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Si vous parlez français, veuillez pardonner ce courriel en anglais. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter directement si vous voulez être servis en français, nous le ferons avec GRAND plaisir!

December 2014 Issue

  • Win A Quick Slicks T-Shirt
  • CB Design Wheel Size Chart
  • Slot.It Tires Clearance Sale
  • Paul Gage Tire Selector
  • Racer Ferrari P4 Lithograph
  • Hudy Products Soon in Stock
  • Slot.It Car Release Planning
  • Upcoming MR Slotcar Cars
  • New Car Releases
  • And Much More...

Slot Car Corner Canada

We offer high-quality products for 1/32 slot racers. Our reputation is built around great service and our customers often become friends. We're passionate about slot car racing and we want to share our enthusiasm with you.

Let's have some serious fun racing toy cars !

Keeping In Touch

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Happy Holidays !  Have fun !
This is the time of the year where we can finally have some time off work to do the things we like. Enjoy some quality time with your loved ones and spend some time at the track with friends. Whether you want to give yourself a nice gift or you want to spoil a slot car enthusiast, we're here to provide you with great service and quality products.

Please note that Purolator Express shipping will not be available from December 19th to January 5th. We'll use Canada Post for all our deliveries during this period. We're located in Québec QC. Most shipments to Québec and Ontario usually take 2 to 3 days to get there. Packages to Western provinces take a little longer, with up to 7 to 8 days for British Columbia. If you need to use a faster shipping method (XPressPost or Priority), just ask us and we'll arrange something.

Win a Quick Slicks T-Shirt

We have a couple of black Quick Slicks t-shirts to give away. To have a chance to get one, all you have to do is buy some Quick Slicks tires until January 15th, 2015. For each pair of Quick Slicks you buy, you will get a chance to win a t-shirt. The more you buy, the more chances you have.

Quick Slicks tires are made of silicone and are easier to sand and profile than other well-known brands . They are available for every model of the CB Design Wheels family and more models are currently in production. Stay tuned!

CB Design Wheel Size Chart

Some of our customers have asked about the exact dimensions of our own line of CB Design wheels. To be able to make this information available to everyone, we've created another very informative and useful CB Design Wheel Size Chart. For every wheel, you'll get the exact dimensions (in millimeters): width, diameter, center rib, etc.

You can see and download the hi-resolution PDF version by clicking on the image below.




Slot.It Tires - Clearance Sale - Almost 40% Off

We have some Slot.It tires that we'd like to offer you at $6.00, instead of the regular pricing of $9.90. For this special price, you'll get a pack of 2 pairs of P3, P4 or P5 compound tires. This clearance sale is valid on all in-stock Slot.It tires (except Zero Grip tires) and will last until they're sold out.


Paul Gage Tire Selector 

To help you choose the Paul Gage tires you need for a particular wheel or car, we have developed another exclusive Tire Selector for them, which works the same way as the Tire Selector we use for Quick Slicks and Super Tires. After selecting a brand, you will get a list of cars/wheels from that brand and then, you'll get the Paul Gage tires that will fit. Simple as that!

We Need Your Help

Those of you familiar with Paul Gage Tires are probably aware of the tire naming convention that helps you identify which tires fit which wheel based on wheel and tire measurements (for more information, click here). For those of you who prefer finding Paul Gage Tires by using the manufacturer/model, the PG Tire Selector will be your best friend. At present, the underlying database that drives the PG Tire Selector is not fully populated. Paul has been very helpful providing input and feedback; however, even Paul isn't aware of every application his tires can be used for. This is where you can help!

If you're using Paul Gage tires on a car/wheel that isn't currently listed in the Tire Selector (and the fit is correct), please let us know and we'll add this entry to the PG Tire Selector. As the database grows, the PG Tire Selector will make it easier and easier to find the right Paul Gage Tire.

Any Tire Selector is only as good as the accuracy and completeness of the underlying data. Unfortunately, there is not universal agreement on what constitutes a "good" fit. For our purposes, please provide the following data (copy/paste the following into your email and complete the information):

Car / Wheel Mfr:
Model / Size:
Paul Gage Tire(s):
Sanding Req'd (Y/N):
Wheel Coverage (Narrow, Complete, Wide):
(Note: Narrow = tire narrower than wheel, Normal = tire same width as wheel, W = tire wider than wheel)
Loose/Movement (Y/N):

Please send the information to us by clicking this link: Thank you!

We want you to try our Quick Slicks silicone tires on your track. With each purchase of a, MR SlotcarPolicar or Racer Sideways car, we will add a free pair of Quick Slicks tires, compatible with the car. Once you've tried them, please give us some feedback. This offer will last until the end of the year.



Racer Ferrari P4 Lithograph and Booklet

Racer will soon release in North America a very nice lithograph called «Legendary Ferrari P4». The lithograph is a limited edition, with only 1508 numbered copies made. We'll have some of them in stock but quantities will be limited. Act fast.

The numerated lithograph is also accompanied by a booklet with the complete P4's history during 1967 World Championship written by the Italian journalist Mario Donnini. All cars on the lithograph are Racer models photographed by Giacomo Grazioli of Amazingslot. Its dimensions are 100 x 70 cm (frame not included).

The booklet is a 44-page publication, with dimensions of 15.0 x 10.5 cm. It's multilingual: Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.



Slot Car Corner Canada Will Soon Have Hudy Products in Stock

Hudy products are high-quality tools. They're mostly geared towards radio-controlled vehicles (R/C) both they also have some slot car products. Their tire truer is still considered to be the best on the market and you won't find a more useful pinion press or pinion puller than the Hudy. Small, well-made and very simple to use. I've been using those for many years and I don't want to use anything else.

We've just received confirmation that we'll become a Hudy reseller and we'll get our first shipment somewhere in January. Stay in touch with us!


Make Your Choice From Our Large Slot.It Inventory

As time goes on, we're always adding to our already impressive inventory. If you're looking for spare tearproof parts, EVO6 chassis, gears, guides, motors, electronic accessories, HRS parts, motor mounts, axles, conversion kits, tires, wheels, inserts, etc., chances are good we have them in stock. Modify your cars to make them faster, easier to drive or just plain more fun. We have what it takes. And if we don't, just ask us and we'll be able to add the missing part to our inventory pretty fast.

Slot Car Corner Canada is definitely THE place for Slot.It products in Canada. No doubt about it.

Car Release Planning - 2014-2015

Here's the Planning chart for the end of 2014 and 2015. They usually are a bit late with the releases but this planning gives you a good idea of what's coming.



New Pictures of the Upcoming MR Slotcar Releases

Here are some pictures of pre-production samples of the upcoming MR Slotcar McLaren. Those two liveries will be available along the Contender Series cars. We'll have some in stock as soon as they're available, somewhere after the beginning of the new year. Can't wait!




Here's a list of new or back-in-stock cars that weren't on our shelves when our last newsletter was sent out in November. Some of those cars are not yet in stock but will be soon. We also have gotten back in stock a lot of cars from the Racer Sideways Group 5 Series.

Of course, we also have a lot more cars in stock so feel free to browse our inventory to find the one that will catch your eye and/or make you the next race winner in your club! Click here for the complete list.

Slot.It - McLaren F1 GTR - Le Mans 1997 - #39



Slot Racing Company (SRC) - Matra MS670 - Le Mans 1972 - #15

This Matra MS670 from SRC will be the next slot car release from the Spanish company and its announcement sent waves of smiles throughout the slot car community. We should have it in stock in January 2015. You can pre-order yours now.



Racer Sideways Group 5 - Porsche Moby Dick - North American Limited Edition

With Georges Hamel's name on the car; Georges is a Québec slot racer who is also part of the world-record Slot Car Corner Team and also a multiple champion of the local slot racing club in Québec City.

Only 200 of those cars were made so it's a really limited edition. Furthermore, there are 8 series of 25 unique cars with the names of 3 slot car racers on each car. Each car was made and painted by hand in Italy. Every car is individually numbered. It's a highly collectible car. Back in stock.


Slot.It - Lancia LC2/85 - Italya - #6


Racer Silver Line - Ferrari 250 GTO - #19 - Le Mans 1962

All Racer Silver Line cars feature a stunning Racer body, with exceptional details and finish. The chassis is also made by Racer and uses mechanical parts to insure a very smooth and quick model should you want to run it on track (we always do!).

Don't forget, shipping is only $5 anywhere in Canada, whatever the order and the number of cars and/or parts. It's time to add to your collection.

Made in Canada

We're located in Canada and we should be proud that many of the products that are sold on our website are made and/or designed in Canada. Slot Car Corner Canada has even been instrumental in a lot of those products. To make them more visible, we now have a special section if you want to show your support for Canadian slot racing products.

Join us on Facebook  

If you have a Facebook account (who doesn't?!) and you have not joined our page yet, you should do so right away. You'll get all the news as they happen. New cars, new items in stock, store news, special promotions, etc. Why wait for the newsletter every month when you can get the information as it comes out?

Do you have SCC candy in your slot car box ?

The SCC Candy is now a well-known addition to all our orders and we've seen some racers keeping some bags in storage for big race nights. By swallowing the recommended dosage before the start, you'll build the momentum needed to win the race, even against the fastest racers in your club. Try it, you'll be amazed at how it can work to your advantage!
If you have ordered from Slot Car Corner Canada before, you know our priority is to provide great service to all our customers. We like to think every one of them is a friend and we do everything we can to make sure you become one. And we'll start by serving your slot racing needs to the best of our knowledge and ability. We like to read your comments and that's why we invite you to join us on Facebook. Don't wait for the newsletter, get the news as they come in!

Slot car racing is a great social hobby! Hang out with friends, have fun and smile. And if you visit our beautiful Québec City, don't hesitate to drop me a note, we might be able to share a cold one around a track and make even more friends. In the meantime, just have fun!

Christian, Slot Car Corner Canada
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