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Top 10 Audit-Crazy Suppliers


There is a perfect storm of sorts brewing for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) resulting from (i) increasing demands for license revenue, (ii) aggressive competition from disruptive suppliers, and (iii) a significant migration away from software licensing to subscription cloud-based solutions, ISVs are scouring for revenue injections wherever they can find them.  The mission today for the big market software players is less about innovation and ‘delighting the customer’, and more about protecting the golden goose of maintenance income, which is derived from the sale of software licenses.  If you’re a software company and want to boost revenue, historically a very effective way to squeeze more money out of your existing customers is to unleash a wave of audits, designed to convert the huge risk of a potential liability into additional license income – which in turn – yields more maintenance.

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“Virgin Care engaged NET(net) to review and assist us by leading the negotiations with one of our most strategic suppliers, constituting a projected five year spend of well over £7m.  The NET(net) subject matter experts were able to dive in and find inconsistencies in the proposed terms, pricing and project plan that enabled us to drive considerably more business value and savings than had previously been identified.  The results were impressive starting with a bottom line savings of over £1m over five years.  Equally as impressive was the speed at which we were able to reach an agreed result.  Additional services added around Time and Labour, Planning and Budgeting, and additional test environments added significantly to our bottom line results in the engagement.  To cap off these benefits, we were also able to mitigate our long term risk with improved pricing for future units which yields additional savings over the long term.  In summary we were more than pleased with not only the results, but the professionalism and expertise of the NET(net) staff who was able to dissect a complex agreement, and remake it into an effective partnership model that will drive value for us over the next several years.”

-  Parker Moss, Chief Technology and Transformation Officer, Virgin Care Limited



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Audit Defense Armor Program


NET(net) is serious about helping clients defend against the dreaded software audit.  We've devised a program that will not only defend you against an audit - but help you  prepare for all future events.  Click on the 'Read More' button below to learn how our  program devised by Subject Matter Experts with over 25 years experience, can help.
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WIN(win) Supplier Portal Launch

WIN(win) continues to innovate based on client feedback and market need, and has just launched the Supplier Portal!  With the Supplier Portal enabled, clients can now:
  • Create a supplier registration page in a standardized format
  • Share a customized link to direct suppliers for registration and product upload
  • Enable suppliers to learn everything they need to know about doing business with you
  • Empower your team to view, share, manage and engage suppliers - all in one spot
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NET(net) Announces the Appointment of Kenneth Bradfield


As Vice President of Client Services EMEA, Kenneth’s primary focus is to maintain and  improve the already outstanding client experience and increase new client acquisitions for  the region. He also oversees and manages the success of several strategic  partners. Kenneth’s goal is to help clients achieve business and IT strategy alignment  through the optimization of their IT investments.


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