Newsletter March 2022

Meet Garry Cruce - MCC Board Member

Pastor Garry and Pat are familiar faces around MCC. Garry has helped as Camp Clerk among many other things, and you will hear his passion for Christian camping and the work that goes into all of it in this interview.

Please tell us about your family and hobbies:
Pat and I have been married for 46 years and we have two daughters, Sarah who is a teacher in the suburbs of Chicago and Rebecca, who works for Dell Computers in Austin, TX. We have three wonderful grandchildren who we like to visit at least twice a year. I am a retired pastor and missionary. We have served as Free Methodist missionaries in South America for 15 years. I have pastored five churches here in the North Michigan Conference.

I love gardening and being outside. I am a MSU Extension Master Gardener and a beekeeper. I have three hives which give me enough honey for us and extra to give away.

What is your first or favorite memory of Manton Christian Camp?
I have always loved Christian camping. When I began my ministry in Traverse City, I also became the Camp Coordinator for all of the CLC and Youth Camps for several years. While I was Camp Coordinator we built the circle of CLC/Youth cabins behind the Tabernacle. Pat and I bought a cabin and brought our girls up here every year for all of the camps.

What are your dreams for the Camp?
I remember hearing about a survey that was given. The survey said that 80% of pastors and missionaries indicated that the first time that they gave their heart to the Lord was at a Christian camp. Christian camping can have a powerful impact on people’s lives. My vision for Manton Christian Camp is that it will be a place where God can speak to our hearts, that we will sense God’s presence in nature and enjoy the deep fellowship of God’s people. There is no experience like Christian camping!

Is there anything else that you would like to share?
It takes many hands to run a camp. Our new caretaker cannot do everything. We need people to volunteer to clean buildings, weed-wack, paint walls and a myriad of other things. Everyone can do something and as we all work together the Lord will be glorified and you will be blessed. Call Gabe at 231-824-3200 to see how you can help.

Soon, Very Soon!

Updates from the MCC Board

Have you checked out the updated website at We will be adding things and tweaking things as we go, but very happy to have it refreshed. Let us know what you think.

2022 Cabin and RV site invoices have been sent. We emailed as many as we could and the rest went by U.S. Mail. If you are expecting an invoice and haven’t received one, please reach out to the Clerk at Also reach out if you have any questions or concerns at all. We are here to help!

Shelley Austin has written this helpful explanation regarding Fees and Season Passes.


Cabin fees: $270.00
*cabin fee does not include overnight camping cost*

RV’s: Overnight camping only: $25/night
Permanent site/RV: $320
*permanent site option secures the available site of your choice for the year*

Overnight camping: $25/night
Season pass: $350

The cabin fee and permanent RV fees do not include overnight camping. This pays for campground expenses such as taxes and upkeep. It is the cost to simply have your cabin or RV site/RV on the campground.

Each night you camp, there is a $25/night charge in addition to the fees.

An option to the overnight rate is the SEASON PASS.

  • This offers the opportunity to come camp during all *open camping dates* without paying the $25/night fee. In 2022 the SEASON PASS is good from May 1-November 30. It excludes any Closed Campus dates that can be found on or the Manton Christian Camp Facebook page.

  • There can be no campers other than camp staff on the grounds during youth camps. This is for the safety and security of the kids and is a state law.

  • The SEASON PASS offers a big savings over nightly rates even with closed campus dates.

  • With the pass, any available rental units can also be used, such as the motel, youth cabins, etc.

  • The SEASON PASS is per family, not per unit. This means you are not able to share with friends or family outside your immediate family. If you would like to allow others to use your cabin or RV, they would either need to pay the nightly camping rate or purchase their own SEASON PASS.

  • If you have a cabin or leave an RV on the grounds when not camping, the fees are not optional while Season Passes are. Simply stated, a Season Pass is simply in lieu of paying overnight fees.

  • Season Passes do NOT reserve a specific RV site or allow for RV storage when you are not staying. Those services are provided with annual RV Fees.

Cabin + Season Pass = $620
RV permanent site + Season Pass = $670
Cabin w/out Season Pass = $270 + 25/night when staying overnight
RV without permanent site can either pay $25/night their RV is there or $350/Season Pass and camp *unlimited* but can only have RV there when in use.

MCC Marketplace!

As a service to the MCC community, the Marketplace is where you can list camp related items for sale or wanted to buy or trade. Please email brief descriptions of the items and contact information to the editor at

The MCC Board reserves the right to refuse ads that are not camp related or are otherwise not in the best interest of MCC. MCC staff and Board members may not make an offer to purchase a cabin or RV listed for sale until the item has been listed for at least thirty days.


The Camp is in need of some 55 gallon plastic drums to be used as trash cans. If you can help, please contact the Site Manager. Thank you!

Closed Campus Dates

We are committed to communicating Closed Campus dates just as soon as we can. Closed Campus means that a group including students has rented the camp and no one else may be on the grounds for safety reasons.

2022 MCC Closed Campus:
June 19 - 23
July 11 - 14
July 25 - 29
August 1 - 5

Feedback - We want to hear from you!

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding MCC, you can send email to any of the addresses below. Email is best so that we can easily share comments with the Board, if appropriate. We will not be able to satisfy every request, but we promise to listen, consider, and respond!

Manton Christian Camp Staff and Leadership
Site Manager: Gabe Doherty,
Board Chair: Gary Nicholson,
Board: Shelley Austin, Garry Cruce, Nick Haskamp, Chuck Hubbert, Maury Mallion, Brian Teed
MCC Treasurer: Janet Langell,
MCC Clerk: Chuck Hubbert,

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