In this issue, jQuery, string templates, overwhelmed by choice, grids in CSS and more.
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March's Top Articles & Tutorials

Is jQuery Too Big For Mobile?

TJ VanToll details how long it takes to load, parse and execute jQuery on mobile devices to determine if it is a drag on performance.
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String Templating Considered Harmful

Rich Harris says that generating HTML from string templates, as many popular templating frameworks do, is an inefficient process.
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Paralyzed by Choice in Front-end Development

I share ideas to avoid getting overwhelmed by the constant influx of new front-end tools, libraries and frameworks.
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Using Media Queries in JavaScript

Learn how you can use media queries in JavaScript and how to polyfill for legacy browsers from Krasimir Tsonev.
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A DOM Manipulation Class in 100 Lines of JavaScript

Krasimir Tsonev shows how to build a basic DOM selection and manipulation class in just 100 lines of JavaScript.
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JXcore – A Node.JS Distribution with Multi-threading

Krzysztof Trzeciak discusses JXcore, a fork of Node that includes multi-threading, packaging and code security.
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Grids in CSS3

Tim Severien discusses the history of handling grids in CSS and new features in CSS3 that improve the situation.
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Improving Speech Recognition in the Browser

Guy Levy explains how the Levenshtein distance algorithm can improve upon imperfect results from the Web Speech API.
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An Interview with Thomas Palef on Creating HTML5 Games

Thomas Palef shares tips on how to build and promote your game development skills in this interview with Alex Ivanovs.
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