In this issue, a look back at the top articles and tutorials from 2013.
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Top Articles & Tutorials for 2013

5 Things You Should Stop Doing With jQuery

Burke Holland's look at some of the times you may be using jQuery to do things you shouldn't was the most visited article on Flippin' Awesome in 2013. Thanks Burke!
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Creating a Realistic Rain Effect with Canvas and JavaScript

Marek Brodziak's library for creating a very cool and realistic simulated rain effect on images went viral on sites like Hacker News.
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Writing Better jQuery Code

Mathew Carella's tips and tricks to write better jQuery prove that there are lots of things you shouldn't stop doing with jQuery as well.
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Eliminating Code Smell with Grunt

Grunt was one of the hot topics in 2013 and Gavin Lazar Suntop's article on how to use it to enforce coding standards clearly struck a chord.
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Towards a More Modular Future for JavaScript Libraries

A great opinion piece by Toby Ho that argues for a stronger focus on modularity from JavaScript library authors. Obviously many agreed.
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Node.js vs. PHP

Azat Mardanov's article touched on another hot topic in 2013, Node.js, and his comparison was helpful and his conclusion a little controversial.
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Writing Better CSS

More solid advice from Mathew Carella, this time for improving the quality of our CSS.
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Loading Images on Demand with Pure CSS

Pavlo Pidlypenskyi little experiment for lazy loading images using just CSS captured the imagination of many readers.
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The Angular Way

Many people proclaimed 2013 the "year of Angular" with it's popularity growing immensely and Nicolas Bevacqua wrote one of the definitive looks at the framework.
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Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS for 2013

Check out what were the top posts and hot topics for each month last year in this look back at 2013. Also see what some of our authors thought were the changes and topics that most affected web developers in 2013.

A Look Ahead at 2014

Some of Flippin' Awesome's top authors take a look at what web developers will need to know in 2014.

Topic Undefined Podcast
Raymond Camden and Brian Rinaldi released six new episodes of the podcast in 2013 debating hot links and topics for web developers. Listen to the latest episode or view the archive.

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