCC Sanding Blocks are back in stock, NEW & IMPROVED !

What's new?

  • They're cheaper, only $4 each.
  • They're smaller and thinner for better handling, yet large enough to sand both tires at the same time.
  • They're now available in extra fine grit (800), in addition to the previously available 100, 240 and 400.

Our Universal Sanding Blocks are an essential tool for achieving maximum performance from your 1/32 slot cars. Sand your tires to ensure they are "true" - perfectly round with a flat contact patch. The sanding blocks can also be used to sand chassis or any other car parts.

You can buy them individually or in a complete set of 4. And they're made right here in Canada.


Here's a list of new cars that weren't on our shelves when our last newsletter was sent out in January. We also have gotten back in stock some other cars from, RacerAvant Slot and other brands.

Of course, we also have a lot more cars in stock so feel free to browse our inventory to find the one that will catch your eye and/or make you the next race winner in your club! Click here for the complete list.

Avant Slot - Alpine Renault A310 - #4 - Monte Carlo 1976

Long can inline motor configuration, with motor pod.

Sideways - Group 5 - BMW M1 - #51 - Zolder DRM 1981

Sideways - Group 5 - Ford Capri - #1 - DRM 1980

With new motor mount.

Sideways - Group 5 - Lancia Stratos - Special Edition

Slot.It - Audi R8 LMP - #77 - 1st Race of a Thousand Years

Sold out at the manufacturer. Last chance to get one.

Slot.It - Lola B12/69 EV - Dreyson Racing - Goodwood 2013

Slot.It - Lancia LC2-85 - Unpainted White Kit

Sideways - Porsche 935/77 - Gulf - USA Special Edition

Only 264 available worldwide. Inverted Gulf colors. Back in stock.

Sideways - Ford Mustang - Miller Gold Special Edition

Limited Edition. Back in stock.


Made in Canada

We're located in Canada and we should be proud that many of the products that are sold on our website are made and/or designed in Canada. Slot Car Corner Canada has even been instrumental in a lot of those products. To make them more visible, we now have a special section if you want to show your support for Canadian slot racing products.

Join us on Facebook  

If you have a Facebook account (who doesn't?!) and you have not joined our page yet, you should do so right away. You'll get all the news as they happen. New cars, new items in stock, store news, special promotions, etc. Why wait for the newsletter every month when you can get the information as it comes out?
If you have ordered from Slot Car Corner Canada before, you know our priority is to provide great service to all our customers. We like to think every one of them is a friend and we do everything we can to make sure you become one. And we'll start by serving your slot racing needs to the best of our knowledge and ability. We like to read your comments and that's why we invite you to join us on Facebook. Don't wait for the newsletter, get the news as they come in!

Slot car racing is a great social hobby! Hang out with friends, have fun and smile. And if you visit our beautiful Québec City, don't hesitate to drop me a note, we might be able to share a cold one around a track and make even more friends. In the meantime, just have fun!

Christian, Slot Car Corner Canada
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