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Si vous parlez français, veuillez pardonner ce courriel en anglais. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter directement si vous voulez être servis en français, nous le ferons avec GRAND plaisir!
(Our «Did You Know?» feature is back... see below for information on the «Anglewinder Hop»)

Buy a Car, Get a Wera Screwdriver For Free !

Our Christmas Giveaway was a big success as we wanted to thank you for a wonderful year in 2013. Slot Car Corner Canada has grown fast in the last year and that's mostly because of you, our wonderful customers. To start 2014 on the right foot, we will be offering for free, starting now, a brand new Wera 3.0mm Philips screwdriver if you buy any car (from any brand) from our current inventory*.

Our Wera tools are high-quality and very reasonably priced. You'll find a variety of tools, for all your slot car needs, even a Motor Removal Tool. The screwdriver you'll get for free will give you a real-life sample from which you'll be able to judge the other Wera tools we offer. They all share the same handle and the same feel in your hand.

* We have 25 screwdrivers to give away. Only one screwdriver per customer. Cars that are in stock only, pre-orders and out of stock items don't qualify.

A Brand New Product for SCC Canada

Slot Car Corner Canada has a brand new product in its already very popular SCC Tuning Parts lineup: our own eyelets for motor wire. High-quality and race-proven (like all our products!), they're also a reasonably priced alternative to other eyelets on the market and will fit most popular guides out there. No slot box should be without them. Time to get some!

Updated Tire Selector and Charts

With the recent addition of the 14mm wheels in the CB Design family, we had to update our exclusive Tire Selector and also our Wheel-Tire and Super Tires charts. They're now ready to give you answers on which tires goes with each one of our wheels and the cars you want new tires on. Paul Gage tires have also been added to the Wheel-Tire Chart, for a better choice. If you've never seen our Wheel-Tire Chart, here's a sneak peek (of course, download the full PDF version to be able to read it). Each wheel design and each available size of each wheel design is there, along with the compatible tires from Super Tires, Paul Gage, and others.

Save $2/pair On Older Non-Rounded Super Tires

New "R" Series tires have arrived recently (with a rounded sidewall). And that also means that «older» Super Tires without the rounded sidewall are now available in the Clearance Items section. Here's the list of available tires (in silicone and/or urethane): 1007 - 1008 - 1009 (15x11 wheels and a lot of Fly/FlySlot classic cars), 1100 - 1100B (17x11 wheels and a lot of Scalextric modern GT cars), 1302 (classic Carrera NASCAR's), 1308 (Carrera Ferrari 458-599), 1400 - 1401 - 1405 (15x8 wheels and a lot of Group C cars), 1407 - 1409 - 1410 (17x10 wheels and a lot of GT/LMP cars, SCX, Carrera, etc.).

You can save $2/pair if you choose to go without the rounded sidewall on those tires. First come, first serve. When they're out of stock, they're gone for good! Professional Mini Puller

A brand new tool from is now available at Slot Car Corner Canada. The Professional Mini Pinion Puller will let you adjust the position of the pinion without having to remove the motor from most chassis (sidewinder and anglewinder setups). For perfect alignment of the gear/pinion combination, you won't find a better tool. Not the cheapest but definitely high-quality, it will last you a looooong time.


Oops !

We're sorry that we are now out of the SIGI27B gear ( Inline Bronze Crown Gear, 27 teeth). The distributor has been unable to send us this particular gear for quite a while and our own inventory just ran out. Rest assured that as soon as our supplier gets some, we'll grab them.

Until then, you can get the same gear with an aluminum center (SIGI27A). This one is still in stock but going fast.


We're paying the GST for you !

Don't forget that on every order made from a Canadian address, we're giving you a 5% discount on all items in your shopping cart. By entering the coupon code GST5 at checkout, we'll take care of the 5% GST for you, leaving only the provincial part of taxes for you to cover (if applicable).

New Cars in Stock    

Here's a list of some of the new cars we got (or will get very soon) since the last newsletter was sent out. Maybe you missed some of them (because you have not subscribed to our Facebook page!). Or maybe you just want to run one of those beauties on your track, just for fun. Whatever the reason, they're all waiting for you !

From Slot.It :
From SRC (Slot Racing Company) :
From Racer Sideways (Group 5 Cars) :

The «Anglewinder Hop»

If you've been into slot car racing for at least a few months, you probably already heard about the «Anglewinder Hop». What is it? It's a vibration coming from the rear of the car under acceleration, causing wheel hopping and loss of traction. Of course, an anglewinder motor setup has to be used for this behaviour to appear. There are solutions if you want to make your anglewinder cars to better behave. But first, some background...

There are three main motor setups in slot car racing: inline, sidewinder and anglewinder.

Inline is when the motor is perpendicular to the rear axle. The motor send its power to the wheels via its pinion and a crown gear in the middle of the axle. This setup is very popular because of its simplicity and also because it gives a lot of flexibility for the car's body, with the motor located mostly under the cockpit. Long-can and short-can motors can be used without any problems and weight is more evenly distributed from front to back.

A sidewinder setup, where the motor shaft is parallel to the rear axle, is more efficient because the motor's power can be directly applied to the wheels, with the spur gear rotating in the same plane as the pinion. Many people also believe that a sidewinder setup is better because most of the weight is at the rear of the car, helping the rear wheels have better traction. It also leaves more room at the front of the car for the addition of lead to help in weight distribution. Slot Car Corner's current world record has been done with a sidewinder setup.

But since a car is always longer than wide, it sometimes is difficult to make room for a motor under the car's body, when you also have to add the spur gear and the wheels with their tires (long-can motors are also impossible to use). Of course, our own CB Design hubless wheels help by reducing the room needed for the wheels but some cars simply can't use a sidewinder setup.

That's where anglewinder motors come into play. By putting the motor at an angle, it's possible to use long-can motors (with their higher torque rating) without losing the advantage of a direct power transmission from the motor to the axle and by keeping a good weight distribution in the car. Long-can motors now also come in thinner enclosures (the Flat6 motors from are a perfect example) and can be used in lower-body modern cars, like the latest LMP and GT cars.

But what about the «Anglewinder Hop»?
Since the motor is not parallel to the axle, one side (the right side on most cars) has a larger space between the motor and the axle, causing the motor mount (or the chassis) to twist under stress when power is suddenly applied to the car and torque kicks in (at the exit of a turn or at the start of the race). The solution is to solidify this space between the motor and the axle. Some are using homemade braces (see an example in the picture) and they work well; they can be in plastic or metal, with hot glue or any other kind of adhesive (even solder if you think it's needed). But a far easier solution is to use the stiffer (harder) anglewinder motor mount (see it here), that is reinforced between the motor and the axle bearings holders.

After applying this solution, you will find that the «Anglewinder Hop» will be a thing of the past and your car will be a lot smoother and more fun to drive.

Buy Local and Stop Worrying

The value of the Canadian dollar is going down and the purchases you're making overseas and across the border suddenly seem less and less interesting? Our pricing is in Canadian currency so you don't have to become a day trader to budget your slot car purchases, as long as you buy from a Canadian source. Buy local, everyone is winning !

Made in Canada

We're located in Canada and we should be proud that many of the products that are sold on our website are made and/or designed in Canada. Slot Car Corner Canada has even been instrumental in a lot of those products. To make them more visible, we now have a special section if you want to show your support for Canadian slot racing products.
Join us on Facebook  

If you have a Facebook account (who doesn't?!) and you have not joined our page yet, you should do so right away. You'll get all the news as they happen. New cars, new items in stock, store news, special promotions, etc. Why wait for the newsletter every month when you can get the information as it comes out?

Do you have SCC candy in your slot car box ?

The SCC Candy is now a well-known addition to all our orders and we've seen some racers keeping some bags in storage for big race nights. By swallowing the recommended dosage before the start, you'll build the momentum needed to win the race, even against the fastest racers in your club. Try it, you'll be amazed at how it can work to your advantage!

If you have ordered from Slot Car Corner Canada before, you know our priority is to provide great service to all our customers. We like to think every one of them is a friend and we do everything we can to make sure you become one. And we'll start by serving your slot racing needs to the best of our knowledge and ability. We like to read your comments and that's why we invite you to join us on Facebook. Don't wait for the newsletter, get the news as they come in!

Slot car racing is a great social hobby! Hang out with friends, have fun and smile. And if you visit our beautiful Québec City, don't hesitate to drop me a note, we might be able to share a cold one around a track and make even more friends. In the meantime, just have fun!

Christian, Slot Car Corner Canada
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