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May's Top Articles & Tutorials

Some of you may have noticed that I missed April's newsletter. If so, I apologize. Many of you may not realize that the site is just one person (with the help of generous authors who contribute). It turns out that running a site like this during your free time can be tough, especially when factoring in work and family demands. However, I love working with the incredible authors and hearing from fans of the site and that keeps me going. Thanks for being a fan of Flippin' Awesome.

Can we do DOM traversal without jQuery using vanilla JavaScript? Are newer libraries doing it better? Brian Rinaldi takes a look. Read Article
Look at replacing jQuery with vanilla JavaScript for basic functionality like swapping CSS classes with Zachary Brady. Read Article
A detailed walkthrough on creating frame-by-frame animation using JavaScript and the benefits/drawbacks of the technique by Bartek Drozdz. Read Article
A look at the state of routing in JavaScript apps and how to implement convention based routing by Burke Holland. Read Article
Joakim Bengtson explains why Slush, which is built upon Gulp, might be a better web application scaffolding tool and shows how to use it. Read Article
Krasimir Tsonev shows how to use Techy, a simple content management system that uses Markdown and Node.js. Read Article

Best Articles, Tutorials & Libraries from Across the Web

Did you know that every week on Flippin' Awesome I gather a list compiling all of the best content for web developers from across the web, including new and updated libraries? Catch up on what you may have missed.

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