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Is Proactive Persuasion suitable only for the recruitment sector ?

The techniques revealed in the Proactive persuasion seminar are suitable for any industry product or service sales.

If you are not in the recruitment sector and want to take part in one of our seminars call us with more information we'll make the seminar relevant to your industry

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You can enjoy a full day jargon fee certificate seminar in Proactive persuasive linguistics at our Headquarters in Soho Square, London W1 or if you prefer in your own office, wherever you are in the UK. Call 0800 644 1064 for more information
What you'll learn?
  • The skills to be substantially more persuasive and exert more influence instantly
  • How to ensure your clients find you truly indispensable
  • How to overcome objections and gain stronger client commitment
  • 16 highly persuasive usually hidden persuasive techniques used by the most successful sales & business managers worldwide and you'll practice using these in 9 practical workshops
  • The ability to generate and secure higher levels of business
  • How to build stronger long-term lucrative client relationship
  • The skills to build powerful presentations and more effective sales messages
  • A structured powerful persuasive questioning technique
  • How to build resonant rapport immediately
  • A Masterclass in THE most persuasive technique EVER devised, thought too dangerous for public release when it was first discovered!
For information about investment fees, corporate or private individual and dates please call or email us at the address and number below, we'll be delighted to answer your questions
Whether “In-House” or with us please lodge your interest by emailing: 

We'll keep you informed of date options and call you to discuss your requirements in detail.
Thank you

Stephen C. Young

Managing Director FIRP, ICF, ACSTH
Proactive Persuasion - London
0800 644 1064
London Headquarters:
18 Soho Square, London W1A 3QL
Tel:0203 4022 313
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Stephen C. Young is a Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals and a professional career coach. He grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne and has over 30 years experience in the recruitment industry. He established and grew his own Executive Search consultancy employing a team of specialists in Bedford Square Central London for 12 years before setting up Proactive Persuasion.