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We offer high-quality products for 1/32 slot racers. Our reputation is built around great service and our customers become our friends. We're passionate about slot car racing and we want to share our enthusiasm with you.

Let's have some serious fun racing toy cars !
Click here to read everything you need to know about Slot Car Corner Canada

NEW !! - SCCC Points Rewards

Slot Car Corner Canada has a new loyalty program called SCCC Points Rewards, to reward customers who continue to make SCC Canada their primary source for quality slot car products and to those who spread the word about our exceptional customer service. It pays to do your shopping and to be a repeat customer at Slot Car Corner Canada.

Earning «SCCC Points» is easy. You get points when you:

  • Make a purchase - 1 point for every dollar spent (excluding shipping, taxes and already discounted items)
  • Like our Facebook page - 50 points for liking our Facebook page
  • Share our website on Facebook - 50 points for saying good words about us on Facebook (first share)
  • Refer a new customer - 50 points when this new customer makes his first purchase (he also gets a 10% discount on this first purchase)

Redeeming «SCCC Points» is just as easy. You get:

  • $10 discount when you get to 300 points
  • $25 discount if you wait until you get to 600 points
  • $50 discount if you wait until you get to 1000 points
  • Free shipping for 300 points (orders shipped to Canada only)

To sign in to the SCCC Points Rewards program, just open the «SCCC Points Rewards» tab on the right of the website and start earning points right now.

Buy A Car & Get A Bonus of 50 SCCC Points

In order to help you accumulate more SCCC Points and maybe redeem some of them in time for Christmas, we are adding a bonus of 50 SCCC Points for each slot car you buy from now until the end of November.

* Please note that those bonus points will be added manually after the purchase. Give us a few days to make the balance adjustment.

CG SlotCars - Fantastic 3D-Printed Wheel Inserts


Always looking for quality products to expand our inventory, we have recently added CG SlotCars wheel inserts and guide adapters to our website. All CG SlotCars products are very high-quality 3D-printed items that will make you ask how they can be so precise and realistic. If you're looking for inserts to complement our 14mm and 15mm CB Design Insert wheels, look no further. You have found your insert paradise! (and we have knock-offs too).

Sample of the 15mm wheel inserts that are available. 14mm wheel inserts (different models) are also available.

Also, if you want to replace the original guide in your Carrera cars, CG SlotCars is making guide adapters for them. Just remove the stock guide assembly, insert and glue the new adapter and you'll be able to use any third-part guide from, MR Slotcar, ThunderSlot or other well-known brands.

New insert models will be added on a regular basis. Don't hesitate to make suggestions.

Minnow 18 - A New FF050 Motor Option

About 18 months ago, we introduced the Piranha motor as an affordable alternative to the popular V12/3 short can motor. And since its introduction, it's been wildly successful. Proxy races are even built around this motor and enthusiasts are buying them like there's no tomorrow.

But for those who need a milder speed option for a FF050 (slimline) motor, it was difficult to find something on the market. That's where the new Minnow 18 motor comes into play.

The motor is rated at 17,800krpm @ 12V and has a torque of 45g*cm. The motor shaft has a length of 9.6mm and a diameter of 1.5mm.

Most F1 cars released in recent years, classic or modern, use this FF050 form factor but they usually deliver too much power for smaller tracks and the speed is not realistic. Many times, less speed means more fun and that's exactly what the Minnow 18 motor will bring to those cars.

Since it's brand new, it has not crossed the border yet and is on its way to the Great White North right now. It should be in stock a bit after mid-November. Go to our Facebook page to know when it's ready to ship or send me an email and I'll contact you directly.


Slot Car Motors - A Useful Reference Page

We offer a variety of motors in different form factors and various speed and torque ratings. In order to understand what you need and how to get the performance you need for your cars, we have prepared a slot car motor reference page for you. In this page, you will find:

  • A useful article on all things about slot car motors. After reading this, you should be able to understand most of the language used to describe slot car motors.
  • A slot car motor matrix including all the motors that are available on the website. Separated by their speed and form factor, this matrix will make your choice easier. Just print this matrix and keep it handy near your workbench.

(Click on the image below to download the PDF version)

Policar - Another Fantastic-Looking Lotus 72 F1

Speaking of classic F1 cars, Policar has just released its second livery of the Lotus 72 car. This blue car was driven by Graham Hill (famous helmet and moustache included!) at Oulton Park in 1970. It will make a great companion on the track for the first Lotus 72 that was released a few months ago.

Many enthusiasts are saying that those Policar F1 cars are the best classic cars on the market today, and I fully agree with them. Fantastic reproduction and great performance rarely go hand in hand for this type of car. But Policar has succeeded in making this happen!

A New Retail Pricing Policy for Slot.It and Policar

Retail pricing for the car above is CA$85 (converted from US$65). A new policy from Slot.It and Policar now requires all dealers to sell new cars at retail pricing (no discount, no sale, no coupon code). This means you'll have to pay more to get those high-quality cars but it also means that in the long term, dealers will be able to (and want to) stay in business to serve you. That's as simple as that.

Before this new policy, the profit on a slot car was close to zero for Slot Car Corner Canada. When taking into account the customs broker fees, the shipping fees, the currency conversion fees, the e-commerce fees, the credit card and PayPal fees, the shipping materials and all other administrative fees, there was almost nothing left for me, sometimes less than nothing left. As many of you know, profit is not the main goal of this endeavour for me but it's nice to get some when putting so much energy and enthusiasm into helping my customers enjoy this wonderful hobby.

With the new policy, I won't have to cut down the pricing to compete with online shops in other countries because everyone will sell the same cars at the same price. You will be able to choose your online source of slot cars for the quality of customer service and by taking into account that SCC Canada is located in the same country, keeping our money inside our borders, helping our economy. In the end, that's a win for everyone. Remember that when you buy in other currencies, the credit card company adds a currency conversion fee of around 3% to your transaction.


Exceptional & Friendly Customer Service
Very Quick Order Processing

«SCCC Points Rewards» Loyalty Program
From & For Passionate Slot Car Racers
Innovative Products
Prices in Canadian Dollars
No Customs «Surprises»

Try to find all that anywhere else !

Quick Slicks for ThunderSlot Lola T70

Quick Slicks is proud to announce two new silicone racing tires to its expanding lineup. The TS43 and TS44 are high-performance slip-on silicone tires designed specifically for the recently introduced ThunderSlot Lola T70. Like all Quick Slicks, these tires feature a realistic rounded outer sidewall and will be available in multiple compounds. The Quick Slicks TS43 and TS44 also feature an inner rounded profile where the sidewall meets the contact patch for better performance when cornering (no other hand poured silicone tires can claim this). The Quick Slicks TS43 and TS44 are now available in Extra-Firm compound (the Soft compound tires will be in stock around mid-November).


ThunderSlot Cars and Replacement Parts

The ThunderSlot cars are proving to be fast runners and many racers are using them to win races. Our first shipment of those cars sold out pretty fast and the second shipment is now in stock.

Once your have one of those cars, replacement parts for all your tuning needs are available, like the harder chassis and motor pods, along with slick replacement tires. You can also buy the fantastic Mach motor for other cars, as it's a very smooth and powerful motor.

See for yourself why many enthusiasts consider the ThunderSlot Lola T70 to be one of the fastest slot cars out of the box that you can find on the market right now.

Also, we have added the Torx T6 screwdriver to the Wera line of tools. The ThunderSlot Lola uses some Torx T6 screws for the body.

New Motor Mount From Slot.It

Need an inline car setup with a long can motor? The new SICH114 motor mount from Slot.It will be your best friend. It can accept a long can Boxer/Flat6 motor. It also has an offset of 0.5mm, meaning a lower center of gravity for better handling. Finally, it's made of hard plastic, meaning less vibration on acceleration. Faster, harder, better. Nothing more to add. Get it now.


CB Design - 1/24 Classic Steel Wheels

CB Design has created some 1/24-scale Classic Steel wheels to give the 1/24 enthusiasts the best option when it comes time to choose their wheels. The new wheels come in two versions: one for 3/32" axles and one for 1/8" axles. A version for foam tires (without the central rib) is also in the works.

Finally, get the high quality of our award-winning CB Design wheels for your 1/24 cars.

SCC Canada Waterslide Decals. Get Them Free !

Our SCC Canada waterslide decals have created a lot of interest so far. Do you have yours yet?

Show your Canadian pride on your slot cars by adding some decals from Slot Car Corner Canada, CB Design wheels, Piranha motors, Quick Slicks tires and Canada/Québec flags and symbols.

You can also get a free SCC Canada decal sheet. All you have to do is to buy a white unpainted car or body kit and I will add a free SCC Canada decal sheet with each one. This way, you'll have a starter kit for decals.

All white unpainted car kits are listed here. You can also get other decals from DMC Decals right here: numbers, sponsors, etc.


Here's a list of new cars that weren't on our shelves when our last newsletter was sent out in October. We also have gotten back in stock some other cars from, RacerAvant Slot and other brands.

Of course, we also have a lot more cars in stock so feel free to browse our inventory to find the one that will catch your eye and/or make you the next race winner in your club! Click here for the complete list.

Racer Sideways - Ferrari 512BB 3M - #63 - Le Mans 1979

Pre-order now. In stock soon.

Policar - Lotus 72 - Oulton Park 1970 - #3

Racer Sideways - Ford Mustang - Miller Gold Special Edition

Back in stock. Limited Edition. Group 5 North American Championship 2016.

Slot.It - Porsche 962C LH - #9 - Le Mans 1990

Racer Sideways - Lancia Beta #51 - Fruit of the Loom

Back in stock.

Racer Sideways - Riley MKXX #61 - AIM Motorsport - 2010

Back in stock.

Super Tires - CRAZY Pricing for Bulk Purchases !

You already know that I'm not restocking Super Tires, because Quick Slicks silicone tires and Paul Gage urethane tires can produce similar or better results for much less money.

This is why you have been able to buy Super Tires at clearance prices all summer long (now $4/pair instead of the MSRP of over $10/pair). Over 500 pairs found a new home this way and I now need to get rid of the almost 1300 pairs left in inventory.

You'll be able to get reduced pricing if you buy large quantities of Super Tires in bulk*.

If you buy over 50 pairs, pricing will go down to $3.50/pair.
If you buy over 1200 pairs, pricing will go down to $3.00/pair.

Of course, that's WAY lower than the cost for those tires. Dealer purchases are welcome, of course. This clearance pricing is valid on available inventory only. First come, first serve. Get your club members together and grab those tires before they're all gone.

* Tires won't be packaged individually. Each size will be put into a small resealable bag with the model number written on the bag.

Made in Canada

We're located in Canada and we should be proud that many of the products that are sold on our website are made and/or designed in Canada. Slot Car Corner Canada has even been instrumental in a lot of those products. To make them more visible, we now have a special section if you want to show your support for Canadian slot racing products.

Join us on Facebook  

If you have a Facebook account (who doesn't?!) and you have not joined our page yet, you should do so right away. You'll get all the news as they happen. New cars, new items in stock, store news, special promotions, etc. Why wait for the newsletter every month when you can get the information as it comes out?
If you have ordered from Slot Car Corner Canada before, you know our priority is to provide great service to all our customers. We like to think every one of them is a friend and we do everything we can to make sure you become one. And we'll start by serving your slot racing needs to the best of our knowledge and ability. We like to read your comments and that's why we invite you to join us on Facebook. Don't wait for the newsletter, get the news as they come in!

Slot car racing is a great social hobby! Hang out with friends, have fun and smile. And if you visit our beautiful Québec City, don't hesitate to drop me a note, we might be able to share a cold one around a track and make even more friends. In the meantime, just have fun!

Christian, Slot Car Corner Canada
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