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7 Ways to Walk the Walk With Disruptive Technology

By Andrea Alterman

The Internet of Things (IoT).  Disruptive Technology.  Market Disrupting Suppliers.  Strategic Supplier Sourcing.

Have you been hearing a lot about these terms within your organization while sitting in I.T. meetings and in line at Starbucks?  Are you already seeing that shift in some technology spend to marketing and other digitally enabled parts of the business?  Have your teams looked into investing more in technologies that would challenge the status quo, but in the end just go with what’s comfortable?  Have your tier one technology suppliers filled you with enough fear, uncertainty and doubt so as to make you unable to move?

Don’t worry – if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone.

Click the 'Read More' link to see 7 ways you can ensure your teams are asking the right questions of themselves, the suppliers, and the market.


“Motel 6 was in the middle of a carve-out of an independent business from our prior European parent. In the process of setting up our separate operations, we were in negotiations with a major IT supplier with a very limited amount of time and many business and technical complexities. In particular, working the IT Supplier organization across borders and in a leveraged position was very difficult. With about one month until the new organization needed to be in place, we still did not have an acceptable financial offer from IT Supplier, and we had concerns about the configuration of the offer. The assistance of NET(net) was invaluable and they were highly responsive in a very busy period for the business. In 10 days, and as a team, we delivered a final negotiated deal with a configuration that maximized the flexibility for Motel 6 going forward, corrected several problematic issues in the agreement, achieved over $1.3M in additional savings, and configured the solution to avoid over $700K of future capital spending. It was a great partnership. ”


-Jeffrey Winslow
CIO, Motel 6/G6 Hospitality LLC

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Dexter Siglin, Appointed NET(net)'s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

NET(net) has announced the Executive Appointment of Dexter Siglin to become NET(net)'s Vice President of Marketing and Business  Development effective immediately.  Dexter was formerly the Vice President of Client Services, supporting the WIN(win) Strategic  Supplier Management platform for NET(net) from its  inception in  2014.  This appointment reflects the continued growth of NET(net)  and its commitment to continually build stronger and deeper relationships with clients for the long term.

To learn more, please click the 'Read More' link below for the full announcement.
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