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New Music

Some of our favorite recent releases.

Brian recommends...



I have to admit that I thought this song was just pretty good when I first heard it a month or so ago, but it keeps growing on me (and given that Ray stole my top pick for the week, Tamaryn, I think it earned a spot). I love the way the song builds to a solid climax.

Ray recommends...

Angels of Sweat


An artist that feels right out of the late 80s/90s and has a great shoegaze feel to her (and turns out she opened for Lush), this is a great track and I'd strongly recommend checking out her earlier work as well.

Brian recommends...

Hold On

Loud Forest

Loud Forest is a husband and wife who met as teenagers in the Cloud Forest in Costa Rica. This song was written after reading a story of surfing in Hawaii. Seriously, this band is full of interesting stories and this song, which came out in mid 2018, is catchy and fun.

Ray recommends...

Without a Blush


My current favorite song by Hatchie is "Sure" by Hatchie but this new track is damn close to replacing it.

New to You and Throwbacks

These are some our favorites that are not necessarily new.

Brian recommends...



LANNDS is a collaboration between Florida-based songwriter Rania Woodard and producer Brian Squillace and this song is from their EP from early 2018.

Ray recommends...

Better Off Alone

Alice DJ

Nope, I'm not sorry for adding this. Yes, it is incredibly cheesy. But it's been on my own playlist this week and so you get to experience the joy of it as well.

Brian recommends...

Headhunter v3

Front 242

I would not consider myself a huge industrial fan, but I would agree with those who have apparently called Front by Front "one of the greatest industrial albums ever made." And, while the album had a number of great songs, this was by far the best.

Ray recommends...

Moonlight Sonata

Depeche Mode (originally Beethoven)

A song that almost brings tears to my eyes from one of Depeche Mode's best albums, "Music for the Masses." If asked by an alien race to demonstrate the piano, I think this piece would be perfect.

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